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Choosing your motorcycle helmet on Motoblouz

Do you need a new motorcycle or scooter helmet? Are you looking for a helmet that ensures your safety on the road while being adapted to your black look? As the first online motorcycle store, Motoblouz offers you a wide range of motorcycle helmets from major brands ( AGV , Dexter , HJC , Roof, Scorpion , exo, Shark , Shoei , Dainese, etc.) at the best public price. Full face helmet, modular helmet, jet helmet or cross helmet, helmet for men, women or children are available in various shapes, colors and materials.

How to choose the right motorcycle helmet?

Every motorcyclist needs an approved helmet. Whatever your style of motorcycling, on the track or on the road, for leisure or on a roadster, your safety is involved and the helmet is the main accessory of your protective outfit. Find the women's or men's motorcycle helmet that suits you and at the best public price among our range of helmets for men, women or children.

When should you buy a new motorcycle helmet?

A motorcycle helmet has an expiration date. This date is indicated inside the helmet. Beyond this period, the motorcycle helmet can no longer ensure your safety. In addition, the slightest impact on the helmet requires immediate replacement, even if the damage is not visible to the naked eye. A fall of the motorcycle helmet can cause an invisible crack inside. In this case, in the event of an accident, your helmet no longer protects you effectively.

What is your motorcycle helmet size?

To find your motorcycle helmet size, use a tape measure and place it around your head, 2.5 cm above your eyebrows. Refer to our size guide valid for all models.
If you are between two helmet sizes, choose the smaller size. Over time, the interior foam of the helmet will settle and you will feel less tight.

Which brand of motorcycle helmet to choose?

Motoblouz collaborates with the biggest brands of motorcycle helmets to offer you the best safety and quality at a low price. Benefit from promotions several times a year on helmet brands such as AGV , Dexter , HJC , Roof , Scorpion , Exo, Shark and Shoei .

Helmet materials available on Motoblouz

A motorcycle helmet is made up of a reinforced shell for your protection. Our range of motorcycle helmets is made up of three main materials: polycarbonate plastic, lower price, but heavier weight fiber and tri-composite fibers (fiberglass, kevlar, carbon, resins, etc.) at the shell light but more expensive carbon fiber at the lightest weight, but at the most expensive price

Precise selection criteria for each type of biker

When you are on our online store, you will discover a wide range of motorcycle helmets available for purchase. To refine your search, we have provided you with a tool that filters helmets according to your criteria: new products, good deals and exceptional promotions stock available immediately helmet model helmet brands gender (woman, man or child), size, weight and price color, materials approval Refine your search to select the helmet that best suits your needs and tastes.

Discover our collection of motorcycle helmets online

Our range of motorcycle helmets has a wide choice in each category: jet helmet, full-face helmet, modular helmet or cross helmet. If you don't know which helmet to choose, here are the characteristics of each type of motorcycle helmet available on our site.

The jet helmet

The ultimate urban motorcycle helmet is also called a jet helmet. The jet helmet has an elegant open-style style. Its price is lower than other helmets with reduced weight. The jet helmet is pleasant to wear in summer, but it is less protective in the event of a fall. We recommend the use of a jet motorcycle helmet for low-speed journeys on short journeys.

The full helmet

The helmet is your main protection once on your motorcycle. The full-face helmet corresponds to the model which provides the most safety to the motorcyclist on the road. The full-face helmet covers the entire face of the biker. It has many advantages such as:

    • maximum protection for the motorcyclist
    • high aerodynamics
    • protection against the cold

    Even if it has a ventilation system, the full-face motorcycle helmet remains difficult to wear in hot weather. The full-face helmet is a complete product which aims to increase the safety of the motorcyclist.

    The modular helmet

    Among the transformable helmets is the modular motorcycle helmet. This type of motorcycle helmet is ideal when you are looking for a compromise between the jet helmet and the full face helmet. On the modular helmet, the chin guard can be lifted. The modular helmet is ideal for motorcyclists looking for a versatile product. We advise you to choose a modular motorcycle helmet with double approval (P/J) to benefit from reinforced protection compared to a jet helmet.

    The cross helmet

    If you are a fan of off-road motorcycling, you will need a cross or enduro helmet. The look of the cross helmets is assertive, the chin guard is compact and the visor advanced. The cross helmet requires the wearing of protection if it does not have a protective screen. The cross model is a motorcycle helmet with a sporting vocation which is also found in the city even if it is not its preferred terrain.

    Motorcycle helmet accessories

    The protection of the biker also includes all the accessories around the helmet. Do you want to add screens, a visor or a pinlock to your motorcycle helmet? Are you looking for spare parts for your vintage helmet? Do you need protective glasses or masks for motorcycle riding? Our range of essential accessories meets all your needs.

    Why buy your motorcycle helmet on Motoblouz ?

    Motoblouz allows you to find THE motorcycle helmet of your dreams. You have read reviews on the Internet and want a durable motorcycle helmet from a well-known brand like HJC , Exo or Shark . You want to have the total biker look with gloves, boots, a leather jacket and a matte black motorcycle helmet to match the rest of your outfit.

    On our site, the entire range of motorcycle helmets in stock allows you to quickly make your choice from all the colors, all the models and all the brands available. Follow the promotions to benefit from the best prices on motorcycle helmets. And if you need advice, call our customer service to find out more about the delivery and return of your order.