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Airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet, tested and validated by Mathilde, Motoblouz customer

I am an Airoh fan. I traveled 40,000 kilometers with the airoh Commander Carbon helmet on my head, and it has never failed me. I find it simply perfect. It is therefore very positive that I tested this airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet. Verdict? He is different ! And definitely cross .

A cross helmet above all

Note: my love for airoh brand pushed my choice towards airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet. In other words, I didn't study the product sheet for three hours; the simple name Airoh pushed my decision. Error ! This is a reminder to always read a product sheet before getting started. Because essential elements appear there and can considerably change your experience 😉

Without screen, good ventilation

Premier element that I hadn't paid attention to was the screen: the airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet does not have it. It is a real cross helmet, it is available without transparent screen or sunscreen. No choice, you will have to invest in a good mask (or ride with your eyes closed due to speed, sun, flying animals).

This “no screen” made the first days of testing quite difficult because I simply wasn't equipped. And if we are used to hitting the slopes, this was not on the agenda for the first days of testing this helmet, which were really focused on “the road”. I can therefore affirm without being mistaken: the airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet is not a road helmet. It is a cross helmet, to be used when you go off-road. Moreover, the fact that it does not have a screen is a deliberate choice: it makes it much lighter (we will come back to this below).

Note: I read somewhere that the Italian brand Airoh actually offers two types of helmets, off-road helmets and on-road helmets. It's up to you to choose the right one!

The field of vision is clearly good, since no screen or sunglasses obstruct the view. However, it will be defined by the mask you choose. In the same way as the helmet, remember to choose your mask carefully. I opted for the shot Iris 2.0 cross mask : the combo of the two, mask + Airoh cross helmet, offers a good result. More comfortable, even for the road, light, ventilated.

The delicate mission of the intercom

Another challenge, therefore, without a screen: air will inevitably seep into the helmet making communication with an intercom a little more complicated... We are in fact used to riding with an intercom, Max and I. As practical to relieve boredom on long roads as to communicate better when going off-road. Although integrated as best as I could on the front of the headset, my microphone tends to pick up all the surrounding noise. Communication isn't great but again, that's not very surprising given its destination.

testing the Airoh Twist helmet on off-road trails

Caught in the wind

Another consequence of a lack of screen: dangerous wind resistance on the highway. This helmet has limited use off-road, on small country roads or in the city center. This is not a helmet for riding for hours or at full speed on the highway.

Airoh quality

Although these details change my experience, especially in relation to the Commander, I think it airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet is quite well designed, and definitely looks good.

An ultra-light helmet

Cross helmet obliges, it is ultra light. 1180 grams announced on the product sheet, my neck confirms that it does not weigh very heavy. On the road as well as off road, for its weight, it is quickly forgotten.

In terms of comfort, I'll be honest, I didn't find it "comfortable" for the first few hours. But I had just done 40,000 km with the Commander helmet screwed on my head. As a result, it ended up taking the shape of my skull. Any helmet after that could only “lack comfort”. After several hours of riding, the Twist 2.0 also gains in comfort, and the quality of the interior foams is a pleasure to see. They are also removable and washable (a big plus compared to the helmet previously tested), and rather welcome given its cross use.

Featherweight, quality foam, good ventilation… The airoh Twist 2.0 helmet is generally comfortable. Finally, it has a double D buckle, easy to use, which you get used to very quickly.

A design that is both aggressive and appreciable!

Just take a look at the Airoh helmets page to see that the guys know a thing or two about design. I like the design (the rather aggressive shape of the helmets, well designed and clean) as much as the decorations of the Airoh brand. All the cross helmets of the brand have style. I really liked the carbon decor on my Airoh Commander helmet. I took this one in matte black (black matt on the product sheet), which I also find very successful, without defects, with perfect finishes.

The little extra: the chin guard with dust filter

The bonus that we would have appreciated on the roads of Latin America is the chin guard with dust filter, very practical on the slopes. This dust filter is also detachable, to be cleaned afterwards, a good point for the off-road side. On the other hand, it does not have a bib (in order to make it lighter, I think). It must therefore be used with a neck warmer in winter at the risk of quickly catching a cold.

10/10 for the Airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet on all-terrain

As said above, when used on the road, this helmet is not great. But off the beaten track, off road, with a suitable mask, it is suitable... Especially at the price displayed (a bit more than €98.33)! It is very light, hyper ventilated, pleasant to wear. He's got a good face. THE airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet is truly a helmet suitable for off-road… With a very interesting quality/price ratio in this category.

Unfortunately, it is not particularly suitable for my use: daily road helmet with occasional tracks and off-road. For this, the Airoh Commander helmet was better suited.

See the product sheet

Quality / Finish 4.3
Comfort 4.1
Ventilation 5
Field of view 4.3

My opinion: a definitely cross helmet!

The Airoh Twist 2.0 cross helmet, without visor, without bib, ultra light is definitely a helmet suitable for all-terrain use. cross country enthusiast, you will appreciate its low price and its simplicity.

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