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Dexter Artemis black helmet, tested and validated by Gaëlle, Motoblouz customer

The Dexter brand developed by Motoblouz offers a new modular helmet, THE helmet Dexter Artemis made of carbon fibers. With a sober, stylish look and rather well thought out in terms of practicality, I'm setting off on an adventure wearing this new helmet.

Dexter Artemis helmet: a discovery

This is a first for me. Indeed, I had never owned a modular helmet, and I am very curious and impatient to be able to test this Dexter Artemis helmet all clad in carbon. I take it out of its box and immediately notice its lightness. Indeed, with its 1,483 g (verified, for a size M), it appears to be one of the lightest helmets on the market (the advantage of carbon).

It is rather sober aesthetically, and classy at the same time. The carbon gives it a great look and the little red “X” on the forehead reminds me of Harry Potter, I’m ready to face all dangers!

Versatility and adaptability

THE Dexter Artemis helmet stands out for its versatility. A quick disassembly system for the colorless, tool-free screen allows me to easily install the Pinlock provided, thus avoiding fogging in cold and humid weather. In addition, its completely removable and cold washable interior ensures impeccable hygiene and keeps it fresh and clean after each big outing. Other removable elements: a nose mask and an anti-swirl bib; little extras that protect against bad weather and external elements while maintaining a feeling of comfort.

Note that the helmet is predisposed to receive a Bluetooth communication system: the Dexter d1 solo also available in DUO.

I notice two small drawings representing glasses on each side of the cheek pads: these are spaces facilitating the passage of the glasses arms. Well thought !

Locations facilitating the passage of glasses arms

In the saddle

I'm taking advantage of the mild and cool weather to test this new dexter helmet. It slips on easily and is rather comfortable, I must admit, with its soft little foams. I then raise the chin guard by operating the opening system on the front of the helmet with my thumb (it opens perfectly to 90 degrees). I lock the chin strap of the helmet using the micrometric metal buckle (it is a simple and precise closing and adjustment system using a notched tab, like on ski boots), I fold down the chin guard and here I go on my roadster for a little country stroll.

micrometric buckle: Dexter Artemis helmet closure system
The metal micrometric buckle

He is helmet ears !

AIE Aie Aie, after 50 km/h, I already feel the wind rushing into the helmet and an unpleasant noise begins to be felt more and more as my speed increases. I don't understand because the helmet has an anti-wind flap, which is supposed to effectively reduce the noise of wind and external elements. After 90 km/h, I tell myself that earplugs really become essential... I don't even dare to take the highway because at 130 km/h, it must be unbearable. I arrive in town and settle at 50 km/h, I appreciate the calm returned. I raise the chin guard without problem, even with my winter gloves. The feeling is rather pleasant, with your face in the wind despite the cold, you have the impression of being in a convertible.

Let's ventilate!

THE helmet Dexter Artemis has 2 closable ventilations: one at chin level and one on the top of the helmet. I admit that I had a lot of difficulty activating the front one to close it: it resists, my glove slips on it. On the other hand, no difficulty for the one above, even while driving. A fixed air extractor is also located on the back of the helmet.

I can slightly feel the airflow when the vents are open but it's not obvious. To see when it's really hot.

Panoramic vision

the Dexter Artemis helmet tested in the fields!

The opening of the helmet Dexter Artemis offers a very good viewing angle, both in width and height. The colorless, anti-scratch screen offers a clear, panoramic view of the landscape, which is very practical when overtaking (this avoids having to turn your torso to see what is in the blind spot).

The sun is coming out and I decide to activate the sunscreen using a button on the left side of the helmet. Everything works well, except that the cutout leaving room for my little nose almost makes me cross-eyed. Indeed, this one is in my field of vision, it does not go down far enough. I end up getting used to it during the rest of my trip but I admit that it's not very pleasant...

Button to activate the sunscreen

Guaranteed security

THE Dexter Artemis helmet complies with approval standard 22.06; that is to say, it has been subjected to several tests of endurance, solidity and much stricter requirements than the previous standard 22.05. To find out more, do not hesitate to read our article on the ECE 22.06 standard.

In addition, it is designed with a multi-density EPS liner, where the polystyrene absorbs shocks with varying densities depending on the areas to be protected. A foam extraction system also ensures safety. Although the outer shell distributes the shock wave, the main damping is provided by the internal expanded polystyrene (EPS) shell. This non-elastic material absorbs impacts but does not return to its initial shape, thus requiring replacement of the helmet after an impact to guarantee optimal protection. It's a bit technical but it's important to know what you're putting your head in!

head to head with the Dexter Artemis helmet

It's raining it's raining Dexter ...

The weather forecast gave me plenty of rainy days, which allowed me to test the waterproofness of the Dexter Artemis helmet. It indeed offers reliable protection against good, long-lasting showers! Thanks to the airtight seals, the Pinlock screen and the ventilations, I was able to enjoy a comfortable ride without fear of bad weather. Visibility remains clear and guarantees safe and pleasant driving whatever the weather conditions.

return to a complete test of this Dexter Artemis helmet in Hauts de France

See the product sheet

Value for money4.5
Field of view4.5

My opinion: a modular that combines aesthetics and versatility!

With intelligent features such as a removable interior, a sunscreen, the anti-swirl bib and the nose cover, both removable, simplified passages for the temples of glasses and the possibility of being equipped with an intercom, this Dexter Artemis helmet is designed to meet our needs... in the city. Too noisy from 50 km/h, it is perfect for the city biker at a more than reasonable price. Its carbon look offers very beautiful aesthetics and a very correct weight for its category.

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  1. WITHOUT may 6, 2024 at 2:57 p.m. Answer

    I had, on a givi 50.9 helmet, the problem of the sun visor with the cutout for the nose which was much too large and as on this dexter helmet the visor did not go down low enough and it was not dark enough. Result helmet unusable because this cutout, as you say, makes you squint but what's more, when you are at an intersection and you turn your head to see if vehicles are coming you have to raise the sun visor because the field of vision falls right on on the edge of the indentations…..too bad….

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