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HJC RPHA 12 helmet, tested and validated by Morgane, Motoblouz customer

Test of the HJC RPHA 12 helmet by Morgane, Motoblouz customer.

HJC continues its momentum: the hJC RPHA 12 helmet takes the best of RPHA 11 and integrates some improvements to ensure ever more optimized performance. I received this new hJC helmet just in time to attend the 2024 enduro. A first ride of 160 km, passing through the Côte d'Opale with rather capricious weather, during which I noticed several changes on this new high-end sports integral.

In terms of security: something new

1350g for a size XS

The first new feature, mandatory for this helmet, is certification according to the standard ECE 2206, the most demanding regulation to date.

It features a PIM EVO shell with new reinforcing materials, made from carbon, aramid and natural fibers. These materials improve impact resistance... Be careful not to " snap your head » as they say in ch'nord.

We can see a few additional grams due to this new feature compared to the previous version. THE hJC RPHA 12 helmet that said, it remains perfectly balanced with a feeling of lightness.

Aesthetics: there is something for all tastes and colors

In order to please a good number of motorcyclists, this HJC helmet is available in a wide variety of graphics. In particular, in the 4 initial options: Ottin, Lawin, Spasso and Enoth. For fans of our champion Quartararo, there is also the QUARTARARO REPLICA. There are also those from the Marvel universe as well as a new collaboration with Netflix and the headset Squid Game

Aerodynamics: simply REMARKABLE!

Helmet shape was studied in the wind tunnel

Having tested it in gusts of +80km/h and at high speeds, I can assure you that one of the big strengths of this helmet is its aerodynamics. It shows remarkable stability! The spoiler is larger than on the previous version.

No more neck pain, I feel no resistance during my sporty driving. The shape of the helmet was studied in a wind tunnel to guarantee high aerodynamic performance.

Visibility: it’s perfect

The new visor of this hJC RPHA 12 helmet is much larger than the previous generation. I find it to be a perfect visor for both road and track driving as it offers a wide viewing angle. Even with my head in the handlebars, on a sports bike, I don't find the discomfort of vision cut off at forehead level already encountered on other helmets.

However, the new visor mechanism is not easy to use at first with gloves on. In fact, it requires time to adapt. The helmet comes with a colorless 2D screen, its high-performance Pinlock anti-fog film and a second screen in a dark smoke tint for maximum comfort depending on the weather conditions.

Ventilation: we breathe well

One of the great new features of hJC RPHA 12 helmet is the ventilation system. Very efficient and pleasant to handle. Its front air intake has been enlarged compared to the RPHA 11, to ensure maximum demisting. Thanks to its side ventilations, air flow is effectively eliminated, reducing wind noise. 

Soundproofing: small downside

Despite the changes made to the helmet, soundproofing still needs to be improved. I still remind you that this is not the priority of this range of headphones. Personally, for short trips, it doesn't pose a problem for me. For long journeys, however, it is preferable to use earplugs if you are sensitive to noise.

Comfort: the HJC RPHA 12 helmet is Top!

Double-D loop system and emergency kit

Its interior lining is made of advanced antibacterial fabric, wicking away moisture and drying quickly. A very welcome asset in the heat this summer. It is completely removable and washable for easy maintenance. For glasses wearers, the presence of grooves allows them to be inserted, and the new ventilation system eliminates fogging on the glasses.

The HJC RPHA 12 helmet is finally equipped with a chin strap with a double-D buckle system, the safest of all helmet locking systems, and the only one authorized on the track. Benefiting from the emergency kit, its cheek pads are easily detachable by emergency services in the event of an accident.

See the product sheet

Quality / Finish 4.4
Ventilation 4.8
Field of view5

My opinion: a very versatile motorcycle helmet that borders on perfection!

The HJC RPHA 12 helmet is undoubtedly one of the best sports full-face helmets you can buy in 2024, as it allows you to use it daily and also on the circuit. 

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Morgane Verlet

A biker for 6 years but passionate about it since I was little, motorcycling is a hobby for me that I practice mainly on the road but also on circuits and terrain. Addicted to the speed and other sensations that motorcycling provides but also to the beautiful landscapes of the Opal Coast where I used to ride with my 2005 YZF R6.

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