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Fox Comp X 2024 cross boots, tested and validated by Max, Motoblouz customer

test of the Fox Comp X 2024 cross boots

Whether you ride a YZ125, a 300 EXC, a Tenere 700 or a big BM Adventure, you're probably a fan of off-road or dirt roads. And who says off road, says motocross boots. They are a crucial part of any serious pilot's equipment. Today, we're looking in detail at version fox Comp X 2024 cross boots. Equipment that I had the opportunity to test over the last 6 months, and which did not disappoint me!

A look back at the Fox 2024 range

For 2024, the fox brand has completely revised its range of boots with its three flagship models on the menu. The top of the range Instinct, the intermediate option Motion and the Comp model which interests us today. If Fox positions it at the entry level, its characteristics are more similar, in my opinion, to a mid-range. Indeed, one of the strong points of the Fox motocross boot offering is a certain consistency in the design of its different models. From Instinct to Comp, boots share a unique mold and similar features. The opportunity for pilots to benefit from certain “high-end” features at a more affordable price.

testing the Fox Comp X 2024 cross boots in action

Premier look: the Fox Comp X 2024 cross boots

Aesthetically speaking, you either like motocross boots or you don't like them. Generally, those who wear them agree that they look amazing. And the fox boots always have a small effect... The fact of having paid several hundred euros? The feeling of unparalleled protection? The lack of objectivity of the practitioners of this all-consuming passion that is off-roading? It's hard to understand why this foot armor has such an effect...

go off-road, crash your motorbike! during the test of the fox comb X 2024 cross boots

All that to say that aesthetically, I really like these fox Comp X 2024 cross boots. I chose a model full black, rather sober and discreet, where only the brand icon stands out in gray, on the heel and the upper front of the boot. The icon of the brand is of course this fox head, which finds its origin in the name of the founders of the brand: the brothers Geoff and Bob Fox . You probably didn't come for a history lesson so let's get back to our boots. 

They exist in two other colors which, despite a touch of color, remain sober and discreet. There is no question of completely coating them with flashy fluorescent yellow or orange paint. An effective style without fuss to which I adhere. There is a two-tone black and khaki model, and another tricolor which mainly combines black and gray, with a touch of taupe brown on the buckles and the sole. 

The assembly of different materials reinforces the aesthetics of the boot, and it exudes quality. We feel that the anatomy has been dissected and thought out so that everything comes together in a harmonious manner. An impeccable design therefore. 

At the feet

The premier time I put it on, it was a revelation. I had never had the opportunity to put on real motocross boots. There's a first time for everything I guess. I have always worn boots oriented Adventure, which are intended to be less radical, more “all-purpose” and in theory, more comfortable. I realize that between theory and practice, there is often something stuck. In this case, my toes.

Once in these fox Comp X 2024 cross boots, I really felt that there was room in the mold, especially in height, for even the most crooked toes in the world. I could have shown you a photo but I'm not a sadist. All this to say that we feel very good there, from the start, and that this feeling of comfort is lasting over the long days of wrinkled.

After a good month, the case is perfectly molded to your footprint, and I would venture to say that it feels like slippers. Note that although the “toe box” is quite high, it has been reduced compared to previous models to allow smooth and precise gear shifting. 

The microfiber construction provides flexibility right out of the box, allowing a precise fit for a variety of foot shapes. The padding around the ankle and the wide opening at the calf ensure good support and optimal comfort. To top it all off, these boots come in half sizes for a more precise fit, including sizes 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5. Cinderella had better watch out. 

What's the difference with Adventure boots?

Coming back to the boots Adventure, it is true that they offer a certain flexibility when leaving the cockpit. It's practical for long roadtrips or trips, when you combine driving and sightseeing. But when it comes to comfort on board the motorcycle, “static” comfort I mean on the toe clips, the Comp X are unbeatable. As for hiking, it will take a few months to make the boots truly flexible at the ankle and toe. Note that the approach, not necessarily natural at first, diminishes over time. 

The composition

To make shoes, you don't just need leather and a hammer. No surprise! Fox offers us an assembly of quality materials, all intended for the protection of rider, comfort and driving performance. So on these fox Comp X 2024 cross boots, we find : 

  • microfiber as base material
  • hard plastic to reinforce key areas
  • tPU protections on the shin, toe, heel, and calf for optimal coverage
  • pOSITAC rubber on the inner side of the boots to provide stability and support against the motorcycle chassis
  • panels in a quilted material in less critical areas to add flexibility while maintaining a certain robustness 
  • the same POSITAC rubber on the outsole to guarantee durability and maximum grip on the toe clips and the road
  • a new closure system with four micrometric buckles for a precise and quick adjustment (compared to 3 on the 2023 model)
  • a composite material sole to provide stability and support for the foot 
  • a synthetic microfiber upper for superior comfort and a perfect fit.
  • a strip of suede fabric over the entire height inside, to maintain a correct position of the heel in the boot
  • an internal Mesh lining for comfort and breathability


Let's be honest, this is not a "long-term test". Six months isn't much in the life of a motorcycle boot. But so far, so good… For the moment, not a single thread is sticking out, not a single panel is coming unstuck. Nothing to report: the boots do the job, and each day is more comfortable than the last. In any case, we can highlight here a certain desire for sustainability on the part of the brand, since these Comp

Remember, to extend the life of your motocross boots, it is recommended to clean them after each use, store them in a dry, well-ventilated area, and regularly check the condition of the materials and materials. seams to detect any signs of premature wear or damage... And take care of them before it's too late! Also remember that the lifespan of motocross boots depends a lot on the rider. With proper care, good boots can usually provide reliable protection and performance for several years.

What is version X? 

You may have noticed that there is the classic Comp version, and the X version tested here, 10 euros more expensive. The X model offers all the features of the Comp boots with added reinforced traction on the sole. The exterior pattern is designed to provide better grip on the different types of terrain that may be encountered out there. This pattern is open, and the ridges allow fluids to flow outward. They therefore offer better grip in mud for example. The classic model should be favored for strict motocross practice. 

focus on the grip of the Fox Comp X 2024 cross boots

Apart from that, the words “OFFROAD” are discreetly displayed on the outer toe of the boot, unlike “COMP” on the classic version. On the scale, no difference between the two variations. 

The final word

I would say that these fox Comp X 2024 cross boots represent a solid choice for beginner and intermediate riders. Although the Comp does not have a hinge system like its counterparts, they offer good support for the ankle, especially lateral, which is rare for an entry-level boot. It is a perfect balance between protection, comfort and “affordable” price. Priced today at 290 euros, it's not nothing, but the Comp For me, it's a reference that I can count on every time I go out.

That's it, don't hesitate to contact Motoblouz customer service if you have specific needs, or to ask us your questions directly in the comments. We will be happy to answer them. Stay safe on the slopes!

See the product sheet

testing Fox cross boots on the roads of Portugal

Max from One Month One Ride. 

Aesthetic 4.3
Ease of use 4.5
Value for money 4.8

My Review: A Solid Choice for Beginner and Intermediate Riders

It's a perfect balance between protection, comfort and value for money. The Fox Comp X 2024 cross boots have all the essential features you look for in a pair of motocross boots.

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