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How to choose the right size for your motorcycle equipment?

Choosing the right size for your motorcycle equipment

Selecting the right motorcycle equipment is not always easy, but when you add the size factor, you can sometimes get confused... Helmet, motorcycle jacket, boots, gloves, etc. : choosing the right size affects comfort, the protection offered by the equipment and of course style. Rest assured, between the potato sack look and the tumble dryer style set too hot, there is a happy medium that is not so complicated to find by following our advice.

Motorcycle helmet: Don't worrysummer

Choosing the right helmet size sometimes involves slight discomfort the premier few kilometers
A new helmet may provide a little tight support for the first few kilometers

Choosing the right size helmet is as much a question of comfort as it is safety. The subject should therefore not be taken lightly. A helmet that is too small will squeeze your skull to the point of discomfort, while too large, it will not play its protective role as effectively when necessary.

To know if a helmet fits you, when you receive it, check that it does not float. You should only be able to slide two fingers between the foams and your cheeks. A feeling of compression in the cheeks is not a problem knowing that the foams will settle with use. If the helmet is too small, discomfort will quickly be felt, often around the head.

The different measurements used in this guide. We'll save you the size!

Choosing the right size for a motorcycle helmet

Don't worry, the operation is extremely simple: take out a tape measure (or a piece of string that you will then measure) and measure your cranial perimeter – your head circumference, therefore – 2.5 cm above your eyebrows. Consult the brand-specific correspondence table available on each product sheet. That's it, you have the keys in hand to choose the right size helmet!

Motorcycle helmet sizes maintain a certain homogeneity from one brand to another:

Common correspondences of motorcycle helmet sizes based on head circumference

Universal SizeXSSMLXL2XL
Head circumference (in cm)53-5455-5657-5859-6061-6263-64
However, the values ​​may vary in certain cases.

The difficulty with helmets is that manufacturers sometimes have their specificities regarding skull morphology. To say that we don't have a head for /place the brand of your choice here/ is now somewhat abusive, it happens that we do not find the comfort expected in a helmet chosen in its usual size. If this ever happens, remember that the return is free at Motoblouz ; so all you have to do is order a different size or a competing helmet as a replacement!

Motorcycle jacket: Wear it fitted

Motorcycle jacket fitted on a biker riding a Triumph
A properly sized motorcycle jacket is fitted

We see it with the customers who come to visit us in our shops: bikers spontaneously tend to choose a slightly loose jacket. We thus imagine gaining comfort by being freer to move. Bad reflex.

It is indeed better to choose a rather fitted jacket. First, regarding style, there is no photo. But above all, against all expectations in statics, a fitted jacket will be more comfortable. It will prevent it from being caught in the wind and flapping, without preventing you from wearing a sweater underneath when it cools. The parachute jacket? Bad idea !

Adventure jacket worn by a trail pilot on a Ténéré
The most technical jackets dedicated to travel multiply the adjustments

Choosing the right size for a motorcycle jacket

The chest measurement where it is widest remains the standard measurement for choosing the right jacket size. That said, unlike helmets, you will find more information on the particularities of each brand's products on our jackets product sheets. Take a look at the “Size Guide” link. For example, at Dexter , the waist size, back or sleeve length are specified, which really helps you choose.

Motorcycle pants: The right length for the legs…

Leg length, an important selection criterion for choosing the size of your motorcycle pants
Your motorcycle pants may be a little too long when you're standing

As much as we would spontaneously choose jackets that are too big, for motorcycle pants, we would rush for things that are too short! This paradox can be explained because we often try on our pants in a standing position, and in this context, the legs of motorcycle pants can be long, very long...

Don't be fooled: upon receipt, put on your pants and climb statically on your motorbike. Once seated, the protective shells must be well in front of the knees and hips. You will also be able to see the actual length of the pant legs.

biker legs installed on her motorcycle, wearing motorcycle pants clearly too small
Test your pants directly on the motorcycle to check the size in a seated position

Choosing the right size motorcycle pants

“The right length for the legs is when the feet touch the ground.” Not wrong, but for motorcycle pants, the reference measurement is more the waist circumference and/or the hip circumference. The inseam length, when indicated by the manufacturers, will nevertheless prove very useful. A look at the “Size Guide” on each product sheet will also be informative to know the specificities of each brand.

Motorcycle suit: Delicate alchemy

Biker wearing a motorcycle track suit sitting on his machine
Sufficiently fitted, but also sufficiently adjustable, the motorcycle suit!

The motorcycle leather suit remains the equipment whose size remains the most difficult to choose. The balance between enough range of movement and a fit enough to keep the shells in place is not always easy to find at premier try. Luckily, manufacturers generally specify many dimensions in the “Size Guide” of their product sheets.

No wonder it's uncomfortable to walk or stand on. Here too, test your combination upon receipt by taking a position on your motorcycle. The ideal is to put on your back and chest protection underneath if necessary. You should feel comfortable, without floating inside. Don't forget that it will still take a few sessions on the track or a few rides on the road for it to be "broken in", that is to say, for it to be adapted to your measurements and movements. Check out our tracksuit buying guide for more details !

Motorcycle rider in position on his machine, the solution for choosing the right suit size
Test the suit in position on the motorcycle

Choosing the right size of a motorcycle suit

For the size of the motorcycle suit, the basis will be to measure your chest circumference at its widest (as for a jacket) and your hip circumference (as for pants). Then refine your choice of size by checking the additional measurements specified by the manufacturer: inseam length, arm length, etc.

Motorcycle gloves: On the finger and the eye

Biker showing the palm of his motorcycle gloves
Choosing the right size for your motorcycle gloves

Finger length is the number 1 criterion for choosing the pair of gloves that suits you. A few millimeters of latitude are essential so that the tips of your fingers are not under pressure when you squeeze the handles of your motorcycle. This configuration ends up cutting off circulation to the fingertips, which is uncomfortable, especially when it's cold.

The sizes of motorcycle gloves are relatively standard from one brand to another, so much so that we can share a generic table here:

Common correspondences of men's motorcycle glove sizes

US size7.588.599.51010.511
Hand circumference in cm1920,321,622,924,225,426,727,9

Common correspondences of women's motorcycle glove sizes

Universal sizeSMLXL
US size77,588,5
Hand circumference in cm17,81920,321,6
However, the values ​​may vary in certain cases.

Conversely, motorcycle gloves that are too wide will also pose a problem due to the formation of annoying creases on the palm side. Tablets with the tightening of the handle, it ends up being really painful. And if they are not held correctly, they could not provide sufficient protection or even fall off altogether in the event of a bowl...

Screenshot of a Motoblouz product sheet with the link to the size guide highlighted
The link to the size guide!

Choosing the right size for motorcycle gloves

For motorcycle gloves, the useful measurement is the circumference of the hand. Go around the hand with a seamstress tape, passing at the base of the little finger and in the hollow between the thumb and the hand. With this dimension in mind, consult the correspondence table in the “Size Guide” for the motorcycle glove you are interested in to choose the right size.

Motorcycle boots: Ride on the right foot

Choosing the right size motorcycle boots
No secret with the size of motorcycle boots!

Boots are probably the easiest category of gear to choose from. However, remember to keep an eye on the possibilities of adjusting the calf circumference if you are the strong type from this point of view. An elastic gusset or Velcro adjustment straps could prove beneficial in terms of comfort.

Choosing the right size for your motorcycle boots

Nothing exceptional about the boots, therefore: in most cases, you will just have to choose the size that is usual for you. Boots from some manufacturers tend to fit a little small, others a little large. You will find details on this subject in the customer reviews.

Customer reviews, a welcome helping hand!

Trust the experience of other bikers!

Each brand of equipment, each product can have its specificities in terms of size. This is where customer reviews can give you a serious helping hand. On Motoblouz , almost every product benefits from feedback provided by everyone who bought it before you. When the cutting is atypical, you can be sure that you will not be the premier to experience it. Take the time to read these reviews. Also remember to check the opinions on the color variants (other designs of the same helmet for example) to enrich your sample.

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