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Motorcycle luggage: Choose suitcases or a top case compatible with your motorcycle

If there is one area in which there are no standards, it is that of motorcycle luggage! Between the top cases, the suitcases, the supports and the compatible or not compatible plates, there is clearly something to get lost. This short guide covers the issue to help you see more clearly when you choose your motorcycle luggage!

Soft saddlebags, ultra-compatible motorcycle luggage

Ideal for enjoying the pleasures of motorcycle travel, soft saddlebags have many advantages, such as low budget or modular volume. We can add that they are universal, that is to say that they will adapt to all motorcycles on the market. Using a set of fixing straps and/or tensioners, you can secure them with all possible rear buckle configurations. The rear buckle is the rear part of the motorcycle frame, the one that supports the saddle.

Very practical, especially for rarer or older motorcycles, which are difficult to equip with luggage in general. Adventure-style trails that often run off-road will also find what they're looking for, for example with the Kriega range.

Spacers, for optimum comfort and safety

Soft saddlebags, the most compatible motorcycle luggage on the market
Soft panniers gain their stripes off-road

For maximum riding comfort, a pair of spacers remains highly recommended with motorcycle bags. These are structures of metal rods or tubes to be fixed on either side of the rear loop. The spacers prevent the panniers from coming dangerously close to the rear wheel when they are loaded by holding them in place. Some bags can also be attached directly to it.

The spacers are specific to each motorcycle. Select your motorcycle make, model and vintage to see which spacers are compatible with it.

Generic motorcycle cases, but specific supports

More comfortable to use and better integrated into the motorcycle line, suitcases multiply the advantages. Manufacturers like Givi , Shad , Kappa or SW-Motech offer a wide range of suitcases of all styles and capacities. From the big trail adventurer to the small vintage roadster to the sports car, everyone can travel while keeping what they need on hand!

The motorcycle suitcase support, specific to each motorcycle

SW-Motech support for motorcycle suitcases compatible with Moto-Guzzi
Discreet support compatible with SW-Motech cases

Here too, the suitcase supports are specific to each brand and above all specific to each motorcycle. You must therefore make sure you get a pannier rack of the brand of your panniers and compatible with your motorcycle.

Two exceptions to this rule should be noted:

  • Givi shares its fastening systems (Monokey, Monolock, etc.) with Kappa . The two brands have belonged to the same group since 1991.
  • SW-Motech offers adaptation kits for cases from other brands ( Givi , Kappa , Hepco & Becker, etc.)

In any case, at Motoblouz , we make your life easier with our parts selector: on the “Mounting brackets and kits” page, select your brand, model and vintage of motorcycle. All media compatible with your motorcycle will be filtered for you. All you have to do is select the brand that suits you in the filters to find the compatible media(s).

Platinum or not to install my top case on my motorcycle?

A Givi top case with its Monokey plate mounted on a Honda road motorcycle
Givi top case, we can see the optional adaptable plate, here in aluminum

Same causes, same consequences for top cases: you will be able to mount a top case on your motorcycle provided that you have compatible accessories provided by the brand. That said, the configuration varies from one brand to another:

  • Givi and Kappa provide the optional plate, associated with a support specific to each motorcycle. If your motorcycle already has a luggage rack, it will simply be an optional plate. Otherwise, the mounting kit will also include an additional bracket to attach to the rear loop.
  • The Spanish Shad provides the plate with the top case, but it must be mounted on a Top Master support specific to each motorcycle and therefore available as an option.
  • At SW-Motech, you will need a luggage rack from the brand if your motorcycle does not have one as standard, as well as an adaptation kit or a plate depending on the case.

If you plan to equip your motorcycle with a top box and panniers, there are racks that can accommodate both.

Fixing systems by brand of motorcycle luggage

Givi and Kappa

Motorcycles equipped with Givi suitcases and top boxes

System Givi Monokey: System introduced by Givi allowing the opening of the suitcase or top case and its detachment from the motorcycle with a single key.

System Givi Monokey Side: specially designed for side cases, with fixing points adapted to this use

Givi Monokey Cam-Side: More powerful type of locking for suitcases and top boxes specially designed for motorcycles running off-road

Givi Monorack: A luggage rack system for motorcycles that are not equipped with one, ready to receive a top-case plate from the brand (generally Monokey).

Givi Monolock System: Plate for top cases of small displacement scooters and motorcycles


Trail Ducati DesertX equipped with SW-Motech motorcycle luggage

SW-Motech PRO side support: It is specific to each motorcycle. This 2.5 mm thick steel support is extremely durable. It mounts as close as possible to your motorcycle and benefits from the brand's QUICK-LOCK locking.

Suitcase support SW-Motech EVO: EVO supports can be assembled and disassembled in seconds. If you leave without luggage, only a few almost invisible anchor points remain in place on the motorcycle.

SW-Motech slc: Specially designed for vintage motorcycles, roadsters and light sports cars. These SLC side supports are made of steel. They are specific to each motorcycle and do not distort their look.

SW-Motech slh support: A quick system to install (and remove) on the fender strut of your Harley-Davidson. You can also combine it with original Harley-Davidson accessories such as the Sissybar or the luggage rack.

Shad motorcycle luggage

Shad motorcycle luggage, systems compatible with your motorcycle

Shad 3P System: A discreet 3-point mounting system to accommodate motorcycle cases, ensuring good integration with the design of the motorcycle.

Shad 4P System: For motorcycles with heavier luggage, this suitcase support has 4 attachment points.

Top Master top case support: A support which acts as a luggage rack, designed to receive the plate supplied with the Shad top case.

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