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Tutorial: Change the air filter on your motorcycle

Change the air filter on your motorcycle. In nine out of ten cases, this routine maintenance operation turns out to be very simple. Ultimately, the main obstacle you will face is that there are many different configurations of filter location or mounting. But with these few guidelines, you shouldn't make any mistakes! In our case, the air filter is located under the tank. If yours is under the saddle, consider yourself lucky, changing it will only be easier.

How to change the air filter on your motorcycle?

  1. Gather the necessary equipment then stabilize the motorcycle on a stand
  2. Access the air filter (its location differs depending on the motorcycle model)
  3. Remove the air box cover and remove the used filter
  4. Clean the air box with a cloth if necessary
  5. Install the new air filter
  6. Replace the air box cover, and reinstall the elements previously removed to access the filter

How to access the filter

If, like on the FZ8 in our video, your filter is located under the tank, you will have to dismantle the latter. Rest assured, you won't have to remove it completely, with bleeding and other disconnection of hoses required... If necessary, start by dismantling the saddle and the fairings surrounding the tank. Unscrew it, then arrange to raise it as much as possible to comfortably access your air box. A wooden block will be very useful for this (see the video).

The air box is there, before your amazed eyes! To remove the used filter and replace it with the new one, remove the screws (or clips) that hold its cover. Remove the old filter, and take advantage of the operation to clean the inside of the box using a cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to allow dirt to fall into the injection pipes, as this could cause problems when restarting.

Then carefully place the new filter. You can now reassemble the air box cover, reposition the tank and its peripheral components. And there you have it, the operation is finished. Since we told you it was easy!

When to replace your air filter?

In this area, avoid improvisation. The best is to refer to the maintenance booklet for your motorcycle and to respect the deadlines recommended by the manufacturer. If your filter is excessively clogged, your motorcycle risks overconsuming gasoline and losing performance. Sometimes, cleaning is enough: disassemble your paper filter, gently brush it between the slats, blow it over, and remove all impurities from the air box.

Which air filter to choose?

Origin or adaptable ? Both are suitable. Main advantage of the adaptable air filter: it is cheaper than an original filter, with equal performance. There are also washable air filters whose lifespan is almost unlimited with proper maintenance. But these may require adjustment of the carburetion or injection in certain cases. When in doubt, opt for a standard paper filter.

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