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Motorcycle exhaust: approved or not?

Change your motorcycle exhaust system? We've all thought about it before, for various reasons. Whether for aesthetics, acoustics or performance, it is crucial to respect certain regulations in order to avoid any violation of laws and to verify its approval. 

It is important to remember the fundamental principle of the exhaust system. Its main role is to evacuate the gases produced during combustion, while reducing noise levels and harmful emissions. The exhaust system generally consists of headers connected to the cylinders, a catalyst and a muffler.

If you want to replace your line, because the one on your motorcycle leaves something to be desired, we have some solutions to save it without breaking the bank.

Before purchasing your exhaust, unless you have a complete and in-depth understanding of the mechanics, it is recommended that you opt for an exhaust system designed specifically for your motorcycle model. Choosing the wrong exhaust presents potential risks to the operation of your engine. A bad line can cause significant damage. 

Each engine has complex characteristics and interactions between exhaust system components. In-depth expertise is necessary to ensure optimal and safe operation. And avoid any unwanted mechanical deterioration.

Machining of manifold components

What does the law say about the approval of motorcycle exhausts? 

Let us look at the legislation that is in force. The approval of exhausts is based on two major criteria: the limitation of noise emissions and the reduction of polluting discharges.

Motorcycle noise legislation establishes a common standard for all types of motorcycles. According to this standard, the latter is set at 80 decibels (dB) under specific measurement conditions called “dynamic reception conditions”, which are carried out at a speed of 50 km/h. The manufacturers themselves refer to this same indication to design and market their exhaust systems.

Attention ! It's important to note that the condition of your exhaust can also play a role. A damaged or poorly maintained muffler, thus generating noise above acceptable levels for your vehicle, may be considered non-compliant. This is why it is important to maintain your silencer properly

How can you be sure that the exhaust is approved? 

If you buy your exhaust at Motoblouz, whether in our physical stores or online, it is its responsibility to guide you on this issue. Manufacturers provide information on the approval of their products and provide a European certificate of conformity.

You must also remain vigilant when purchasing for use in Switzerland, because certain exhausts approved according to CE standards are not approved for our Swiss neighbors. Once again, the product sheets guide you in this area.

In the scenario where you purchase a used vehicle with an exhaust already installed, the previous owner could provide you with a certificate of conformity if any elements of the exhaust have been modified. 

If in doubt, using a sound level meter remains an option. As mentioned previously, the sound level in decibels of your exhaust must not exceed the limit listed on the motorcycle's registration document. 

The V9 field of the registration document specifies the environmental class of your motorcycle

Can you change your silencer legally?

Obviously ! As long as it meets the conditions mentioned. However, it is important to note that modification is strictly prohibited. And those even if they are approved for purchase and accompanied by a certificate of conformity. 

Without approval, what are the risks? 

If you break the rules, there are two types of possible sanctions.

The first concerns excessive noise. And the use of an unapproved pot is the second possible sanction. Whether you bought it that way or modified it.

Either you receive a fourth category fine, or 135 euros. Either the agent detains or confiscates your vehicle. In this case, you are obliged to bring your motorcycle back into compliance. 

If you are in this case, you must present your vehicle to the competent authorities after having restored its legal conformity. Obviously, don't try to cheat with a fake certificate. The police do not let themselves be fooled. And since the legislation is vague, the decision to fine or not rests on the judgment of the officer responsible for the control.

Please note: You may receive a fine despite using an approved exhaust system, because it was considered too noisy. We recommend that you have the approval certificate nearby.

Stock of motorcycle exhaust silencers

The stock of motorcycle exhaust silencers

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