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Maintaining your cross bike: Our technical video tutorials

The resumption of the season is “a little” late this year… Rather than fuming in your corner and spending your time on Netflix, why not drown your sorrows in grease? Giving your cross bike a facelift, snug in your garage, will ensure you have a bike ready for use on the day the ban is lifted. And we might as well tell you that we’re going to hear “Braaaap” that day!

If you are not a mechanical pro, don't panic. We have gathered below the tutorials covering the main cross bike maintenance tasks. When you have the gear you need, all you have to do is follow the process step by step. The best way to gain skills. Get your ratchets!

And if you have a road bike, we have planned the selection of corresponding videos here.

Maintain your MX motorcycle properly


Drain your cross bike


Change your chain kit


Replace your fork oil seals


Change your triple clamps


Replace your handlebars


Change your cross tires


Mount a starting hook on your fork


Change your brake pads and discs


Change the clutch of your cross bike

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