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Maintaining your motorcycle: Our video tutorials to know how to do it

The resumption of the motorcycle season goes hand in hand with a little fitness treatment for your bike. Yes, the slow pace of winter requires a little mechanical adjustment to straighten out the machine that transports both your body and your soul. The fear of not knowing how to art maintain your motorcycle no longer has any reason to exist: here is a list of mechanical video tutorials describing in detail the most common operations for maintaining your bike . With this, you will know where you are going, step by step.

Oil change your motorcycle

L’engine oil, it's the blood of your motorcycle. After a year of driving, the oil may need to be replaced before the season resumes. Draining remains a basic motorcycle mechanical operation. However, it requires a certain amount of know-how that you will discover in this video tutorial.


Replace your front brake pads

Your brake pads are at the end of their life? Take advantage of the intervention on your motorcycle to replace them by following the detailed advice in this mechanical video tutorial. And benefit from the most efficient braking possible at the slightest use of the right lever.


Replace your rear pads

Stabilize the motorcycle and maintain its trim, the rear brake doesn't just slow you down... This tutorial details how to replace the rear pads to improve your riding efficiency.


Check, lubrication, tension: Maintain your chain kit properly

A transmission chain in good condition contributes to smooth steering and improves performance at the rear wheel. Do you have the grease and chain cleaner on hand? Everything you need to know to clean, lubricate and properly tension your motorcycle chain is here!


Maintaining your motorcycle: Replacing your chain kit

Changing your motorcycle transmission chain requires very few tools and is accessible to everyone, whatever their level of mechanics. This video tutorial explains step by step how to change your motorcycle chain kit in the best conditions.


Replace your air filter

When was the last time you changed your air filter? THE motorcycle air filter counts a lot in the quality of the intake and therefore in the performance of the engine. It's worth taking an interest in the explanations in this tutorial, right?

Check and replace the spark plugs on your motorcycle

Always in the interest of optimal engine performance, the replacement of candles at the right time also affects what happens when you turn the right handle. Our pro's mechanical tips for properly replacing them without risking breakage are just below.


Adjust the controls of your motorcycle

We're going a little outside of routine motorcycle maintenance, but a good motorcycle position improves your comfort, makes your riding more intuitive and delays fatigue. Get a set of allen and/or torx keys and follow the advice in this tutorial to adjust your posture easily!


Bleed your motorcycle's brake fluid

Hygroscopic, the motorcycle brake fluid little by little loses its qualities of transmitting the force that you exert on the controls. Here are the most relevant tips for replacing it and enjoying the most effective braking possible.

Last updated February 9, 2023

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