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IZYSCOOT tutorial #7: check the coolant level and replace it

THE cooling liquid bears its name quite well since it helps prevent overheating. More precisely, its objective is to maintain a constant temperature in the engine of your scooter, to avoid overheating or freezing. On video, with Izyscoot, let's see how check coolant level, and replace it if necessary.

1. Check the coolant level

Check the levels, as they say, or the coolant level is done

  • cold engine
  • on a flat surface

Just take a look in the tank, or keep an eye on the lights on your scooter. If it is missing, you will need to top it up. Nothing complicated or surprising! Check in the maintenance guide for your scooter what coolant it is advisable to use.

To fill the tank, preferably use a funnel or rubber tube. And pour gently.

2. Replace the coolant

With time, the cooling liquid necessarily deteriorates. So there is always a time when you will have to make the coolant replacement. How ?

  1. Empty the tank: unscrew the bleeder screw, and let the coolant flow into a plastic tray.
  2. Close the bleeder screw.
  3. Fill the reservoir with new coolant. Again, refer to your scooter's maintenance guide to find out what fluid to use.
  4. Start the scooter and warm up. This will allow you to check if the fan is starting correctly.

3. Coolant leaking?

A coolant leak can be caused by improper tightening of the hoses. To prevent leaks, do not hesitate to regularly tighten the retaining collars. And you can leave!

Remember to regularly check the coolant level, or at least take a look at the lights on your scooter 😉

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