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Meca MX Tutorial #4: replace brake pads and disc

For a optimal braking, there are not 36 solutions: you must replace brake pads and disc on your MX motorcycle. This is an important step, which should not be neglected! But with Val's good tutorials, it should do it.

For information, the replacement of front brake pads and disc is less common than that of rear pads. In this tutorial, we talk to you about replace front brake pads and disc… For the rear, go to another MX mechanic tutorial.

How to replace brake pads and disc on your MX motorcycle?

  1. Gather the necessary tools
  2. Unlock the brake disc screws
  3. Disassemble the caliper
  4. Remove screws and brake pads
  5. Loosen the front wheel
  6. Remove and replace the brake disc
  7. Reinstall new brake pads
  8. Replace the front wheel
  9. Replace the caliper
  10. Reprime the brake system

1. Gather the necessary tools

For replace brake pads and disc on your MX motorcycle, you need :

  • A socket wrench or ratchet wrench to remove the front wheel
  • A 6-point male key or BTR key to remove the disc screws
  • T-key to remove the caliper
  • Flat key of 10
  • Flat screwdriver
  • And everything that needs to be replaced: the screws, the pads and the brake disc

2. Unlock the brake disc screws

Little tip to get started: unblock the brake disc screws. And if they are hard, because of the threaded brake, do not hesitate to heat them.

3. Disassemble the caliper

Remove the caliper with the T-wrench. Another tip: not everyone has piston pushers, so you can push them back with a flathead screwdriver, prying off the old pads.

4. Remove screws and brake pads

Then, loosen the flat screw, and the screw of your pads. This will allow you to easily remove the old pads.

5. Remove the front wheel

Start by loosening the front wheel using your ratchet wrench. Then, loosen the 4 screws on the fork leg... No need to remove them. Then proceed to dismantling the wheel, removing the axle from the wheel. If it's not easy: you can use a mallet.

6. Remove and replace the brake disc

Remove all of the screws on the disk. Then remove it.

When you are going to reassemble the brake disc, we advise you to use wire brake. Simpler ! And of course, if the screws are in bad shape, don't hesitate to replace them. Moreover, some screws purchased new already have threaded locks.

Finally, mount your new, beautiful, brand-new brake disc. And screw!

7. Refit the new brake pads

You can then refit your new pads. Do not hesitate to add a thin layer of grease to the axle. Then tighten all the screws securely, and the flat screw if your caliper has one.

8. Replace the wheel

To make this step easier, do not hesitate to coat the wheel axle with grease or product type WD40, then arrange your wheel and pass the axle. Then tighten the front wheel, as well as the fork leg screws (if possible using a torque wrench – we always have a colleague or uncle who has one!).

9. Replace the caliper

Finally, place the caliper back on the fork. And tighten the screws.

10. Reprime the brake system

Before leaving, don't forget to test the controls by applying the brake several times. After replacing brake pads and discs on your MX motorcycle, this will allow you to return the braking system to “working order” let's say.

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Born with a 13 wrench in my right hand, motorcycle mechanics are my second nature! I exercise this passion on cross machines, particularly on Milko Potisek's motorcycles for which I am the official mechanic. My goal: to explain to you how to take charge of maintaining your bike via my tutorials accessible to all ;-) Gaaaz and #EnjoyTheRide!

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