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Tutorial #20: Replace the brake fluid on a Kawasaki Z750

When it comes to braking system maintenance, we easily think of the pads, less of the fluid. However, over the miles, the precious fluid loses its incompressible qualities. The lever eventually becomes spongy. The manager ? Moisture, which the liquid inexorably absorbs – it is hydrophilic. The solution ? A good old purge, and replacement with new fluid, every two years minimum! We quickly explain how to proceed in this video tutorial specially dedicated to the Kawasaki Z750!

The necessary tools

  • Of brake fluid nine ! Be careful to choose the DOT index corresponding to your motorcycle – see on the lid of your brake fluid reservoirs.
  • Of brake cleaner
  • A recovery jar (homemade, we'll explain that to you right after)
  • A bit of transparent flexible hose to see the bubbles pass
  • A flat key adapted to your bleeder screw (8 for the Kawasaki Z750)
  • A phillips screwdriver to remove the jar lid.

Make the used liquid recovery bottle

Nothing's easier ! First, find a plastic bottle that closes with a cap. Make a hole in the cap, into which you insert the hose. Tighten a small Rilsan clamp inside to prevent the hose from rising (see video). Close the cap thus equipped and your receptacle is ready. We told you it was easy 😉

Prepare the terrain

It would be a shame to damage the paint of your Kawasaki Z750... As brake fluid is indeed very corrosive, protect exposed parts of the motorcycle with the help of rags or other absorbent workshop papers. Also think about the tank, in case of splashes!

Open the front brake reservoir. Use the screwdriver with the correct footprint. The cover's tightening screws have a tendency to tighten, so you will avoid damaging their head by forcing.

Afterwards, remove the gasket, clean it with a cloth. Take the opportunity to check its condition. In the event of a cut or hole, it will unfortunately have to be replaced…

Bleeding the brakes of your Kawasaki Z750: Here we come!

For the next step we use the beautiful little brake fluid collector that we made with our own hands. Uncap the bleeder screw closest to the master cylinder (of the brake lever, that is), and engage the hose there.

Then lightly press the lever and loosen the bleeder screw with the spanner. A helping hand could be of great help at this stage. Pump until the liquid level in the jar is within a few millimeters of the suction port. In fact, it is absolutely important not to let air into the circuit otherwise it will defuse it! When you are at your lowest point in the jar, tighten the bleeder screw before releasing the lever.

Then refill the liquid level in the jar, and start the operation again. Your goal is to completely dispose of the used fluid. You will be sure that this is the case when the liquid in the pipe has taken on the color of new.

To finalize bleeding the caliper, squeeze the lever two or three times, hold it and loosen the bleeder screw. If no bubble rises in the jar, your mission is accomplished for this stirrup! Otherwise, repeat the purging operation until they are completely removed.

Then pass to the second front brake caliper of your Kawasaki Z750.

Finish by putting the correct fluid level brake in the jar. Replace the seal and close the jar!

Around the rear brake

Start this process from the beginning for the rear brake reservoir.

And there you have it, you are ready to hit the road again. Still do a few test braking sessions before launching into the braking of the century.


We hope that this tutorial has helped you see more clearly about this not-so-complicated operation.. See you very soon for a new mechanical tutorial #EnjoyTheRide !

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