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Tutorial #17: How to change your SW Motech gear selector?

If you want change your gear selector or adopt one, like here, adjustable: Nico and MriMattheus show you the main steps in video. Come to the workshop for a mechanical tutorial: how to change your gear selector, for a folding and adjustable selector of the brand SW Motech.

How to change your gear selector?

  1. Assemble the gear selector
  2. Stabilize the motorcycle on center stand or workshop stand
  3. Remove the old selector
  4. Position the new selector
  5. Finish the adjustments on the motorcycle on the ground

Why choose a new gear selector?

It's true that we don't necessarily think about changing our speed selector. We only do this when necessary, after a fall or in the event of heavy wear. You can also decide to change it to adopt a speed selector adjustable and foldable.

The advantage of adjustable speed selector is that it adjusts according to your equipment (large boots or thin motorcycle sneakers). The whole point is to better adapt to your driving position. It is said to be foldable, which also allows it not to be damaged, or even break, in the event of a fall.

Here, Nico and MriMattheus install a sW Motech brand gear selector. SW Motech is a German brand specializing in parts andmotorcycle equipment.

Change your gear selector, step by step

1. Assemble the selector

Start by assembling the elements of the new selector. It may be necessary to grease the parts so as not to scratch them. Be careful not to tighten the parts completely: they will be adjusted, and tightened accordingly, during assembly.

2. Stabilize the motorcycle on center stand or workshop stand

Ideally, the motorcycle should be placed on a center or workshop stand. In fact, it is easier to position the selector this way, and this is necessary for the next step.

3. Remove the old selector

The new selector should be placed at the same height as the old one. So, before removing it, you must measure the distance between the tip of the selector and the ground (on a stable motorcycle). Then remove the old selector with a wrench. And don't hesitate to brush it if the part is dirty, so you can then lightly grease it with a cloth.

Why grease? This allows 1. to better protect the parts from wear, and 2. to dismantle the selector more easily if you have to remove it.

4. Position the new gear selector

For this step, if someone can give you a hand, that's better! In fact, on one side you have to keep the meter at the correct distance, and on the other hand place the new selector at the distance measured previously. And screw it back on.

5. Finish the adjustments on the motorcycle on the ground

Once again, it's good to be accompanied. Because the idea here is to check the correct settings of the new gear selector, once positioned on your motorcycle. And to correct accordingly. Two pairs of arms are therefore necessary.

Regarding a adjustable speed selector, you can simply adjust its position with the key.

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