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Tutorial #15: How to install SW Motech footrests?

Sometimes it only takes a little thing to increase the pleasure of riding tenfold. Like installing adjustable footrests, for example. With them, you will be less bent on the road, and you will be able to stand more upright on your trail. We'll explain how to assemble them!

SW-Motech adjustable footrests, what for?

THE sW-Motech adjustable footrests for trails have several advantages: they offer more grip surface in off-road use, more comfort on the road, their lifespan will be better thanks to an accomplished design and what's more, they are… adjustable! Understand that you can modulate their height in two positions to optimize your driving position.

In short, a relevant purchase for those who drive a lot and sometimes leave the asphalt with his BMW R1200GS, his Triumph Tiger 1200 and other versatile trails... Nico explains to you (with the help of MriMattheus !) how to install these adaptable toe clips on your motorcycle in this complete tutorial. Get your tools, let's go!

The complete kit includes the footrests, their supports, the rubberized plates and the springs.

How to install your adjustable footrests

  1. Gather the materials
  2. Dismantle the original footrests
  3. Prepare their axes
  4. Install the new footrest supports
  5. Position and screw the footrests
  6. Install the rubber plates
  7. Adjust the gear selector

Install your SW-Motech footrests step by step

1. Gather the necessary tools

You don't need to be an expert to get started with this intervention. Same observation for the tools which will be found in most toolboxes:

  • A pair of needle-nose pliers
  • A cloth
  • A little fat
  • A mallet
  • Thread lock
  • A flat key

2. Disassemble the original footrests

To do this, we must start with remove the footrest axles. Grab a small pair of needle-nose pliers, and remove the pin holding them in place. Forget the flat screwdriver, which will destroy the clips in question. Then restore the clips to their original shape with pliers if necessary to keep them in place. They will in fact be reused in the new assembly, like the axes.

Always with the same pliers, extract the axis, by moving the footrest to clear the way. Clean the support welded to the frame with a brush. You are ready to start assembling the adaptable part!

3. Prepare the footrest axles

By installing this support directly on the motorcycle, you will have easier to tighten the new footrest and position them at the height that suits you. Take a look at the letter engraved on each support which will help you not to swap the supports: L for left, R for right.

Clean the footrest axles with the cloth, then apply a little grease to it. Go easy on the fat. If you add too much, the excess risks sticking to sand and small stones. Which have the bad habit of being abrasive and which will prevent the footrests from folding correctly…

4. Install the new footrest supports

Insert the support into the frame housing and partially engage the axle, just to hold it in place. Place the springs by compressing them slightly. Be careful that it doesn't jump in your face – protective glasses are strongly recommended! Then put the washer, which will prevent the spring from coming out. Use a screwdriver and pliers to save time and nerves.

All that remains is push the axle all the way in. A mallet or failing that a hammer with a wooden block will be very useful at this step. Go slowly, no need to mess around! Complete the operation by putting the clips back in place, still using the pliers. The hardest thing is done !

5. Positioning and screwing the footrests

Take a look at the backs of the footrests: you will see that they have two holes. By choosing the one above, you will lower the footrests, and vice versa with the bottom hole. The difference, around 1.5 cm, will be more noticeable than one might imagine, especially on long journeys, a bit like the handlebar risers. If you are the type to grate the toe clips regularly, the ground clearance in curves will certainly suffer a little. Such is the price of this extra comfort!

Engage the footrest onto the stud of the support. Prepare the screw that will hold everything together. Add the washer to it, and put a drop of thread lock on it, which will prevent any accidental loosening. Then screw the concerned one. When it comes to tightening, don't skimp: the footrests will have to support your weight...

6. Rubber plates: the little extra!

Here too, the maintenance is entrusted to a screw, which guarantees a better lifespan. The rubber pads are also wider and thicker than the original. The icing on the cake is that a cap is delivered to close the hole intended to receive a tip.

7. Don’t forget your selector…

Who says new position of the feet says adjustment of the selector! do not forget to modulate the inclination of the latter in order to make the gear change as intuitive as possible.

Good road

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