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Video Tutorial: Install a side stand widener

With motorcycles whose weight approaches 200 kilos (or even easily exceeds them), you have to pay a lot of attention to the terrain on which you rest your side stand. A ground that's a bit too soft and presto, the bike goes to bed as soon as your back is turned. Unless… if you havea side stand widener ! This accessory, which increases the support surface of the crutch, greatly limits the risk of sinking.

And to make matters worse, you don't need to be an experienced motorcycle mechanic to install this type of plate to widen your stand. The assembly turns out to be very simple., as you will discover in this video tutorial!

How to install a side stand widener

  1. Gather the necessary materials and tools
  2. Stand the motorcycle
  3. Place the plate
  4. Screw the retaining bracket

Install your SW Motech widener, step by step

1. Gather the materials

You will in fact only need'a BTR key to tighten the screws that hold the plate. A little thread lock will ensure perfect hold over time. The side stand indeed belongs to this category of parts highly subject to vibrations.

Take this opportunity to detail the crutch enlarger kit, which consists of the black anodized aluminum plate, the brushed aluminum element to hold it on the crutch and the screws to tighten the whole thing.

2. Stand the motorcycle

To be able to operate in the best comfort, put your motorcycle on the center stand. Failing that, a workshop stand will also do the job very well.

3. Put the stand widener plate in place

Position the pad under the stand. You will notice that it is perfectly designed for its tip, with a print modeled on his profile for optimal hold. Then place the retaining plate on top.

4. Screw!

Using the BTR wrench you can now screw the two elements together. Do not forget beforehand to place a drop of thread lock at the end of each of the three screws. Their hold will thus be perfect despite vibrations and temperature variations.

Since we told you that the editing was a no-brainer! You will notice that the pad is cut following the contour of the swinging arm. In short, a beautiful product, sturdy and well finished, like SW-Motech knows how to do them! See also our assembly tutorials handlebar risers, of cylinder guard and of sW-Motech crash bars to convince you!

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