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Video tutorial: Installing SW-Motech crash bars

THE crash bars (or engine guards for Francophiles) serve as a metal cocoon here. They protect the most vulnerable part of your motorcycle in the event of a fall or collision, the engine. It's'dressing essential if you care about your beauty like the apple of your eye! In addition, installation is done very quickly: no need for welding or drilling. Just follow the right advice. In this latest video tutorial, we show you how install crash bars from the SW-Motech brand on a BMW (of course, when you know the right actions, they are valid for any model).

How to install engine guards on your motorcycle?

  1. Gather the materials you need: wrenches, grease, manual
  2. Remove the screws indicated on the manual
  3. Position the 1st engine guard on the motorcycle frame
  4. Pre-install the top and bottom screws, tighten then secure using a torque wrench
  5. Position and install the 2nd card guard, on the other side of the motorcycle to surround the engine
  6. Ride with a light mind!

Why install crash bars?

These metal bars protect many parts of your motorcycle in the event of a crash or collision. Fairing, tank or, one of the most fragile parts in the event of a fall, the engine. There are many models of engine guards. Here, we have chosen to trust the know-how of the german brand SW-Motech. As the newest addition to Motoblouz , we wanted to see what she had in her stomach... With its solid bindings, no doubt, you will be seduced by the German quality.

Assembling crash bars, step by step

1. Gather the necessary equipment

To mount your engine guards, you need: a set of TORX keys and a set of BTR keys, spanners, grease and a torque wrench. If you don't have a torque wrench available, it's not really a problem, but you will need a little elbow grease... Just to tighten the screws well.

2. Remove the main screw

Start by removing the frame screw indicated on the manual. Important step: don't forget to recover the washer from the screw. You will need it for the rest of your installation.

3. Position the crash bar

Then place the premier crash bar around your engine, on premier side of the motorcycle. Simply place it, and also position the spacer of the largest screw which ensures its retention.

4. Install and tighten the screws

Start by positioning the small screw at the top, without tightening it. Then place the two large screws at the bottom, using the washers removed in step 2. Lightly tighten the bottom ones then the small top screw. To finish, use a torque wrench to secure the two bottom screws. If you don't have one, a fairly firm tightening should be enough.

5. Position and install the crash bar on the other side of the motorcycle

Repeat the operation on the other side of the motorcycle with the 2nd engine guard. Nothing complicated in short... It only takes a few minutes to get it right protect your motorcycle in the event of a crash or collision.

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