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Video tutorial: How to install a cylinder head cover on your BMW?

We don't always think about it, but a cylinder head cover is an investment... quickly amortized. It only takes a simple fall while stationary to realize its usefulness: it allows you to protect the engine, and thus prevents you from breaking your wallet for possible repairs. Whether you ride on asphalt or off the beaten track. Follow him guide to fitting a cylinder head cover, very simply, on your BMW motorcycle.

How to mount a cylinder head cover on your motorcycle?

  1. Gather the necessary tools: bTR and TORX key sets, and your new valve cover.
  2. Prepare the cylinder head cover : assemble the different elements, and place the rubber buffers.
  3. Remove the original screws.
  4. Place the cylinder head cover around the engine, and tighten.


Why install a cylinder head cover?

THE cylinder head cover proves to be necessary protection... even in the event of a small fall while stationary. It protects, as its name suggests, the cylinder head, and thus saves you from possible repair costs. Between us, it is better to invest in a cylinder head cover rather than in more expensive standard parts, to which you will have to add the cost of labor for a potential repair. In addition, its installation is a real breeze. You don't even need elbow grease.

Installing a cylinder head cover, step by step

1. Gather the tools

For installation you don't need much, just a set of BTR keys and a set of TORX keys. And of course, your new motorcycle equipment. Here, we chose the sW-Motech protections. A German brand that offers accessories and equipment for a wide range of motorcycles... even the oldest. Fans of Cafe Racers and other customs will also be able to stock up. Last non-negligible point, the brand SW-Motech offers good value for money.

2. Prepare the cylinder head cover

THE sW-Motech protections are supplied in two parts. On one side, the main support and on the other, pads to be fixed on the support using screws provided in the kit. Nothing too bad, you just need to screw with the appropriate wrench.

You must then place rubber parts on the support. They allow you to avoid damaging any engine part. Everything is provided in the kit, even the instructions letting you know where to attach the rubber pads.

3. Remove the original screws

On the motorcycle, then remove the original screws located around the engine cylinder head. There must be three.

4. Place the cylinder head cover then tighten

Finally, position the cylinder head cover, premier , without tightening the screws. Once correctly positioned, you can tighten... ideally to torque, or failing that, being careful not to damage the engine cylinder head. If you tighten too much, you risk damaging the joints.

Child's play... We warned you. A fall while stationary will now be much less serious!

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