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Baptist in Mongolia

Baptiste Régné, in Mongolia

Over the next few months, we will follow Baptiste Régné and share his adventure with you. This 26-year-old from Rennes has embarked on a journey which should take him to the borders of Mongolia, riding his 1989 Honda 600 Transalp prepared for the occasion. Discover with us this slightly eco-friendly humanist!

Motor meetings

Baptiste is not on his premier journey. Not long ago, he spent five months in a van traveling across North America. Travel, for him, is a good way to create meeting opportunities: “Sometimes a web designer, sometimes an adventurer,” he explains, “I like to communicate, teach, learn, undertake, discover. It is this multiplicity that animates me when I travel, work, photograph, write, eat or drink. I believe in chance and I want to give it as much chance as possible, for better or for worse!”

At the beginning of May 2015, Baptiste got on his Transalp, left his native Brittany, and headed south. There, he crossed the Alps towards the Grand Est. As we write these lines, it is leaving Zagreb, Croatia, and will bypass the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea... then return to its final destination through Iran and the adjoining regions of China.

Arrival in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, planned for August if all goes well! At the end of his trip, Baptiste will have crossed 14 countries in 4 months and accumulated around 14,000 km for this one-way trip. In the event of a problem, diplomatic, political and mechanical hazards are often present in this type of adventure, a shorter alternative route is considered!

Baptiste Régné, in Mongolia

4 months in transalp to Mongolia!

If the addiction to travel strongly motivates this courageous biker, the desire that this journey is not totally useless also seems to concern him: Baptiste has decided to give it an eco-responsible dimension: he will thus donate the motorcycle to a organization for the protection of fauna and flora upon its arrival in Mongolia. Added to this beautiful gesture is the choice to compensate for the CO2 emissions emitted by your “old” motorcycle during your journey, why not by planting trees…

Ready for adventure

Partner of numerous motorcycle events, sponsors of riders and teams, the adventure proposed by Baptiste seemed sufficiently exciting and realistic for us to decide to give it a helping hand. With the help of REV'IT and TECNOGLOBE, we equipped it from head to toe so that it seamlessly crosses geographical diversity and the wide variety of climates, going from the heat of summer to the harsh cold of winter at high altitudes.

REV'IT has therefore made available a complete set for adventurers: the Defender Pro Gore-Tex, as well as a pair of Dominator Gore Tex gloves. For its part, Tecnoglobe provided the latest Tom Tom Rider 400 GPS navigation system, as well as a Cardo Sho-1 intercom compatible with the latter and with the Shoei Hornet ADV helmet (the big new 2015 product from the Japanese manufacturer), which we also offer it to him. As for the boots, they are Gaerne G Midland also Gore-Tex. Extreme tester, Baptiste will give you feedback on these products after a very convincing test bench!

Rev'it defender gore tex set

A true transformation of motorcycle equipment, with its lifting panels, openings and linings of all kinds, this Dutch set is as well designed to face intense heat as to stay dry in the heaviest rain. The jacket and jacket, which can be connected, also provide a high level of safety, with CE level 2 approved elbow, shoulder and knee protection, the highest possible to date. And the pants even have a version for short legs. Excellent, right?

The top of the range motorcycle orientation system is for travel. Able to navigate on the roads and paths of Europe, this version completely revisits the concept of motorcycle GPS and its support for audio and visual guidance in large format (portrait or landscape) on its 11cm diagonal screen. Baptiste will tell us if he chooses the routes and roads well, whether they are curves and/or hilly. In any case, he will be able to record and share them.

Also new for 2015, this road and all-terrain helmet plays the ultra-versatility card. Light to wear and still as strong and resistant, Baptiste can count on its protection against fogging (Pinlock screen provided) and against UV. The single screen filters them, while the cap offers its share of shade in order to fully enjoy the view and landscapes. The interior, washable and removable, is also a plus when traveling for a long time, as is good ventilation. An adventurer's helmet? The answer soon!

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