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Spain on a motorbike #1: Get ready for the preparations

My Forty-Eight arrived at its destination. You see there was no need to worry!

Spain is in my genes. It therefore became urgent that I go riding there on the handlebars of my favorite motorcycle! But the first draft of the itinerary will shake up my schedule... Premier part of a series of articles where I will tell you about my trip.

I have always loved Spain. My mother, originally from there, passed on to me this love of her country... I spent my early youth there. And today, I work for the customer service of Motoblouz , the Spanish version of your favorite site because I have it in my genes!
As you can imagine, the idea of ​​riding a motorbike on the other side of the Pyrenees did not fail to make me dream. And this year, I decided to take the plunge. I want to go motorcycling in Spain!

It's decided, I'm going on a motorcycle vacation to Spain!

And then just the journey is tempting: I would go through the beautiful national roads from Roncq (in the very north of France) then cross the Center, reach the mountains and finally reach Fuentealbilla (my mother's native village). This small town is particularly known for its Moorish bath, but it is above all its international footballer Andres Iniesta who makes it famous today! It is based in the province of Albacete (Castilla la Mancha region), in the southeast, well known for Don Quixote and Sancho Pancha and their spiritual father, the writer Cervantes.

I start to calculate my route. I realize that no less than 1,900 km separate me from my destination. A distance that seems complicated to me to cover on a motorbike... Let me explain: I purchased a Sportster 1200 Forty Eight from Harley Davidson. Its specificity? A splendid 7.5 L “Peanut” tank! In total, I would stop no less than 20 times to refuel – or around 40 tanks round trip! A trip that would quickly turn into a visit to gas stations in France and Spain…

What's more, my 1M97 would make such a trip more tiring than anything else and let's not forget that it's the holidays.

Pick-up for my motorbike.

Taking care of my motorcycle, that’s true!

Have my motorcycle transported? Why not !

So not being able to go by motorbike to Spain, why not send him there? Premier reflex is to use this famous American search engine which is everyone's friend. Obviously the train is the solution that immediately emerges. Problem: rail freight is expensive. What's more, it only stops at the Spanish border and I also have to go to Paris Bercy to drop off my horse and take the next train to Spain.
Second idea: Rent a small van, slam the wheel behind it and go down the highway. The idea even more expensive than the previous one, without even counting road costs.
Finally, I find the simplest and most affordable idea: using a specialized carrier!

Making an appointment: fingers in the nose

After some additional research, a company specialized in the transport of vehicles of all types including motorcycles appeared, established in Madrid under the name Europe Speed ​​Express 24 sl. I hastened to get in touch (see contact details below). Answers José, a very friendly gentleman who asks me when I want to send my girlfriend to the other side of the Pyrenees. He confirms the possibility of taking care of it within 48 hours! A few hours later, José contacts me again (almost as well as our customer service!) to give me the price as well as precise collection times. The deal is done!

Appointment made, José gives me the phone number of the driver who will come directly to pick up the motorcycle at work. And the budget? Count between 250 and €295.00 to send your beauty to Spain and thus avoid fatigue, wear of consumables and others.

Small clarification, this company is not limited to Spain only, and can take care of your motorcycle throughout Europe. The guys are Spanish speaking, but I assure you they speak English and even a little French.

Like a mother who leaves her little one at the first rentrée of school!

Like a mother who leaves her little one at the first rentrée of school!

Removing the motorcycle: Rather reassuring

D-Day: I receive a call from the driver, an extraordinarily nice guy, who will notify me about an hour before his arrival.
When he arrives, around noon, I admit to being a little anxious, a bit like a mother who leaves her child at the first rentrée of school... Of course, the transport includes insurance up to the price of the motorcycle, but still it hurts a little to see her leave. To tell the truth, I even have the impression of abandoning it to the point that it seems to me that it is watching me from the corner, like the cat in Shrek... Half an hour later, the motorcycle is loaded and fixed in the van. I sign the documents, and after a handshake, I say a final “hasta luego guapa!” » to my darling bike.

My dear colleagues, who followed the affair from afar, did not fail to point out to me that in my place, they would never have let a stranger take charge of their motorcycle. I proudly ignore their slightly mocking remarks and to forget this painful separation, I get down to preparations for the road once there.

Preparations: my equipment for riding in the Spanish heat

You should know that I will be riding in one of the hottest regions of Spain (40ºC on average). The desire to ride in Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt is tempting, but safety comes first! So I opt for a well-ventilated summer jacket, especially since our excellent brand DXR offers a nice one, the ADD'Air. The same goes for gloves, which I take as ventilated as possible. I opt for the Puncher (for which I will also write you a little essay on my return) and I am taking the opportunity to order a dXR Kevlar motorcycle jeans. As for sneakers, I choose the V Quattro twin, a little less hot and heavy than my current Dainese boots. I will keep my favorite helmet, the one I wear all year round, a magnificent Bell custom 500 Roland Sands with bubble screen (so cute!). It will be more airy than a full suit.

To carry my gear, I take a DXR backpack (an obsession when you work at Motoblouz !) I also take a dXR Fresh technical underwear in order to stay dry despite perspiration…

My equipment: V Quattro Twin sneakers, DXR Add'air jacket, Bell ROland Sands helmet, DXR vintage backpack, DXR Denim Kevlar jeans and DXR Puncher gloves

My equipment: V Quattro Twin sneakers, DXR Add'air jacket, Bell Roland Sands helmet, DXR vintage backpack, DXR Denim Kevlar jeans and DXR Puncher gloves

The real part of the fun: Plotting my routes!

Equipment: done! I'm interested in the trips I'm going to make there. You guessed it, I don't plan to drive 24 hours a day. My trip (if I dare say so) is to enjoy the area with fun trips ranging from 100 to 400 km. It's fewer tanks, and in my opinion it's the best way to enjoy the Spanish roads, which are simply superb... I hope to convince you of this in my future articles!

D+3: My Forty-Eight has arrived at its destination!

The news came three days later: my motorcycle had arrived in Spain. My parents, on site, took care of the reception. I don't forget to kindly accommodate my colleagues, just return things! To tell the truth, I wasn't really worried, because during the whole trip, I was able to follow my bike. And then I received very reassuring messages from the driver. In short, Europe Speed ​​Express 24 sl delivered, and I highly recommend their services!

My Forty-Eight arrived in Spain. You see there was no need to worry!

My Forty-Eight arrived in Spain. You see there was no need to worry!

My first motorcycle vacation is going well!

Yes, this is the first time I'm going on an "adventure" with my motorcycle... I have some fears, that's obvious. Between the risk of running out of gas, even if with smartphones today we can find what we want (even Pokemons...), heatstroke, not forgetting mechanical damage and accidents, you will have to be vigilant. But I'm going to live a waking dream there, so I'm willing to take any risks!

The following next episode, departure to Benissa !

And “don’t forget to brake!” » 😉

Europe speed express 24 sl
Such : 0034 6 19 05 40 50

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Emeritus member of Motoblouz customer service, particularly in Spain where I currently reside to better serve our Spanish customers, I am a big fan of customs, in particular Harley-Davidson! you can find me on our Youtube channel France but also Spain, where I host product videos. And don't forget to brake!

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