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5 biker apps to install on your smartphone before vacation

What apps can you use for extended motorcycle rides?

Your Smartphone can be very useful on the handlebars of your motorcycle... Among the profusion of applications available to make riding easier, we have identified five particularly practical ones. To discover here!

Edit of July 29, 2016: Also read, our latest selection of fun and useful biker apps!

Are you hitting the road for vacation soon? We selected five applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone phones that we found particularly practical for your rides and other motorcycle trips take place in the best conditions!

Our selection of practical biker apps on vacation

Waze: The right route
On the verge of becoming essential, thewaze community traffic and navigation app allows you to benefit from the experience of thousands of users: congestion, accidents and other dangerous areas are reported to you in real time, with the possibility of taking a faster alternative route.


iCoyote: Avoid Wallet Trapsicoyote
You might not know: the famous radar (or rather danger zone…) Coyote warning also exists in a smartphone version. Like Waze, this application calls on the help of the community of its users to protect you from the inconvenience caused by excessive zeal on controlled sections. The only drawback is that it charges for its services through a monthly subscription, which is quickly amortized by those who drive a lot.


Maps/Carte: Save your Data packagemaps
Why cite Google Maps and Carte in this application review, since Waze already plays the role of GPS effectively? Because we don't all have unlimited data plans, and when you unplug Waze, your OS's favorite mapping app will effectively take over.


Essence Motards: Find the nearest service stationgasoline_motor
This very useful application allows you to geolocate the service stations closest to you. Presented as an application specially designed for bikers, it can be used whatever the meaning of your phone holder, remains legible in all circumstances and only displays the price of fuels usable by motorbike (no diesel!)


Trip Advisor: Your accommodation at your fingertipstrip_advisor
Did you go on vacation in “adventurer” mode, without booking accommodation? Don't worry: the Trip Advisor application allows you to find the accommodation or restaurant you need. To do this, you can rely on the very rich database of reviews, and all you have to do is book the one that suits you directly via the application.

To download these biker applications, we refer you to Google Play and iTunes

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Editor and tester for Motoblouz , I am an unconditional fan of roads with bends. For me, the motorcycle is a means of escape as well as a means of transport.


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  1. Florence November 2, 2015 at 12:43 Answer

    Hello, for my part I have recently been using nousmotards which seems to be an application which is different from everything that exists and offers rides, events and lots of things.. It looks a lot like Facebook and the creators are very involved! ps: there is an Android and web version

  2. Pierre Motoblouz August 13, 2014 at 1:23 p.m. Answer

    Little tip for backpackers when using the Waze application:

    You go to the application settings, Navigation section:


    • – Type: shortest
    • – Dirt roads: Allow or avoid long roads
    • – Avoid highways: yes
    • – Avoid toll roads: yes

    Result you will always go from point A to point B but the paths taken will be much more pleasant when driving and discovering the landscape!

    i guarantee it!

    (driving mode tested in Brittany on 1200 GSA for 3000 km)

  3. Stephane July 17, 2014 at 08:02 Answer

    Alternative to ICoyote: Wikango which works very well, which is much cheaper and works perfectly in BT with a scala Rider Good luck

  4. Iceksy July 16, 2014 at 9:46 p.m. Answer

    MapMyRide is not bad too. It allows, among other things, to locate the members of your group in real time, nice if you (or someone else) gets lost :)