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Ideas for motorcycle rides in France: Fill up on iodine at the sea

After a foray into the forest, the Motoblouz blog takes you to the sea. Discover our five ideas for motorcycle rides on the coast with points of interest to add a hint of iodine and sea spray to your vacation!

It seems that life appeared in the sea. This perhaps explains this very special connection that connects each of us with it. To give an iodized twist to your escapades, we offer you a return to basics, in contact with the marine world.

The sea by motorbike in all seasons, good idea!

The sea by motorbike, even in winter? Against all expectations, this is a particularly nice mix. The hordes of tourists have deserted the area, your motorbike will not overheat in traffic jams. This makes driving much smoother. And now there is no more season! So even in summer, we confront the elements: tumultuous waves, powerful winds, apocalyptic skies, supernatural lights, nothing like it to remind us that we are alive and well! Well equipped, in winter or in summer, the weather does not pose any problem.

Here, from north to south, are the five itineraries on the French coasts that we have selected for you.

Sunset over the sea during a motorcycle ride

Night falls early, but the adventure continues! – Photo Pavel Pjatakov

The Opal Coast from Calais to Le Touquet

Probably the favorite ride of northern bikers! This “scenic” route between the North Sea coast and the Opale capes and marshes PNR offers many breathtaking views. It also benefits from a route that is much more winding than the average in the region. We've all done this ride at Motoblouz at least once!

To see on the road

After a short visit to Calais, the fort Mahon will combine heritage and wide open spaces in the most beautiful way. Located in Ambleteuse, it is not open to visitors after All Saints' Day, but the setting is more than enough to justify a stop there.

Leave the main road to admire the panorama offered at cap Gris-Nez. On a clear day, you have an astonishing view of the English coast 30 km away.

The sea air is hollow

In Boulogne, reserve a table at Châtillon. This maritime restaurant, well known to locals, serves fish and seafood directly from the nearby port. The quality is certainly there.

A little board with your feet in the sand or a hot chocolate to recover some calories lost in the north wind? Meet at enduro. Not here motocross racing, no, the restaurant-brasserie located on the beach. No fuss and yet very high quality, with a service worthy of the region. And who knows, you might even come across one or two Enduro riders there on reconnaissance!

Cliffs of Étretat in winter

The cliffs of Étretat, even in winter it’s boring – Photo Cristan Ruberti

From Fécamp to Honfleur by the coast

Honor limestone with this route taking in the highest tourist sites in Normandy. Yport, Étretat, the Normandy Bridge, Honfleur, and why not Le Havre, there is no shortage of ideal stops. Add to that a few bucolic segments in the Normandy countryside and you have a good idea of ​​what awaits you.

To see on the road

THE benedictine palace in Fécamp: Far be it from us to encourage you to consume alcohol, but this architectural masterpiece rich in a history closely linked to that of the nearby abbey church is worth a look.

In addition to the unmissable cliff of Étretat, we advise you to take a short detour via the antifer Valley, a gap dug by erosion opening access to the pebble beach, from where the view of the cliff is magnificent.

The sea air is hollow

In Étretat, seafood lovers will be able to satisfy their iodine cravings at marie Antoinette restaurant, with its own fishmonger.

In Honfleur, we suggest you take a short break at Green Parrot, a bar offering – in addition to a very extensive beer list – a terrace with a view of the port. Also ideal for a small snack to compensate for the appetizing effects of miles on the motorbike.

Cloudy sunset over the sea

Overcast weather? The lights are even more incredible! – Photo Quino

From Lannion to Roscoff

The pink granite rating? Too much running! So we're taking you a little further west, to a more confidential little corner of Brittany – all things considered. The road winds as much as possible along the sharp indentations of the coast, with a variety of landscapes that will delight your pupils. Not to spoil anything, the asphalt is clean and some very nice curves.

To see on the road

It's difficult to walk along the Breton coast without stopping to put your feet in the sand (or even in the water for the bravest) if the weather permits. There white sand beach keeps its promises: turquoise waters and fine sand bordered by rocky relief dotted with white houses with typical slate roofs. Go to Locquirec, via Rue des Sables Blancs - near the cemetery.

If old stones tempt you more than relaxation, visit Morlaix. This small town on a human scale dominated by its imposing railway viaduct is worth a short stroll which will allow you to admire its half-timbered houses with the port and the coastal river in the background, an open gateway to the Atlantic. Be careful, it's quite a climb.

The sea air is hollow

Still in Morlaix, the Great terrace cafe has the advantage of offering reliable shelter in bad weather. But that's not its only asset: this Parisian-style brasserie doesn't lack class without its menu making your bank account tremble. A local institution.

In Roscoff, treat yourself to a little pancake with your feet in the water or almost the Billig of the beach. Magnificent panorama and lots of butter and buckwheat on the program.

fort Boyard on the sea at setting sun

The famous Fort Boyard seen from the island of Oléron – Photo Thomas Despeyroux

Tour of the island of Oléron

What if you left the continent, all without getting off your motorbike? A possible feat on the island of Oléron, connected to land by a bridge. Here, we don't clock, the roads are narrow and often lined with houses. The program is more about strolling with your nose in the wind to capture all the most beautiful things the Ocean has to offer you. Don’t hesitate to take more breaks to take advantage of them.

To see on the road

THE chassiron lighthouse is undeniably the emblem of the island of Oléron. A look at this superb black and white semaphore is a must.

One of the most beautiful panoramas with your feet in the sand on the island presents itself to you on the la Brée les Bains beach, bordered by dunes covered with forests. The continent in the distance, and especially the famous Fort Boyard, guarantee long moments of contemplation of the horizon.

For an immersion in the main activity of the Oléronais, go to Fort Royer. This characterful oyster farming site will impress you less by its mudflats than by the colorfully colored cabins which light up the landscape, whatever the weather. Ideal for boosting an Instagram account!

The sea air is hollow

Why not a little fish and chips to take away, to enjoy while watching the ballet of seagulls attracted by your food? It happens with Merluchon, a small restaurant located in La Cotinière, the main port of the island. A local reference.

If you are looking for more local specialties, we invite you to taste a dozen fine de claire oysters accompanied by a glass of local white wine at the Carefree Cabin, a small restaurant located in the lively port area of ​​Château d'Oléron.

5 seagulls flying over the sea in the winter sun

The low winter sun highlights the coast – Photo Frank McKenna

The Catalan coast to Spain

French Catalonia combines the pleasures of the sea and the mountains. With the Pyrenees nearby which seem to flow into the Mediterranean, we must admit that there is reason to constantly draw the camera. First, the route takes place in the plain, then enters the relief for the greatest pleasure of lovers of beautiful curves. You can then continue the trip to Spain if you feel like it!

To see on the road

To enjoy the place in the best conditions, we suggest a short, relaxed walk along the seafront promenade in Argelès-sur-Mer. The view of the Pyrenean foothills is to die for, and above all the contrast between the clemency of the Mediterranean climate and the snow-covered Canigou peak in winter works wonders!

Small medieval fishing port, Collioure is a city of character combining fishing port and upper town with the Mediterranean in the background. Perfect for stretching your legs after a long motorcycle session.

The sea air is hollow

What you need is a small terrace in the sun with a view of the sea, right? In Canet en Roussillon, the rrestaurant Au Dauphin ticks those boxes, with a beautiful map to top it all off.

In Collioure, we have also selected for you a small tapas bar in the old town, the Treille. The location is charming and the tapas will delight the taste buds.


Cover picture Pelle Martin


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