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Motorcycle and oxygen: Our selection of motorcycle rides in the forest

Autumn is coming to an end. The risk of falling into a metro-work-sleep routine exclusively indoors awaits us... How can we breathe new life into a daily life cut short by days that are constantly getting shorter and by weather that is not always cheerful?

We have the solution you need: a little getaway to the forest! There is nothing like it to oxygenate the neurons, reconnect with nature that is too absent from our lives and immerse yourself in a particularly soothing atmosphere.

Forest road in the rain

It's raining ? The forest atmosphere takes an even more unreal turn… – Photo Filip Zrnzević

To make the most of it, the best tool is the motorcycle. At a relaxed pace, full of stops to soak up the atmosphere of the place or on the contrary at a more sustained pace marked by the rapid passing of the trees along the road, everyone will find the pace that suits them. The forest, a destination for a change of scenery, literally and figuratively!

Motorcycle traveling on a forest road

The liberating power of the motorcycle is increased tenfold in the forest – Photo Finn Whelen

Our forest walking routes

Here are some routes near the largest cities in France, carefully selected to experience the joy of riding a motorcycle in the forest without hindrance.

Fontainebleau: From rock to tree

Do you really know the Fontainebleau forest? This route crosses the most beautiful corners of this forest massif popular with artists as much as bikers. A small loop which allows you not to get too far out of this island of greenery. A few laps from Paris, organize a little day there to take a break from everyday life and end your biker year in style.

Pilat massif: Reliefs and curves

These bumps, flirting in places with the mountainous terrain, are partly covered with a beautiful forest mixing conifers and deciduous trees – the most beautiful cocktail. The difference in altitude also offers several advantages: from time to time, the landscape opens onto sumptuous green perspectives, and above all the turns multiply to make the strips pale in fear.

La Sainte Baume: The northern enclave of the south

On the heights of this massif, the usual downy oaks and Scots pines of the forests of the south of France give way to deciduous trees much rarer in these regions such as beech or maple. With the promise of seeing the mountain covered in sumptuous colors in late autumn. All with an ideal road network for motorbikes, coupled with the almost immediate proximity of the Paul Ricard circuit... Biker paradise!

Landes forest: Lung walk

Between resin and iodine, the moorland forest will give your lungs a second lease of life, I promise. Here, we drive to the north on roads that are certainly often straight but cross planted forests that carry a particular charm with the raking light of the end-of-season sun. And then a short passage on the coast avoids the risk of falling into monotony.

Avesnois: Between forest and bocage

In this country of lush meadows bordered by hedges, the forest is an oasis of verticality. Sanctuary of a herd of deer, the Mormal forest is the largest in the Nord department. A labyrinthine network of small roads will allow you to get lost there with delight. Mormal is also the setting for the small fortified town of Quesnoy, a small strategic town fortified by Vauban.

Motorcycle stopped on the side of a forest road in autumn

Autumn, the ideal season to enjoy the shimmering colors of the forest on a motorbike – Photo Ralph Katieb

Some tips for riding in the forest

Driving in the forest requires a minimum of preparation. Here are some common sense tips for driving more safely in the forest.


Even more than in an open environment, the forest is a territory full of surprises. From the deer that crosses without warning (especially during the hunting season, from September to February) to the tree that has fallen across the road, take it easy and anticipate each step of your piloting more than ever.


The humidity and the carpet of slippery leaves rolled out by the last dew of the morning give the advantage to motorcycle tires that perform better in the rain, that is to say whose rubber is loaded with silica – Michelin Road 6, Dunlop Roadsmart IV, Metzeler Roadtec 01, etc. The shade of the plant cover tends to keep things cool. This blessing in summer becomes tricky from autumn onwards. Even if the road is dry elsewhere, there may still be wet sections in the woods. Carefully adjust the right lever.

Motorcycle with headlight on in forest

Visibility = security – Photo Razvan Mirel


Make sure your lights work perfectly, especially at nightfall. No street lamp in the forest, the real one! Let us add that mist is more frequent in the woods. Powerful lighting also alerts you earlier to the presence of game ahead: look for reflective pupils. Like them, the presence of reflective inserts in your equipment will alert other road users in the event of an unexpected stop.

Weather report

She is more deceitful than ever this season. So on the same day you can ride in the rain in the morning and sweat under your jacket in the radiant afternoon sun. Choose mid-season equipment: motorcycle jacket with a removable lining or even ventilation zips, mid-season gloves, etc. There rain suit can also be useful in the event of a turnaround. As the old people say, there are no more seasons.


Yes, him again! For a modest investment, the ultrasonic repellent whistle can help scare away many of the animals on your route. Stick it in a discreet corner of your motorcycle subject to the wind, it will watch over you.

We're counting on your feedback around the forest on a motorbike!

Light crossing the forest

Cozy forest atmosphere – Photo Sebastian Unrau

cover picture Gijs Coolen


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