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The best motorcycle rides near you

Where to ride to really enjoy yourself? The Motoblouz blog offers you a few dozen itinerary ideas for your next motorcycle ride. There's bound to be one in the lot a few kilometers from you!

Leave one day, without turning back

On a motorcycle, not all roads are equal. The ideal motorcycle ride takes winding, lightly traveled routes, on perfect surface, in an enchanting setting. We therefore based our selection on these criteria. The plots you find here check at least three of these four boxes.

These destinations or itineraries can be a traditional Sunday motorcycle outing, or integrate a long-distance road trip, or brighten up a confinement. We are sure you will love it! Because going without a plan is nice, but having the assurance of having fun is not bad either!

The map of the best motorcycle rides near you

We have referenced our trip ideas on Google Maps so that you can easily export GPS tracks in order to easily compose your next roadbook.


The passes to have tested at least once in your biker life

The pass remains THE reference for “pleasure destination” on a motorbike in France. Obviously, a steep drop in altitude induces beautiful bends and an often grandiose landscape... It's difficult to do better. A motorcycle ride roadbook including a pass therefore constitutes a memory machine. Unless, like those who live at the foot of the Alpine, Pyrenean, central mountain ranges and so on, you go through so many passes that you can no longer remember all the ones you have taken!

The best passes to do on a motorbike in France

The mountain pass, pure pleasure on a motorbike

The list of the best passes to discover by motorbike in France

  • The Bauzon Cross
  • La Bonette
  • Rousset
  • The cross-morand
  • Mont Ventoux
  • The Sickle
  • The Tourmalet
  • Vergio
  • The Schlucht

⇒ More information on the 10 passes we have selected


Motorcycle bend road

A roadbook richly filled with turns, the dream! – Photo Jack Anstey

Beautiful roads with curves: To put an end to your fear strips

More evenly distributed across French territory than the passes mainly reserved for the Alps and the Pyrenees, the roads with bends allow you to find good sensations. Because cornering can be as exhilarating as high speeds. And no need to risk your license points for that! For many motorcyclists, negotiating a turn well requires greater control than going fast in a straight line... As the adage often relayed on social networks says, "In a straight line you can see the bike, in a turn we see the biker.” These itinerary ideas in France will help you spice up your next motorcycle ride, or simply treat yourself by following a gently undulating trail in the French countryside.

Beautiful winding roads for your motorcycle rides

  • Road from Valencia to Lamastre
  • Itinerary in Brittany from Morlaix
  • Sioule Valley from Montluçon
  • Idea for an itinerary near Château-Chinon
  • Route of the Opal Coast capes
  • The famous road with 17 turns (IDF special)
  • Route of the Ballons d’Alsace ridges
  • Trip from Sarlat to Les Eyzies

⇒ Details of the curved routes above

Winding roads, the second part

  • Windy route near Charleville-Mézières
  • Motorcycle ride in Creuse near Chambonchard
  • Cévennes Corniche
  • From lacanau to carcans
  • Walk in Normandy between Fécamp and Étretat
  • Between Vers and Lentillac du Causse
  • Beautiful curves on the Loire Valley near Nantes
  • The road of 100 bends

⇒ The routes to follow for these twisty walks


motorcycle ride confinement

Motorcycle rides to get some fresh air!

Motorcycle rides for a change of scenery: Our selection!

Riding a motorcycle is also – and above all, for some – a unique means of escape. If thrills are not what motivates you the most when you start your motorcycle before going for a ride, then these few routes are for you. They give pride of place to wide open spaces and immersion in the green. The layouts do not emphasize curves, unlike those listed above, but on the quality of the environment and the very low rate of concrete per square meter. Urban dwellers will find the perfect places to take a breath of fresh air in the event of another lockdown, since Covid 19 does not seem to want to let things go just like that.

Our trips to go green

  • Le Vexin, between castles and bucolic valleys in Île de France
  • Virole loop in Bugey
  • Auvergne walk in Livradois-Forez
  • Outing between Cévennes and Monts d’Ardèche
  • Pass and gorges around the Pic du Midi
  • A little green between Royan and Bordeaux
  • Towards the Mancelles Alps via the small roads
  • The banks of the Somme to the English Channel
  • Wind quietly between Corrèze and Cantal
  • Gastronomic walk in the Alsace vineyards

⇒ The routes to follow

motorcycle ride near Paris

Motorcycle rides in the Paris region and its surroundings: pleasure and tourism

Motorcycle outings around Paris, our selection

Within a 2-hour radius of Paris, there is plenty to do when it comes to motorcycle rides. And we're not just talking about the Chevreuse valley, undoubtedly the best-known meeting place for bikers in the Paris region. Essone, Seine et Marne, Oise, Yvelines, there is no shortage of destinations. The ten routes below are a little off the beaten track. If they can claim a little road to reach them, they are worth the trip. Perfect for a change of scenery!

Our suggestions near Paris

  • The loops of the Seine between Rouen and Honfleur
  • In the vineyards of the Montagne de Reims
  • The banks of the Loire from Briare to Beaugency
  • Gisors and the Lyons national forest
  • From Yonne to Chablis, taste Burgundy
  • From the Compiègne forest to the Retz forest
  • Pénard walk in Essonne around Étampes
  • Le Perche, gateway to Normandy by motorbike
  • Motorcycle ride near Paris in the Fontainebleau forest
  • Medieval walk around Provins

⇒ Details of each here!

motorcycle ride in winter

Motorcycle rides in winter? A completely bad idea! - Photo Patrick Untersee

Winter motorcycle rides, our selection

Yes, winter remains a time conducive to discovery and fun on a motorcycle! To breathe new life into a daily life cut short by shortened days and not always cheerful weather, take the motorcycle out of the garage and rack up the miles. We have for you some ideas for nice destinations in a winter context in FRance. Crazy lights, greenery in the woods, snow in the distance, there is always something to enjoy, beyond the simple pleasure of riding a motorcycle!

Our ideas for winter trips by the sea

  • Fontainebleau: From rock to tree
  • Pilat massif: Reliefs and curves
  • La Sainte Baume: The northern enclave of the south
  • Landes forest: Lung walk
  • Avesnois: Between forest and bocage

Click here for directions

Motorcycle outings in the forest

  • The Opal Coast from Calais to Le Touquet
  • From Fécamp to Honfleur by the coast
  • From Lannion to Roscoff
  • Tour of the island of Oléron
  • The Catalan coast to Spain

Info here

Our tracks in the mountains

  • Loop in the Jura from Oyonnax
  • Lake Serre-Ponçon and the Ubaye gorges in the Alps
  • Walk in Cathar country
  • The Ariège Pyrenees
  • Sancy Tower

And the traces there


This list of destinations in France will be enriched periodically. Add the page to your favorites (yes, it still exists) to make sure you find ideas for looped or non-loop itineraries every time! We make the roadbook easier for you, right?
Last updated: March 3, 2023

Cover picture Jose Llamas

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