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T3 Adventure: step towards DIQIN (China)

We treat ourselves to a short stage of only 205 km towards Diqin, before tackling tougher stages in the days to come. We continue our exploration of Yunnan, a superb and surprising Chinese province which gradually takes us towards the Himalayan peaks.

Every time we take a photo or refueling break, it's always the same welcome from the locals or Chinese tourists who love to scan the map of our route displayed on our side suitcases. The Africa Twin by Jean Louis, the only one of the group, is very successful.

When Jean Louis learned that I was organizing a TOKYO PARIS expedition in 2020 with only Africans, he asked me with his usual teasing smile: “and can I participate with a GS”?…


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T3 Adventure

Because we escape tourist areas, because motorcycle travel fascinates us and because we seek the human experience, doing a T3 is realizing your dream of going on an adventure.

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