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#12 – We continue the adventure towards Curtin Springs!

We find Flo who has finally joined the biker team in Australia around Curtin Springs. Today, a day of rest and culture for the group after a week spent on the australian Outback tracks. Eric organized for our group Dingoes, a visit to two beautiful museums.

Museum visit day

The premier museum is that of Royal flying doctor service. This location is also a base of the local RFDS whose "flying doctors" provide emergency service 24 hours a day, in an area of ​​approximately 1.25 million square kilometers.

We were lucky enough to have a guided tour and a video presentation in French. Enough to make us understand the importance of this service for the population of rural and remote areas. The RFDS offers 24-hour service, every day of the year. It provides both emergency and routine care. The RFDS now has 24 bases in Australia, and medical teams cover 80% of the Australian continent. There are 70 aircraft in operation. Throughout the year, there are 250,000 interventions, or one every 2 minutes throughout Australia.

It was the Reverend John Flynn, Australian pastor and aviator, who created the Royal flying doctor service in 1917. It is the world's premier air ambulance service. And in the coming days, unfortunately, we will have to use their services... But we didn't know that yet...

Our second museum is the Transport heritage center

It is located 10 kilometers south of Alice Springs. This site has 2 parts: one devoted to trucks, the other to trains. THE National road transport presents a fabulous collection of heavyweights and road train. These are large trucks with many trailers, 4 or 5, or even more! These convoys are gigantic, and these trucks are all more beautiful than the others. They are all wonderfully well restored.

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We wander for almost two hours among these monstrous machines, but so beautiful and impressive. The male gender is over the moon here, they look like kids in front of their Christmas presents. The train museum is unfortunately closed… Too bad!

We are preparing for the big departure towards Curtin Springs

Then return to the hotel to prepare the luggage for tomorrow's big departure. Olivier makes some room for me in his top box for a change of clothes, and especially for the cooler that Hubert and I had planned for this part of the trip. Our soft cooler system and its ice packs will keep our water cool all day long.

Last night in our hotel: Dessert Palm Hotel. Tomorrow direction : Curtin Springs. 

We all meet at 7 a.m. for breakfast for a departure scheduled for 8:30 a.m. I hop on Olivier's motorcycle, and off we go! Direction Curtin Springs at approximately 400 km… We travel for almost 100 km on the Stuart highway, a very busy asphalt road. All along the road, we discover a landscape that changes happily from beige to red... Immense expanses dotted only with large tufts of grass and stunted trees pass by mile after mile.

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Track or road?

After 100 km of driving, we stop for a coffee. A choice is imposed on us: either continue on the track or continue on the road via Erldunda. We cut the pear in two: it will be by the track to a crater made by a meteorite, 4,700 years ago (Henbury meteorite), and by road in the 4×4 for me and the other passengers. The track is too dangerous as a duo! As we pass by, we stop to see some camels…

The road continues with its desert landscapes which extend to infinity... The few trees that we encounter are occupied by a few cows or kangaroos who find a little bit of shade there.

Stop for lunch where we see with interest a superb road train in the same parking lot as us. For photography, it's hard: it doesn't fit in the lens! We eat in a gas station which is a bar but also a restaurant, grocery store, hotel, campsite, etc. There are many multi-stores of this type on our route. Indeed, the areas are such that the distance between two stores is often close to 200 to 250 km. It is sometimes on our route, the only places of life. This restaurant is very typical with its decor mixing retro and Smurfs! Yes, lots of Smurfs. It's surprising to find this collection alongside Aboriginal art . But the meal is very good.

Lost in the desert...

We drive another 230 km accompanied by the same desert landscapes. Normally we should have slept at Kings Canyon but following the numerous storms that occurred during the night, the track is closed… Eric offered us another hotel / restaurant / store / gas pump in Curtin Springs.

This place is also very typical. It is lost in the middle of nowhere, but it has the advantage of being only 50 km from the mount Uluru ! In this place run by the same family for several generations, we sleep in containers. It's spartan but it's the bush. We are very well received by this family whose property extends over 2,000 km². When we gave us our room, they even asked us to cook our meat for the evening meal.

Small showers and a musical end to the afternoon over a beer, with Nicolas on guitar and Eric on harmonica. However, he is on orange juice because he never drinks alcohol! Succulent meat is served to us for the evening meal which concludes this beautiful day.

I'm happy to be back in the group to continue this road trip australian. My alternation between motorcycle and 4X4 allows Olivier to be more serene on difficult tracks, and it still allows me to do a lot of motorcycle riding. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the symbol of the Australian Outback: Mount Uluru.

And as Hubert wrote: more soon!

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