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John Doe Original Jeans Test

Original John Doe jeans

John Doe is a bit like the famous unknown… Because John Doe means for English speakers, an unidentified person, or even “Mr. Everyman”. But it is also a reference in themotorcycle equipment casual ! This german brand offers great products streetwear, of john Doe Original jeans to the jacket, including “lumberjack” shirts. The entire range contains Kevlar, making all products abrasion resistant. Here is a manufacturer who has the art of combining resistance and " stail » as we would say in good Franglais.

What is Kevlar?

THE kevlar is one of the materials that have revolutionized the world in the last century. If you like to be fooled by long-winded names, it is also called poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide. Does that mean a little more to you?

Many wounds have been saved since its discovery. Kevlar is notably part of the design of bulletproof vests, which were formerly made of steel. Yeah, you can imagine the weight... This is one of the great qualities of Kevlar. It is very resistant to traction and abrasion, while being low density.

Original John Doe jeans: made with Kevlar

Manufacturing that incorporates Kevlar for the John Doe Original jeans

Let's continue with the technique

THE john Doe Original jeans is made from 100% cotton with 100% aramid fiber protection (the famous Kevlar). XTM protection fiber: 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber crash / 100% Coolmax® skin side for detail. This protection extends from the belt to the ankles, which is not the case for all motorcycle jeans. This is also one of the reasons which could justify its price of €244.85. Yes, Kevlar is not cheap. Please note, they do not replace level 1 or 2 motorcycle pants. I would rather be talking here about motorcycle pants for short trips at low speed and urban driving.

John Doe Original jeans: cotton and kevlar

John Doe Original jeans: 100% cotton and Kevlar manufacturing

THE john Doe Original jeans has an interior mesh lining for comfort and breathability. The exterior is water-repellent treated to repel moisture. This john Doe pants is also windproof... which is not a luxury in the cool of the morning, when your knees turn purple after an hour's drive.

The designers gave it interior pockets on the knees and hips to accommodate protection. Unfortunately, they are optional. Yeah as you say… The pockets are compatible to receive the JDE0007 and JDE0008 protections.

Finally, the john Doe Original jeans closes with a button and a fly, an important detail for those urgent needs on the side of the road.

Focus on the John Doe Original Jeans

John Doe Motorsports: quality German brand

Comfort level

When I premier put it on, I admit that I didn't know if I was going to rider or go to bed. In the john Doe Original jeans, you feel like you're in your pajamas. It is very comfortable, and the interior lining is very soft, which offers a more than pleasant feeling on your perfectly shaved legs.

The pants are very elastic, which is great on a motorcycle. With some jeans, you feel like you're in PVC tubes, and you often have to stand on the bike to adjust its position before hitting the road. For once, John Doe offers us super soft jeans!

Jean John Doe in driving position

Super supple driving position

Perhaps a small problem at first, you can feel the Velcro of the protective pockets on the knees. I must say that I quickly got used to them, we quickly forget them.

The Kevlar lining will keep you warm, but it won't take you across Siberia or even France in the middle of winter. On the other hand, it risks keeping you a little too warm on very hot days. Finally we talk about water-repellent, but no waterproofing!

The style of John Doe Original Jeans

THE john Doe Original jeans has a straight, all-purpose cut, that rhymes well with “ John Doe ”. It's a bit like the furygan Buck jacket recently tested, we are in discretion and casual. If you like going to work on a motorbike, with these pants, no more going to the locker room when you arrive at work! You know how to save five minutes on your coffee break.

Casual look for the original john doe jeans

John Doe Original jeans: casual pants for going to work

cut of the original john doe pants

From the front and back, the John Doe Original jeans have a straight, casual, all-purpose cut.

The brand offers it in three colors depending on your tastes and the frequency with which you put your clothes in the washing machine. You will find it light blue, the one I am testing, the dark blue and the used black which will be very useful to you if you like to wipe your oily hands on your pants.

Regarding the size, I took the usual one, and it's pretty good. A bit big at the waist, but with my favorite belt it's great. I'm not very fat, so I must admit that I have a little trouble filling it. Nothing objective, we are all designed differently! Moreover, Motoblouz offers you a return if the size does not suit you. It's always a plus when you order clothes without being able to try them on.

The John Doe Original pants in Light Blue color

Light Blue color tested here for the John Doe Original pants

And to conclude

THE john Doe Original jeans allows you to maintain a look casual for riding a motorbike in town for example. It is very comfortable to ride, provides some protection to the legs, and will protect you from the humid autumn climate. It will also avoid the big pizza on the thigh in the event of a slip. Too bad the knee and hip protectors are only optional, the pants are already quite expensive...

Original John Doe jeans

On the way: John Doe Original jeans


My opinion: good mid-season protection

The John Doe Original jeans are a very good investment for mid-season motorcycling with "light" equipment while being "protected". Real Kevlar protection partly justifies its price.

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