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Buschnell DXR leather pants test

DXR Buschnell pants, straight and comfortable cut

Most of the time, the leather motorcycle pants are typically racing: hyper-fitted and tight cut at the bottom of the leg, location of sliders on the knees, exuberant colors... No more of that on the dXR Buschnell pants whose vocation is on the contrary oriented touring. Replacing or complementing motorcycle jeans to cover hundreds of kilometers without stopping, that is its mission. Simple but not simplistic, very affordable but not low cost, he overcomes it with flying colors!

Why on earth choose one leather trousers in conjunction with jeans? For lots of good reasons of course!

Firstly because, as a general rule, leather is more protective than textile in the event of slipping on asphalt. Certainly, for years now, we have been finding very good reinforced textiles... But nothing has ever been simpler and more effective than leather. Then because leather has a few other advantages:

  • it is a real windproof barrier which, on a motorcycle, is a point to take into consideration;
  • leather, without being waterproof of course, does not immediately absorb water, which means that in the event of a very short downpour you will not be soaked like with jeans;
  • finally, the leather ages very well with the miles traveled by the pilot, it shapes itself to its shape, takes on a patina, is easy to clean... And above all, it makes the wearer look classy!

Small counterpart, leather requires a little more care and maintenance than simple regular washing. But, it’s not an easy task…

Leather for everyone

THE dXR Buschnell pants therefore intends to be able to act as daily pants, and we must concede that he succeeds in doing so. Firstly because, in addition to the qualities inherent to its material, it is very well designed. For example, it has many good-sized pockets, like classic jeans. Two wallet pockets at the back on the buttocks, two pockets at the front, plus a small lighter pocket at the right pocket. In short, whether while riding or elsewhere other than on the motorcycle, you will always find a place to put your keys, a cell phone and/or a few trinkets.

DXR Buschnell pants, close to the body

The DXR Buschnell pants are close to the body, without being tight

Well designed, the dXR Buschnell pants is also due to its fairly straight and comfortable cut. The pants are close to the body, without being tight, tight enough at the bottom of the leg so as not to flap in the wind but wide enough to fit a boot underneath. I tested it mainly by riding on a big trail, with a less restrictive driving position, and also on a roadster with the legs more folded and feet further back. In both cases it was perfect. Probably also thanks to the crotch which is not in leather, but in stretch fabric to offer more adaptability and ease.

With its most discreet look, you can even consider wearing it all day. Even if we put it on to go to work, and we don't want to change several times during the day.

Attention to detail in the DXR Buschnell pants

Considering the canon price of this dXR Buschnell pants, evil spirits might believe that it is made of fine or poor quality leather. None of that here. Quite the contrary! The leather is really thick, and it inspires a reassuring robustness. Its touch and its fit reveal a flexibility which will only increase over the days of use. No doubt, we are really not dealing with a discounted product.

Back pockets of DXR Buschnell pants

The DXR Buschnell pants have plenty of good sized pockets

On the protection side, the dXR brand didn't do things by halves either. THE dXR Buschnell pants has CE certified knee protectors as standard, adjustable in height (via velcro system) please… To offer even more security, it also has two pockets at hip level. They can accommodate sAFEMAX protections (also CE certified), available as accessories. For less than €14.75, it would be really wrong to do without it.

Front pockets of the DXR Buschnell pants

Front pockets of the DXR Buschnell pants

Finally, we will note that the dXR Buschnell pants has a fairly long leg length… But the bottom is said to be “cut raw”. This will allow it to be shortened if necessary. You can have it cut to the desired length by a shoemaker who will have the right tool for working with leather.

Practical aspects4
Price/service ratio5

My opinion: to try!

Thick and supple leather, discreet look, protection and comfort, great price... what more could you ask for? Frankly, DXR does very well with its DXR Buschnell pants. I can only advise any motorcyclist who wants to be well equipped without breaking the bank, to try these pants.

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