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Bering Dereck “camo” gloves test

Being a biker 365 days a year requires having a wardrobe adapted to all climatic conditions…
THE gloves, a protective element that has become mandatory since this year, are no exception to this rule. Newly arrived on the market, bering Dereck gloves propose tocombine protection and ventilation to take care of your hands during summer walks.

Combining protection and comfort

For a long time, having effective protection required motorcyclists to make some concessions in terms of comfort. In recent years, equipment manufacturers have made significant efforts to make wearing safety equipment more comfortable. THE bering Dereck gloves seem to benefit from all the expertise of Bering in this domain.

Premier good point, the protective cases in carbon offer good ergonomics and are forgotten from the first kilometers. The palm of the hand is not left out: large leather inserts double the thickness of the glove. When we know that a motorcyclist's natural reflex in the event of a fall is to put both hands well forward, this provides a reassuring element that competing models do not always have...

In terms of comfort, in addition to the elements mentioned above, we will note theuse of neoprene at the wrist. In addition to its elastic properties which allow the glove to hold tightly, this material offers real softness to the touch. This allows you to plan long outings, without discomfort in the joint.

Channeling fresh air, the strength of Bering Dereck gloves

Who has never experienced the feeling of sweaty hands when going out in high heat?

To counter this unpleasant phenomenon, Bering has equipped its Bering Dereck gloves with real air vents on the top of the index, middle and ring fingers. These small mesh “tunnels” guide a significant flow of air into the glove efficiently. All while leaving the mosquitoes away from our little fingers.

Thanks to these carefully integrated artifices, no more sweaty hands in summer !

Bering Dereck gloves: stylish and connected

While there is something for everyone, it is clear that Bering Dereck gloves have a resolutely modern and stylish look! The colors reinforce this feeling. For my part, I am a real fan of the “Camo” color tested here.

Besides the look, the current trend is towards connected objects, or allowing you to interact with your smartphone. In the case of the Dereks, equipped with Sensor System, they allow you to use a touch screen with your index finger via a suitable coating. Thanks to this system, the Dereks become the textile gloves “Version 2.0” bikers!

Shall we end with a clever detail? The Dereck have a “bib” on the side of the index finger. This allows water to be evacuated from the visor of your helmet like a windshield wiper… Being from Normandy, I really appreciate the idea!


My opinion: the combination of safety, comfort and look

Between their careful ergonomics, the carbon safety elements and their assertive modernity right down to the fingertips, Bering Dereck gloves assert themselves as partners of choice for your walks under the sun and the heat... A must-have in a biker wardrobe!

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  1. maxim something october 3, 2017 at 07:33 Answer

    i have these gloves myself, I am very happy with them, delighted to see this test confirm that I made the right choice.

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