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Video: SW-Motech trail accessories, feedback!

After almost two months of regular use, I am able to formulate an opinion on the various SW-Motech accessories with which I equipped my favorite trail, a Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer. I chose adaptable pieces that make it more suitable for off-road outings, but also for everyday use! Note that most are available for the market's benchmark trails, such as the BMW R1200GS Adventure, the Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré...

You may be wondering why I chose SW-Motech ...I have already used this brand for my crash bars. Convinced by the result, I decided to trust the other accessories of this brand !

Here is the list of SW-Motech accessories that I tested and which I will tell you about in this video:

SW-Motech headlight protection: Reassuring!

I decided to add this plexiglass protection to protect the headlight optics from impacts when I go off-road. When off-road, you can never be sure that a stone won't hit the headlight. However, a broken lens must be completely changed! It's better to only have to replace the plexiglass element of the protection, it's much more economical!

The replacement is also super easy since each lens is simply held by six screws to the metal structure of the protection.

The only downside to this accessory is that you're supposed to remove it before riding on the open road. Yes, it is likely to be considered by law enforcement as a disruptive element of the headlight beam. Luckily, the protection is fixed to the motorcycle using four lugs, which also have the advantage of dampening vibrations. So just remove it before riding.

To be honest, I don't remove it every time, because I haven't noticed no change in lighting issuee. And the absence of flashing headlights from motorists I pass at night confirms my feelings!

SW-Motech handlebar risers: Straighter on the motorcycle

These two small aluminum parts cut from the mass allow you to raise your handlebars by 2 cm. It might not seem like much, but with those two centimeters you stand much straighter on your trail. You will appreciate it on the road in a seated position. But it is especially off-road that you will feel it: when standing on the footrests, you gain comfort and tire less quickly.

The editing is done with your fingers in your nose. Nico has already put together an explanatory tutorial for you: how to mount handlebar risers.

In terms of feeling on the bike, the handlebars move away from you a little bit compared to the original position. The bike turns out to be a little more sensitive. You may feel the road a little less. But on a daily basis and off-road, the booster seat is a big plus.

For me, the handlebar riser is an accessory that you should not hesitate to acquire when you drive a lot.

Adjustable footrests: The right position

And to push ergonomics on the handlebars even further, I decided to opt for height-adjustable footrests. Either choose the original height or lower them by 1.5 cm. In this second case, you will have legs less bent. Much more comfortable over long distances! Combined with the handlebar risers, we gain a lot in comfort.

This is not their only asset: they show themselves very wide, almost twice as wide as the original toe clips ! As a result, it is much more practical on a daily basis and off-road. The feet rest on more surface, which turns out to be much less tiring in the long run.

If you unscrew the rubber pad, you discover a slightly rounded footrest. This allows you to have good support forwards and backwards whatever the angle of the motorcycle.

Assembly is easy, as i was able to see it with Nico !

Adjustable speed selector: By foot and by eye

This adaptable piece shows adjustable in all directions : in height, like any selector, but also in depth. A BTR screw allows you to manage the distance at which you want to place the roller.

In terms of ergonomics, it’s also a very good move. When you wear big adventure or enduro type boots, the selector rarely falls in the right place, especially when standing. This selector, you calibrate it to the nearest millimeter. We have an infinite number of possible settings. So, if you have a pair of summer boots and a warmer pair in winter, you can adapt the setting to the off-season.

Another advantage of this accessory: it is foldable. In other words, in the event of a fall, it does not twist. You can leave right away!

And not to spoil anything, this selector is super classy. Made in machined and anodized aluminum, it is beautiful and wear-resistant.

Side stand widener: Stability guaranteed

The side stand extension allows you to increase the surface area on which your stand rests. The motorcycle has much less chance of sinking into soft floors. a fall while stationary often causes a lot of damage to the motorcycle. This accessory prevents this kind of inconvenience.

Once again, I called on Nico to the assembly of this widener. And you'll see, it's not rocket science.

Barkbusters reinforced hand guard: No more fear of branches

The hand guards from SW-Motech distributed by Motoblouz are reinforced models. By that I mean that they rely on a large piece of aluminum attached via two attachment points. The ultra-strong aluminum part provides great rigidity to this protection.

With this accessory, you can “fall easy”! The clutch and brake levers will be protected. The branches across the path will make you laugh gently!

Each motorcycle model has its custom-made hand guard, and as a result the editing is done quietly. There is nothing to adapt. And several hull templates are available, more or less covering. There are even sleeves for winter. It's up to you to decide what your needs are!

You can even easily swap the shells. They are simply mounted on the rollbar via two screws.

I did not perceive no effect on driving. No vibration to report either. Nothing to say, good stuff!

SW-Motech Drybag 80 waterproof bag: Ultra-practical

We attack the trail luggage ! The model Drybag 80 from SW-Motech is super practical, because it is compact and that you can attach it anywhere on your motorcycle. For example, in road use, it is a useful addition to attach to your crash bars. You save space on the motorcycle! And then it protects from the wind in winter.

Manufacturing inspires confidence. It's Tarpaulin, a very resistant and waterproof coated canvas. Installation on the motorcycle is carried out using three sturdy straps. They also allow it to be fixed on the saddle or on the tank.

Closure is done by rolling. Two turns, we lock with the clips and the contents are safe from water!

SW-Motech Drybag 350 saddle bag: Holdall

I have preferred a soft bag to a top case because the latter tends to shake its contents too much off-road. If you don't fill it 100%, it moves all the way inside and can cause serious damage. For example, I have already exploded water bottles in a top case!

The SW-Motech Drybag 350 bag is super bulky. You can accommodate two full-face helmets without problem accompanied by some accessories. Plenty of what to do to go away for a week.

As with the Drybag 80, the bag is made of Tarpaulin, and the different finishes inspire confidence. The waterproofing is total. THE fixing straps are provided, including a strap to carry it across the body. No need to purchase anything separately. And then once you've attached the straps to the bike, you can leave them in place when you're stopping. The next morning, all you have to do is replace the bag and reclip them to be ready to leave. Easier than re-stripping everything from scratch, right?

The opening is from above. I find it much more practical than the side opening to access the contents. No need to take everything out to find that hat you've been looking for for 10 minutes!


I hope that this feedback on the SW-Motech accessories that I mounted on my Triumph trail will answer the questions you are asking yourself. Don’t miss the video, which illustrates these points very well. And for everything else, feel free to comment below!

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