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DXR Jump Mesh summer pants test

We're not going to beat around the bush: what made you click on this DXR Jump Mesh, it is most likely its price, to say the least, attractive...And it's true that with a double-digit selling price (and again, I'm counting large), the Jump Mesh claims to be very easy to integrate into your biker wardrobe. Even if the amount of sunshine in your department falls below 1500 hours per year…

Mesh textile in strategic areas

To properly evaluate the new kid from DXR , let's take a typical summer day: mild in the morning (20°C let's say), hot in the afternoon (32°C) and cool at night (15°C ). I can already hear the southerners complaining that I am describing a simple spring day, when the northerners will see it as a quasi-Sahelian episode... In short, it is an empirical average, ladies and gentlemen, which offers the perfect context to wear the DXR Jump Mesh.

Thanks to its areas of wide mesh fabric (or mesh fabric), the comfort of Jump Mesh is incommensurable with standard pants during our typical afternoon, even jeans. Cooling is especially important in the crotch thanks to the ventilated inserts on the thighs. You will love ! I covered 450 km in these conditions last June, and it changed my life compared to the motorcycle jeans that I usually wear in summer. Note that the back of the knees also has its mesh zones, but their effect is less noticeable due to the absence of direct wind.

I covered 450 km in these conditions last June, and it changed my life compared to the motorcycle jeans that I usually wear in summer.

It cools more than it ventilates

Be careful, we can't say that we feel a huge flow of air either. Nothing like what a ventilated jacket offers. We can clearly see that protection against abrasion has taken precedence over pure comfort in high heat. The advantage is that even if the pants are very light, they will be quite sturdy. And for good reason, the main material is a 600 denier high density polyester, in other words a high resistance fabric that the majority of road equipment can envy... However, the finesse of the whole will never be equivalent to that of winter pants with multiple layers. But for summer pants, they are very well designed. For your information, the DXR fut' also includes like all self-respecting motorcycle pants cE reinforcement shells on the knees.

The DXR Jump Mesh knows how to remain versatile

So it's refreshing, but reasonably so. As a result, in very high heat (above 35°C), it starts to get seriously hot, even with the additional ventilation zips placed on the thighs wide open (barely noticeable to be honest). The counterpart is that the DXR Jump Mesh remains comfortable during the coolest phases of our typical day without risking a cold snap. I would consider it more versatile than a ventilated jacket in this regard. Below 15°C, put your rain pants on top, and you gain 10°C of use!

Regardless, like any ventilated equipment, it has to roll so that the calories dissipate. At the red light, black obliges, we sympathize with the steak placed on the barbecue grill. But from the first meters, we revit ! And of course, in the rain, we quickly bathe in its juice. Normal.

A nice product for this price

The nice surprise with the DXR Jump Mesh, the bonus gift, is that its finish is flattering. Invite your biker friends to guess its price, you will definitely bluff them! Two-tone rubber logo, logo printing inside, choice of textiles, seams, pocket assembly, etc. : we clearly enjoy detailing!

Invite your biker friends to guess its price, you will definitely bluff them!

The adjustment systems are really well designed, both at the waist and at the bottom of the legs. It's sturdy, practical, efficient, reliable, discreet... Objectively, I would class it among the best things I've found in textile pants in terms of design! The closing system (fly + pressure + clip) also exudes reliability, with a lot of textile overhang. All this doesn't smell like saving money, contrary to what one might fear at this price.

In place on the motorcycle, we once again appreciate its lightness. The comfort gusset in the back as well as the stretch textile inserts optimize freedom of movement. You can ride with him for a long time!

Well made, kid!

And to make matters worse, these pants are much better designed than many of their counterparts. The cut is rather close to the body, nothing to do with the potato sack size, if you know what I mean. The only reservation to make is that if, like me, you could apply as a prototype in a skewer factory, I would tend to recommend that you take a size larger for reasons of leg length: I chose a size M (in photo), but the L would have been more suitable for me for this reason.
In all other cases, keep your usual benchmarks.

For comparison, if you are one of the lucky owners of a DXR Relax, the cut of its little brother the Jump Mesh is identical, but the legs are a few centimeters shorter.

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Practical aspects4

My opinion: Fresh for your guibolles

Well-designed, the DXR Jump Mesh pants will change your life in summer. Forget the inconveniences of the heat, with it, driving at 30°C becomes a moment 100% dedicated to the pleasures of driving. What's more, the latest from DXR is well cut and its finish is downright surprising at this price. It will simply reach its limits above 35°C - even if the pressure cooker effect will always be less pronounced than with leather ;-)

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