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Ixon Amaris women's pants test

When I got my motorcycle license a year and a half ago, in the middle of summer, my premier equipment was very basic: a helmet, gloves and a jacket. The exception was the purchase of heeled boots in order to be comfortable on the Gladius. My pants were simple jeans. However, as I continued to ride after having my A2, I realized that it would provide very little protection in the event of a fall. So I've been looking for THE pants for my motorcycle trips for a few months now. Does the Ixon Amaris meet my criteria? You will find out in this test!

Foreword: The quest for the right pants

The quest for motorcycle pants can be very difficult, especially for a woman. I noticed that while brands are making more and more effort in the cuts, colors and patterns for jackets, this is not necessarily the case for pants. Many do not correspond to a more “feminine” body shape. It is of course very difficult to find pants that will suit all women, so the search can sometimes be long. It actually took a premier unsuccessful fitting for me to test the IXON Amaris pants.

Motoblouz first suggested that I test the sPIDI Gradus pants. After an premier return of the size L, the XL still did not fit me and the pants did not exist in a larger size. So I spoke with advisors, and it turns out that the cut of these pants corresponds more to tall, thin women. Too bad for my 70 meter and 40 size. He and I were not made to go on trips together. However, if you match the profile I strongly advise you to look at the reviews on the site. It's very good value for money.

The Amaris, just my size

Following this premier failure, we finally turned to the Ixon Amaris. Before choosing my size, this time I looked carefully the size chart on the page and I took my measurements. It's gone for an XL. Yes, an XL! For a size 40... Suffice to say that it's a bit depressing to order such a large size when you're not that big. But if the pants fit, that's not a big deal.

It was with a little trepidation that I put on the Amaris. But my thighs pass and my hips too. I am very slightly tight, in the sense that the lining sticks to me a little but that is what is necessary so that the protections present, namely the knee pads, the reinforcements on the hips and the upper thighs can remain in place in case of slipping. I try to squat down, nothing creaks, I don't feel compressed, I'm delighted!

But although it fits me in width, it must be said that it is very long in the legs. But Ixon has thought of everything. At the end of the legs there are 3 lines of snap buttons which allow you to shorten the leg more or less. Very practical rather than having to hem and lose the Velcro. So I was able to adapt the pants to my little legs. It no longer even touches the ground thanks to this ingenious system.

The Ixon Amaris pants on the road

A few days later, I decided to go for a short walk to test the Ixon in real conditions, and not just at home with the heating. I take out my little ER6 and get ready to sit down... only I can't get my leg over my saddle. I decide to remove the lining to see if the pants would be more flexible. Fortunately, this is the case, but the leg passage is still difficult. But the important thing is that I'm on the bike.

Once on the saddle, the Ixon Amaris doesn't tighten me that much. I was afraid that it would constrain me in the stomach, but that is not the case, probably thanks to the two Velcro straps which allow you to adjust the tightness at the waist, which is very pleasant.
I only suffer from the cold when I go up to 130km/h on the highway, even though I have removed the liner. However, my phone tells me that it is 1°C. The knee pads stay in place, even when I put my foot on the ground. This first walk is a success, but I'm still a little unsatisfied when once rentrée , I still have trouble getting my leg over to go down.

Insulation against the cold: confirmed!

I still decide to try another ride a few days later. If clothes and leathers stretch, why shouldn't these pants? On the other hand, he will have to pass the test with the lining! So it's time to get my bike out again. There, I manage to climb, even with the liner, but not without difficulty. I had to jump and squirm, but it passed.

I also take the tip test again (while respecting the speed limits!) on the highway. It's 0°C, and at 130km/h I barely feel the cold. My walk only lasted an hour, but thanks to my equipment, namely my helmet, my gloves, my scarf, my jacket, my boots and my Ixon Amaris pants, I did not suffer from the bite of the cold only at your fingertips.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?), it didn't rain during my tests, so I couldn't test the waterproofness of these pants which are indicated as waterproof, so I hosed them down. Knowing that it doesn't have Gore-Tex, it was most satisfactory! However, I don't think it would withstand a long crossing in a downpour.


My opinion: Pants that keep their promises

In summary, even if the crotch is very stiff to sit on the motorcycle, these pants keep their promises. It not only protects against cold and rain, but also against injuries in the event of a fall thanks to its protections. Its adaptability in size is also a real plus.

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A 26-year-old biker, I got my license in September 2015. After having explored the roads of the Paris region, I now travel the Montpellier region on the handlebars of my ER6N. I try to combine my everyday life with my biker identity!


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  1. Cedric April 10, 2017 at 1:34 p.m. Answer

    Hello Nathalie!
    From what we were able to see during the Motoblouz day organized for bloggers like me and Chloé (who wrote this essay), a lot of cool things are coming to DXR (reinforced motorcycle jeans for example) which take into account the body shape of women, who do not all have model measurements in the real world.
    We will have to monitor this in the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned 😉

  2. nathalie April 9, 2017 at 6:29 p.m. Answer

    and for people who are unfortunately round and not tall, do you have any sites to indicate because believe me, it's not easy at all, thank you

    • Chloe April 11, 2017 at 09:04 Answer

      Hello Nathalie,

      I'm curvy myself & not very tall, so I can tell you that it's also difficult for me... As Cédric mentions, DXR has planned a lot of things in line with our body shape for the next few months, you should be able to find your happiness. Stay tuned to Enjoy The Ride, tests should be posted online 😉


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