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John Doe Stroker pants, tested and validated by Paola, Motoblouz customer

john doe stroker pants - high waisted and fitted

Today, I am giving you my report on the use of the john Doe Stroker pants. I've been using it for the past few months for my summer adventures. Together, we crossed some very challenging muddy trails as well as some very cold mountain passes! What do I think?

This John Doe looks good!

You should know that when I discovered this motorcycle pants, I immediately found him very handsome but he was classified in the “man” category. Finally, the brand clarified that these were unisex pants, and I jumped at the chance to test them! Finally, adventurer pants that are not adorned with pink flourishes or tribal flowers.

The design of the john Doe Stroker pants is inspired by the US Air Force flight suit and frankly, it's very successful. I feel enough badass and ready to face anything. It must be said that the supply of women's equipment is much lower than that of men. This is obviously explained by the percentage of female motorcyclists compared to male motorcyclists... But that does not prevent the fact that, when you are a motorcyclist, you also want style and protection. And it's not always easy to find happiness!

I wondered a lot about the size to choose for this john Doe Stroker pants. I didn't want it to be tight, for more comfort and to avoid heat... But knowing that motorcycle pants are designed to have protections and intelligently placed seams, I couldn't either overcut clothing. I finally opted for American size 27. FYI, in French size, I am a 34/36, and am 1m60 tall.

And what comfort!

The cut of John Doe is very pleasant to wear: a slim cut but quite wide at the hips (practical for our feminine shapes!), fairly high waist (no wind at the back) with beautiful pockets including the traditional cargo pockets on the thighs. And I note this multi-pocket aspect because there are numerous: two on the back, two hand pockets, two generous snap pockets on the thighs, and a zippered pocket for storing your important little things. Very convenient at the gas pump!

john Doe Stroker pants, generous in terms of pockets
In addition to the pleasant cut, the fabric is slightly elastic, which offers remarkable mobility. Especially since it is a fabric with innovative, breathable and water-repellent technology. And I confirm that, in light rain, the water slides over it; in strong winds, I feel nothing; in cold weather, it is a pleasure; and in tolerable heat, it is pleasant to wear. On the other hand, I do not recommend it in scorching weather, like any protective jeans. I suggest instead that you turn to equipment with opening systems allowing real ventilation, like this dXR pants for example.

john doe pants, focus on the label on the back

Ready for all challenges

Safety-wise, nothing to complain about. I feel safe, both in the face of the abrasion of slipping on all floors and in the face of the shock of falls. The materials used are thin and flexible but extremely effective thanks to the XTM-fiber innovation (Coolmax fiber, lycra on the skin side and aramid, Kevlar DuPont on the crash side).

The design offers two height-adjustable pockets for knee protectors and two others for hip protectors. Qualitative and flexible protections (very ventilated “honeycomb” type) are delivered with it. To date, I haven't tried ones that are more comfortable to wear, their flexibility is really a bonus for moving around once I get off my car.

honeycomb protections on the john doe
We recognize the brand's German perfectionism down to the smallest details: finishes as well as quality of materials, there is no doubt, this equipment is made to last. Even the zipper is from the prestigious YKK brand. I opted for an absolutely brilliant color for motorcycle adventure because it doesn't mark dirt. Which, when you're going on an adventure for several days, is a real plus. I ended up washing it, more than once, and it held up extremely well after washing. The brand also invites you to iron it on its exterior. Who still irons their pants, you tell me?! Read me carefully, ironing allows the fiber to be more water-repellent. So, we draw our iron or we take a dip in our frock ?

A luxury product, the John Doe Stroker pants?

Obviously, this perfection comes at a cost. Here we exceed €196.67. But then, quite honestly, it's worth them. It is not the most expensive equipment, the price remains quite fair when you want to be reassured about the quality of the protection offered, and when you want to invest in time. By observing the materials chosen, and the attention to detail down to the smallest finishes, we can clearly see that we are far from “paying for the brand”.

Moreover, this luxury experience will be present at the time of unpacking or “ unboxing " as the saying goes. To my surprise, I received the john Doe Stroker pants in a very beautiful box, with the brand's emblematic design printed in metallic. It was carefully wrapped in tissue paper printed with the brand's logo... It's not important for the rest, we agree, but what a pleasure to see a beautiful object so well presented. It makes you want to take care of it!


See the product sheet

Thermal comfort 4.5
Protection 4.5
Quality / Finishes 4.6
Price quality4.5

My opinion: well, I adopt it!

...And not just this summer! The John Doe Stroker pants will accompany me until the snow makes me put away my motorcycle. Its optimal comfort, combined with the quality of the protection it offers against bad weather and against falls and slips, make it an ally of choice.

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