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Jean John Doe Pioneer Mono, tested and validated by Charles, customer and Motoblouz ambassador

test of the John Doe Pioneer Mono jeans

When I discovered the world of motorcycles, the new kid in me thought that the basic equipment consisted of a jacket, gloves and a helmet. And that, for more protection, it was necessary to invest in heavy overtrousers and boots which did not necessarily match an everyday style... This is why I was very surprised to discover the existence of jeans specially designed for motorcycle riding. My curiosity was piqued! And when this john Doe Pioneer Mono jeans offered to test, I didn't have to be asked. Let's discover all its details together.

A striking first impression

The packaging of the John Doe Pioneer Mono jeans

I already know, you're going to tell me that it's not that important... But frankly, it had such an impact on me that I can't not talk about it. This john Doe Pioneer Mono jeans is not delivered in a plastic bag... It is delivered in a box, nay, a case, which makes its acquisition experience much more exceptional. 

Like a shoebox, the brand's silver logo sits proudly on the top, and the model information (name, size, color, etc.) is displayed on the side. Finally, the john Doe jeans is carefully wrapped in tissue paper featuring in-house designs.

I have never had the impression of unboxing an exceptional piece of clothing as with these jeans. Of course, we remember that it is sold for around €255.67, so we are entitled to expect a very well finished product. But it is very satisfying to see that this attention to detail has been carried down to the packaging of the product. And if it's a real treat to unbox, it's also a great item to wear.

It's got a layer of it, the John Doe Pioneer Mono jeans

This John Doe isn't called Pioneer Mono for nothing. “Mono” in fact refers to the fact that the jeans are made up of a single layer of XTM fiber fabric, a technology developed by the brand. On the outside, aramid fibers, a material renowned for its mechanical resistance, and on the inside, a coating Coolmax to regulate the temperature. By construction, this layer of fabric is stretchable, which classifies these jeans as stretch. This normally provides greater freedom of movement. Despite its slim cut, it can adapt to many body shapes. Finally, the jeans are covered with a water-repellent coating which allows them to resist light rain for longer. On the other hand, they're still jeans, eh. In the sense, don't expect to be dry in case of rain! In this case, rain overpants will remain your forever ally.

focus on the pockets of the John Doe Pioneer Mono jeans

When you see it, it exudes quality. The fabric is very pleasant to the touch, soft but textured like classic jeans, thick enough not to have the impression of wearing leggings, and light and stretchy enough to guarantee comfortable wear over time... Its good points cannot be overstated. Don't stop there! 

AAA jeans

Already, to stay on the fabric, the john Doe Pioneer Mono jeans is CE AAA EN17092-2: 2020 approved which guarantees the highest protection according to the standard. Stitched seams and fabric resistant to abrasions and tears. So many things that are good to have in case of a fall!

The standard also concerns shock absorption. A single fabric that absorbs shock? Not quite. The jeans in fact hide two final protections: flexible protective shells placed at the hips and on the front of the knees, to protect the most likely points of impact in the event of a fall. 

Please note: these shells are not removable and are sewn directly onto the jeans. For the hips, if you take your usual size (30 US for me), no problem, they are in the right place. On the other hand, for the knees, in my case, I am 32 inches and wear 32 and 34 inches on a daily basis. THE john Doe Pioneer Mono L32 jeans the length suited me perfectly... On the other hand, the protections were above my knees. Once seated, they only protected my lower thighs. My joints were completely exposed.

Fortunately, this model comes in 4 lengths (30, 32, 34 and 36). By changing to an L34, the protections suited me better. Stacked on the knees, without adding too much fabric at the ankles, perfect.

John Doe Pioneer Mono Jean Length

Jeans that let you forget

In the end, it is an extremely well finished product and very pleasant to wear. The fineness of the fabric makes it feel like you're wearing completely classic jeans, with the exception of the shells. Thermal comfort, cut, freedom of movement, the possibility of using a belt in the waist loops: the feeling of wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is completely absent. For my part, I completely forget about these jeans when I wear them… Which is a big advantage, not a disadvantage at all!

To test, I even used it for a trip to the cinema, and it was very pleasant to wear all evening. While remaining discreet in terms of style so as not to swear in the outfit.


See the product sheet

Thermal comfort5
Quality / Finish5

My opinion: a true everyday ally

I was very surprised to discover jeans of this quality and with integrated protections. The port is very pleasant, the feeling of security discreet but very present. All these advantages will make these jeans an essential in your wardrobe to continue to combine style and protection.

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