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Test of the DXR Nazaire pants

DXR Nazaire cargo pants test

My “motorcycle pants” wardrobe couldn't be more classic: jeans for everyday life at the motorcycle school and weekend rides, thick textiles for winter or for difficult weather conditions, and leathers for more sporty outings. The idea of ​​trying cargo pants like this dXR Nazaire pants never crossed my mind though. And yet... What a surprise in terms of comfort and practical aspects!

Comfortable and practical pants are good, but we are talking about motorcycle equipment... Here the objective is also, and above all, to protect you. So, what solutions are available to protect you while maintaining a good level of comfort? Let's see it together, after two months of (very) intensive use of the pants DXR Nazaire.

DXR Nazaire pants, cargo for motorcycles

THE dXR Nazaire pants is a textile pants cargo type. This type of pants is inspired by military fatigues pants, as evidenced by the (very) numerous pockets. These are therefore utility pants but also a sort of alternative to pants baggy, while being just as casual and pleasant to wear.

Test of the DXR Nazaire cargo pants

Right side, a large cargo pocket

Even if it is not as loose as its origins, the Nazaire ensures a certain comfort by opting for a soft cotton outer canvas. The positioning of its pockets also allows you to gain volume at the leg level.

Loose pants, how to combine comfort and safety?

The only thing is, how can you combine loose pants with soft fabric and safety on two wheels? If you read my articles from time to time, you know how important it is for motorcycle clothing to fit well so that the protections play their role perfectly... Well here, the trick is in the lining! Indeed, even if the exterior appearance is loose, the interior lining is fitted, and keeps the protections perfectly in place.

On this subject, the dXR Nazaire pants comes with branded knee protectors Smoothway cE level 1 approved. These are adjustable to two height positions (approximately 3 cm difference) using Velcro straps. They are flexible enough to be forgotten whether on a motorbike or on foot. Personally, I had no problem wearing these pants for an entire day.

Knee protectors of the DXR Nazaire pants

Soft knee protectors, adjustable to two heights

For safety, abrasion protection is provided by inserts composed of 60% Kevlar fibers and 40% polyester fibers. For comfort, the area in contact with the skin is made of polycotton. Stretch mesh is used at the crotch for greater comfort. Note that this dXR pants is also designed to accommodate optional hip protectors. In addition, it is CE approved, class A PPE certified.

approval of the DXR Nazaire pants

The DXR Nazaire pants are CE approved, class A motorcycle PPE

A look that goes with (almost) everything

I advise you to wear shoes that contrast with this pants DXR Nazaire, especially in this color “ Dark Gray ». Motorcycle sneakers with a little touch of white will be perfect. Note that a color “Sand” is also available, perhaps more suited to a neo-retro look. Either way, the Nazaire goes with almost any style, depending on the rest of your gear. Personally, whether with a textile or leather jacket, from roadster to trail to neo-retro, I find that these DXR pants find their place in almost all areas of practice.

Practical aspects: can we even do more?

  • Left side: 3 deep pockets including one zipped and one cargo
  • Right side: 2 other large pockets including one cargo
  • To which are added 2 back pockets
pockets of the DXR Nazaire pants

Left side, two very large pockets, one of which is zipped

Rarely a motorcycle pants, apart from the pants of the segment “adventure”, will have benefited from so many practical aspects! What's more, the spaciousness of the cargo pockets allows you to place a lot of things without any pressure on the legs. It's very simple, for my working days, everything is in it: two phones, my papers, bank card, pens, bunch of keys... My jacket pockets are very empty since I used the dXR Nazaire pants.

Personally, I just regret not having a second zippered pocket on the right side. The two Velcro strips on the cargo pocket flaps do the job but are not as secure as a zipper.

focus on the pockets and closures of the DXR Nazaire pants

Effective zip pocket, under which there is a pocket closed with Velcro fasteners that may be a little small

Finally, note that the button and zips used are all from the YKK brand, a guarantee of quality over time. Of the footstraps help hold the bottom of the pants in place. These being removable, I personally removed them without any impact on the wind resistance.

yKK zippers on DXR Nazaire pants

The DXR Nazaire pants have YKK zippers

Multi-season pants?

This pants DXR Nazaire proves to be surprisingly versatile. At barely 10°C in the early morning or at 25°C, you always feel good. Once again it is the understudy that we must thank. By leaving a fairly large space between the outer fabric and the lining closest to the legs, air takes place and plays the role of insulation. As a result, you can wear these pants for a very large part of the year.

optional hip protectors on the DXR Nazaire pants

The DXR Nazaire pants are predisposed to receive optional hip protectors.

Of course, these are not ventilated pants. Even if the lining is breathable, in high heat, you will need to avoid too urban environments to be able to adopt a sufficient pace so as not to be too hot. Likewise, the outer side being made of unwaxed cotton, it absorbs water as soon as the rain comes. The inside isn't soggy if it's just a few drops, but don't expect to stay dry for long.

Choose your size wisely

As is often the case with DXR, the pants are not really made for those who (like me) have very muscular calves. However, I see improvement on this point... Bravo to the design teams! Consequently, even if these are loose pants, be careful to choose your size carefully or you risk ending up with your calves stuck in the lining.

dXR product

The quality of DXR products never ceases to amaze

Personally, I oscillate between L and XL for motorcycle pants depending on the brand. When it comes to “civilian” pants, I generally opt for size 46. With this dXR Nazaire pants, I had to choose a 2XL to be perfectly comfortable in the legs, even if the XL would have been more adjusted in the waist. In any case, keep in mind that the inner liner should fit snugly and you should not “float” in it. Otherwise, the protections would no longer play their role. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free return if necessary!

double loop on DXR Nazaire pants

Double belt loop on the back which prevents the DXR Nazaire from “yawning”


See the product sheet


My opinion: a real favorite

A real alternative to motorcycle jeans with more comfort and above all, many more practical aspects, the DXR Nazaire pants are a real favorite! Very pleasant to wear and much more versatile than it seems, it can accompany you for a very large part of the year. Its easy-to-tune look allows it to find its place in almost all areas of two-wheel riding. You just need to choose your size carefully and not use it when rain threatens.

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