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Test of the Rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants

Test of the Rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants

Two years ago I did a rally wearing motorcycle jeans. Motorcycle jeans! It was honestly a bad experience. I was hot, the jeans stuck to my skin, the Kevlar was super unpleasant, scratched me constantly... A really bad idea, a beginner's mistake. So, back home, I jumped on the Motoblouz website to find a motorcycle pants able to follow me everywhere, whether in an urban environment or in the mountains, in the desert, on trails. And above all, to have pants WITHOUT KEVLAR (worst enemy of perspiration). I set my sights on the rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants, And I am not disappointed !

The classic presentations…

THE rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants is positioned in the range adventure. He's an adventurer, ready for the road. It is available in black, like here, with gray and red elements or in gray / beige with red and black elements. Frankly, he looks good. I quite like it, and I feel particularly good there. Well, I wouldn't wear it to go shopping... But if I had to go shopping with my rev'it pants, well, he wouldn't bother me. It is very comfortable, pleasant, a little heavy but normal for its category. It makes that little ski pants sound that makes me feel like I'm on vacation every time I wear it (normal for its category, again).

I think this is visible but for greater precision, it is a textile pants in Ripstop polyester. It has large mesh panels (I'll come back to this below) and a grip zone on the buttocks. It's cool and goes pretty well with both my dainese Carve Master 2 jacket and to my forma ADV Tourer boots.

Rev'it on trial with Onemonth.Oneride

A major problem

I get straight to the heart of the matter with the elements that are annoying. At least, the only big negative point I see on this rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants. My God, it’s great! Okay, I'm a pretty petite person. But it's still a 34 (smallest size), and I still have space and a lot of fabric at the bottom of the legs. Why always create HUGE pants? It would be cool to offer motorcycle pants with different lengths, like Levis jeans, and that would suit a lot of people. Small ones, like me, and big ones. So, I will simply end this paragraph by saying: take your usual size or the size below!

We women

To counterbalance this size problem (in every sense of the word), Rev'it added several adjustments. There are tightening tabs at the waist, ankles and calves. So yes, it is long but since I can tighten it at the ankles, I can pull it up so as not to step on it. I just have a lot of tissue on my thighs once in the driving position. Same for the waistline, it is wide but you can tighten it to adapt it to your body shape. It's pretty well thought out for us women. Because no, and I think it's necessary to add it here: we are not all built the same way. We don't have the same waist size, not the same hips, not the same buttocks or the same thighs. And yes, we can have wide hips and thin thighs or the opposite! We're not all skinny like in the magazines, so being able to adapt your pants to your body shape is really interesting. A good point.

multiple adjustments of Rev'it pants

Rev'it, champion of finishing

Rev'it is a good brand, one of our favorite brands at Onemonth.Oneride. So, the products are not cheap (like a lot of motorcycle brands) but the quality is good. At the time of writing this article, the rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants is displayed at a little over €245.83. It is positioned, let's say, in the upper average of its category (a category where prices are generally high, and can soar even more!). And not a thread sticks out. Whether it's the pockets, the closures, the Velcro straps, the seams, the linings... Everything is impeccable.

Since we are on the finishes, just a quick digression on the closing system: there is no button. This is a YKK closure with "lock". A kind of button to slide to close it. Hard to imagine? It is visible in the photo above! I didn't really understand the point (I still don't understand) but it is noted on the product sheet that this system would prevent unwanted openings. At the same time, the pants are so wide at the waist that I didn't have any anxiety about it... Let's move on.

Rev'it jacket pants connection

These Rev'it pants are equipped with two small zipped pockets at the hip level. A phone can fit in there but I admit that the position makes it not ideal (the phone is awkward when driving). They can always accommodate wallet or other papers that you cannot do without. In general, personally, for everything that is pocketable… I tend to trust my jacket! One thing I really like is the long zippers at the ankles which make it easier to put your boots on and take them off. Very practical for long trips when you feel that urgent need to take off your boots.

Opening system on the side of the Rev'it Tornado 3 pants

All-purpose pants

As said above, the rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants has large Mesh panels on the front of the thighs, calves and over a large part of the back of the leg. In short, we breathe! Let's not forget that these are pants intended for the road and trails, an adventurer at heart... And on this point, I think they are capable of following us for a long time and everywhere. It was well thought out and well designed. When the temperatures drop or the journeys become less sporty, you can add the liner. Personally, I haven't tried it yet because the sheer weight of the pants and their material mean that I've never felt cold (even though I'm extremely cold). Another good point then.

In terms of waterproofing, it appears (according to the product sheet) that Ripstop polyester offers waterproof properties. So I guess it will do its job and keep your legs dry. I haven't tried it in the rain yet but given the material, I believe in its resistance. The hydratex lining is also waterproof. As a result, whatever the weather conditions and whatever the playing field, the rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants can follow us. It adapts and also provides comfort and protection.

Safely !

Protection, let’s talk about it. It's true that above all I wanted pants that were ready to follow me everywhere, on the roads and off the beaten track. That said, we always expect motorcycle pants to provide a minimum of protection... especially when we go off the beaten track. This rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants is equipped with SEEFLEX knee protectors (adjustable in height). I don't really know what it is but they are CE approved and provide level 2 protection.

It also has hip protections, in SEESMART, level 1. To tell you the truth, they go so unnoticed that I barely realized they were there. I had to look for them to be able to tell you that they were indeed present. I also think that the quality of these protections contributes to the comfort of the pants. They are not heavy, not over-present. They are there, we barely feel them and we have confidence.

Knee protectors for Rev'it pants

Another element of protection: reflective strips. Rev'it has clearly focused on visibility, and it is rather wise on black pants. It has two thin bands at the calves and two wider, thicker bands at the thighs. Once again, these are pants designed for going on the road and going off the beaten track.

Test of the Rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants

To tell you all…

I had difficulty writing this article… Because we did quite a few trips with this rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants in different california parks and honestly, I never noticed it. He was there, he accompanied me on the long straight roads, in the traffic jams of LA, in the desert, by the ocean, in the mountains, on trails, on rocky terrain... And frankly, he didn't tell me never disappointed. It's simple, I never felt it or noticed it. It is comfortable, the protections are present but do not interfere, it provides freshness when it is hot but does not make you feel cold when the temperatures drop. He's an adventurer, ready to follow us everywhere.

See the product sheet

Thermal comfort 4.3
Size and Fits 4
Practicality 4.3

My opinion: comfortable to wear whatever the playing field

These Rev'it Tornado 3 Ladies pants are a superhero, he works in the shadows. It provides protection, comfort, visibility, provides freshness and warmth when you need it, without being noticed. These are pants that can accompany you for a long time on the roads and off the beaten track.

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