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Testing the DXR Carl suit

DXR Carl - Black/red/white color

There dXR Carl leather full suit is she a badass ? I was lucky enough to be able to try it out and even speak with the team in charge of its design. A more than reasonable price for a product of this type, what does that mean?

Motoblouz launched with its own brand DXR into the design of a one piece leather jumpsuit for us bikers. With their famous slogan, made by bikers for bikers... But not only that, since in addition to this suit, they have released a whole range of sporting equipment. Of dXR Randy leather jacket, derived from this combination, passing through the dXR BORGATTI racing gloves and DXR Tenorio that I wear, without forgetting the boots DXR code evo that I tested here even to the most extreme DXR Pivot. And my little finger tells me that this is only the beginning...

A choice of two colors

There dXR Carl suit is available in two versions, the first being the classic and sober black with some very light white inserts. All-purpose, it will go with all motorcycles, gloves and helmets. For my part, having a red motorcycle (they are the ones that go the fastest) and as long as I wear a full leather suit, as much as it looks good, I preferred to order the magnificent black, red and white. Let's face it, if you have the bike to match, this is one of the most successful colors in the DXR range.

dXR Carl suit put to the test!

The DXR Carl suit from every angle

The plastic shells placed on the shoulders are finished with a metal insert. On this one, you have the dXR brand laser engraved. A very beautiful effect that recalls the details of major brands.

The leather is of exemplary quality, the stitching and finishing are impeccable. The only finishing detail that could be negative are the rough cuts between certain pieces of leather under the internal lining of the suit. This isn't a fault, considering it only shows when you remove that liner and sift through the interior. You don't feel it when you wear it. And above all, it is not visible on the outside, nor even on the inside.

I'm quibbling but I really wanted to tell you everything about this dXR Carl suit. These are things I don't remember about some very large premium brands. On the other hand, on other intermediate brands, I have already seen similar internal adjustments, so no worries there.

on the back of the DXR Carl suit


Let's come back to our sheep, sorry: to our buffaloes, just like the leather used for the design of this dXR Carl suit 1.1 mm thick in buffalo leather. Some wetsuits from other brands offer a thickness of 1.3 mm... But that's not the most important thing. The most important thing is the quality of the leather used. And the one used for this dXR suit is premium quality. This is perfect for our safety as well as for appearance.

Add included level 2 shoulder, elbow, hip and knee protection, sliders on the shoulders, elbows and knees as well as removable and replaceable knee sliders. Finally, for the protection of the coccyx, it is a foam for greater comfort. All you have to do is choose a back protector to be at the top of the protection.

In terms of weight, in size 2XL, I weighed 6.3 kg and I find that very reasonable.

dXR Carl suit in red, black and white

Comfort zones

Well yes, let's talk about comfort. Featuring a removable mesh fabric lining for hygiene, this suit offers good air circulation. Especially since it is not left out in terms of ventilation either. Indeed, it has large micro-perforated leather panels on the torso and small micro-perforated areas on the upper thighs and back. I can tell you that it's cool! If you use it in low temperatures and you fear the cold, I recommend the DXR Core Tech set.

The cuffs end with a neoprene insert as does the back of the collar. In terms of comfort, it's great. The sleeves and legs are pre-shaped for greater comfort on the motorcycle. She has all the makings of a grown-up. Large stretch fabric panels are present under and inside the arms. Ditto at the crotch level and at the back of the calves. In addition to making the suit lighter, it is above all unparalleled in flexibility. Especially in these areas where the risk of abrasion is more than limited. There are also accordion leather areas in strategic places. That is to say: behind the elbows, behind the shoulders, at the lower back and above the knees.

testing the DXR Carl suit

Choose your size carefully (the most important point)

Look carefully at the size guide as well as the customer reviews. Some in fact give their measurements and the size chosen, and this may help you. For my part, at 1.89 meters and my current 91 kg, the size guide recommended a 2XL to the limit of XL. After a quick call to customer service to reassure me in my choice, I ordered the 2XL.

First of all, don't be surprised: a one-piece leather suit, especially if it's new, is not easy to put on. Even less where the shoulders pass. For my part, I asked my son for a helping hand with this step. Likewise to remove it, it is always the shoulders which are difficult to pass. Over time, the leather will become better and you will get the hang of it.

In terms of length, the dXR Carl suit is perfectly suited. The arms, the bust, the legs, everything is covered and adjusted. It suits me perfectly.

The comfort inside is perfect. There are just two places where it is a little more “adjusted” than elsewhere. First the calves, I manage to close the zipper well. I'm not embarrassed, it's comfortable. And the chest measurement is very close to the body. It must also be said that I inserted a back protector in the provided pocket. But just like the calves, it doesn't bother me at all, it doesn't serve me. It's very comfortable. The rest of the suit is just perfect for my body type. No excess material but a little room for a few extra kilos. It's a real second skin.

dXR Carl suit with gloves

Details matter!

I'm super comfortable in dXR Carl suit. Plus, the feeling of security when wearing it is incredible. The addition of multiple level 2 protections is not for nothing. And let’s talk about these protections. The genius idea is to have placed them in small pockets which move and attach to the suit using Velcro. I don't think there's a better way to adjust all of this to your body shape.

On the closing flap of this suit, a space is dedicated for your personal and medical information. Another well thought out detail. The removable lining is very easy to remove and put back on, which is practical during hot sessions to give the interior a clean look. Even if the ventilation of the suit is top notch. On areas likely to be most exposed to abrasion, another layer of leather is placed in the suit. You are not on a circuit and you need to take your papers and your phone? Bim, you will find two interior pockets on the lining.

interior of the Carl suit

The ordeal by fire

One of the Motoblouz employees goes track riding. That day he wore the dXR Carl suit. Unfortunately, he crashed at around 100 km/h. Don't worry, he's fine. There dXR Carl suit played his role perfectly, he had nothing... Only material.

role played by the DXR Carl suit

After a fall, the suit played its protective role

To finish

Sorry for this long post! But I don't have enough words to tell you how amazed I am by this combination. Motoblouz , with its own brand DXR , has once again set the bar very high both in terms of quality and price. Of course, there is less good than the DXR Carl suit but it is more expensive… Haven't clicked buy yet??? What are you waiting for!!!

NB: In addition to the dXR Carl suit, in the photos you can see the ROOF RO200 helmet, the DXR Tenorio gloves and the DXR Code Evo boots. Finally, don't forget that exchanges and returns are free and fast at Motoblouz . I had the opportunity to do a few of them, I was always amazed by the simplicity and speed of the thing.


See the product sheet


My Opinion: unbeatable!

DXR has succeeded in making a perfectly successful combination. As much in terms of the look as in its morphology, its protections and above all, an impressive quality. Its price, placed under €393.33, clearly positions it as offering the best quality/price ratio on the market. I am amazed by the work done. Without a doubt, the DXR Carl suit will find its place in the Best Of products tested.

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