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Test of the DXR Jump Mesh Air CE pants

DXR jump mesh air ce

That's it, we've entered autumn a few days ago. I'm preparing my summer outfits for a well-deserved winter. I also equip the bike to face the elements: return from the bubble, passage to Power 5 more suitable for rain. Before you reserve the same fate for it, it is time to introduce you to the DXR Jump Mesh Air pants, a summer pants which has benefited from some developments compared to the version tested at the time by Loïc. Are you following me for a tour of the owner?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I would like to point out that I tested a size L. It has also always been worn over dress pants. I'm not lucky enough to be able to change easily every day. This point is important because when reading the returns on the product sheet it is often a question of the size being considered too fitted.

dXR Jump Mesh Air pants, my ally for the summer

The DXR Jump Mesh Air pants, a good ally for summer

DXR Jump Mesh Air pants: effective on rolling tracks

For pants that are meant to be summery, this dXR pants does not start with the right assets at premier glance. Black color, significant thickness due to its polyester lining... But, once on the road, the dXR Jump Mesh Air pants keeps all its promises. The large Mesh panels strategically placed at the crotch and shins allow good air circulation while riding. A real pleasure in hot weather. But its effectiveness is very limited if you only drive in town or at low speed.

Velcro pockets located on the outside of the legs can increase ventilation tenfold after opening. Probably designed to be used to house his belongings, they only served to let in air. Note that the pants also have a pair of pockets at the buttocks, which I did not use, as it did not seem natural to me to have pockets at this level.

numerous pockets and ventilation for the DXR pants

Pocket or ventilation?

The other side of the coin is that you will need a plan B if you have to face a cold snap or a nice downpour. It is not designed for these situations. In any case, who doesn't go for a walk without their rain pants?

Summer pants: validated for daily use?

In terms of design quality, it's difficult to find the slightest criticism. As for my last product tests DXR, I continue to be amazed by its quality/price ratio.

This dXR Jump Mesh Air pants slips on very easily. Also, it fits perfectly with Velcro straps at the waist and a wide opening at the feet. To return to its size, we feel that it was designed to be worn close to the body (exit the baggy side), but the removable Level 1 protectors on the knees are ideally placed and can be repositioned as desired in their cotton pocket. You maintain good freedom of movement, especially when straddling the motorcycle with an elastic crotch and elastics under the feet so that it stays in place.

possibilities of adjusting the DXR Jump Mesh Air pants

Velcro and elastic to adjust it to your needs

The short closure (with large notches) to connect the pants to the jacket is standard at DXR . I was able to zip up half of my favorite jacket (one Furygan)… Not great, but it did the job in the middle of summer.

In terms of looks, it's very sober but a few details make all the difference. I love the reflective touches on the logo and along the legs. And the most attentive among you will have noticed the few red seams which reflect the brand's colors.

test of the DXR Jump Mesh Air pants

What does that look like on the other side?

DXR logo

Do I recommend the DXR Mesh Air Pants?

If you are looking for pants to equip you when the weather is mild (understand: neither excessively hot nor rainy) and you intend to travel the roads non-stop and in complete safety: then the answer is yes, go for it!

the DXR motorcycle pants are super comfortable

The most observant will notice that I continue to wear the Falco Patrol who will soon celebrate their 3rd birthday 🙂

If you are looking for versatile equipment or riding in an urban environment, I think this DXR will not be fully effective. For my part, I would come out of the closet dXR Jump Mesh Air pants with pleasure as soon as the weather returns to a minimum of 20°C. I imagine next June.

In terms of choice for size, it will be safer to take a size larger than your usual size. Especially if like me, you plan to wear it over thin pants or if you have wide legs.


See the product sheet

Practical aspects 3.5

My opinion: pants for riders

Excellent quality/price ratio for these motorcycle pants designed to rack up the miles this summer. Very thick, we appreciate its protection, while maintaining good ventilation on the road. In terms of looks, it's a real success with its close-fitting waist, its well-placed elastic fabric and its very discreet little details.

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