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DXR Kaptor Jeans Test

DXR Kaptor jeans - gussets and cups on the knees

DXR , do you know? The brand made in Motoblouz ! I have the chance to try it for you dXR Kaptor jeans. A motorcycle jeans with integrated protections and Kevlar® lined. All in a roadster/sport atmosphere. Let's find out together.

Motoblouz ’s own brand, DXR has only been gaining momentum lately. We have a flood of CE certified products for motorcyclists. And the dXR Kaptor jeans is part of.

These are motorcycle jeans with a Kevlar® lining in areas subject to abrasion (buttocks and thighs). It also has CE-approved SAFEMAX knee protectors, and pockets located at hip level to store protection (optional).

The denim itself is stretch, and has added accordion zones above the knees and under the rear waistband to compensate for stretching once in place on your motorcycle. It is available in 2 colors, a blue version and a black one which I chose.

And this look, although it's purely personal, I love the sporty and biker side of the dXR Kaptor jeans.

DXR Kaptor jeans - ultra comfortable thanks to gussets

DXR Kaptor jeans: ultra comfortable thanks to the gussets

First impressions

By taking out the dXR Kaptor jeans cardboard, I see that it is good for its weight. Obviously, the protections and the Kevlar® lining do not help to make the whole thing lighter. We find the usual 5 pockets on jeans, it's perfect.

For the size, I referred to the correspondence table. When you first put it on, it becomes one with you and becomes more flexible with time and washing. But on the other hand, what comfort, I can't believe it. The stretch and accordion zones provide phenomenal flexibility while the Kevlar® lining is soft. A real treat to wear.

One thing that disturbed me a little at the beginning of thetest of the DXR Kaptor jeans, being used to jeans with a classic cut, is that they are high waisted. It goes up well to cover the kidneys. For my part, it would have reached perfection if it was 2 or 3 cm less at this level.

DXR Kaptor jeans: a resolutely biker look

DXR Kaptor jeans: a resolutely biker look

As indicated on the product sheet, the legs are slightly longer than on classic jeans. This is to prevent it from rising too much when you are seated on the motorcycle. In addition, footstraps are present to ensure its maintenance. Don't worry, if you don't use them, like me, they are removable.

Another good point, and here we immediately see that these jeans are designed for bikers: the number of belt loops available on the back of the dXR jeans. There, no more worries about the belt twisting or anything else.

DXR Kaptor jeans - gussets and multiple belt loops

DXR Kaptor jeans: gussets and multiple belt loops


In order to protect you, limit the weight and also the price, a Kevlar® lining is present in the areas most at risk of suffering abrasion from the nasty bitumen. These areas are located on the buttocks, and on the back and outside of the thighs.

Unfortunately, dedicated hip protectors are optional. On the other hand, the small pockets to accommodate the latter are very present. You find here.

DXR Kaptor jeans - pocket for hip protection, available as an option

DXR Kaptor jeans: the pocket for hip protection available as an option

As for the knee protections, we must admit that they are particularly well made. The pockets to accommodate them have a zip accessible from the outside of the jeans, making them easier to access. Whether it's taking them off when you don't need them during the day or washing your jeans.

And thanks to this zip, you can easily adjust the lateral and horizontal position of the integrated SAFEMAX shell. It has two Velcro inserts which attach to the strip located inside the pocket.

This solution therefore allows everyone to adapt protection much more precisely according to their body shape. I think it's great.

DXR Kaptor jeans: a pocket accessible from the outside and knee protection

DXR Kaptor jeans: a pocket accessible from the outside and knee protection

On the other hand, I had the misfortune of coming across a batch of defective protections. They were both torn in the same place. After contacting Motoblouz , the problem was reported so that it could be corrected, and I received a batch of new protections. Problem fixed.

DXR Kaptor jeans, summer or winter?

This is the legitimate question we can ask ourselves given the Kevlar® lining.

For my part, I would say yes of course, it's warmer than classic jeans. But nevertheless the softness and the material in contact with our skin of this lining is pleasant. I tested it partly during the heatwave this summer: I was hot, but even with classic jeans, I was hot. The lining did not create a huge amount of excess heat.

In winter, or mid-season, this will allow you to better tolerate the cold on short journeys.

Price quality5

My opinion: a future of the best-of 2019

I had a great pleasure in receiving and trying these DXR Kaptor jeans. Apart from the small detail of the high waist which deserves to be a little less (but this is only a purely personal opinion due to my habits. Being protected from wind or abrasion over a larger surface is a plus on a two-wheeler). I fell in love with its look, I am amazed by its comfort and protection qualities. Especially if you look at the quality/price ratio, it is unbeatable. And here is another product from DXR that is one of my favorites.

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