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Try Bering Dusty pants, warm, dry, and quickly please

For several years, I have devoted my winters to wearing out my dXR Relax pantsWhen I saw the characteristics of the bering Dusty pants what Motoblouz offered me for testing, I said BancoNot that my previous motorcycle pants didn't fulfill its role, but a few little things are missing... And who is fulfilling the specifications?

Pulled by the straps, the Bering Dusty pants?

I wear winter pants 99% of the time over civilian pants, so I buy them wide. And wide pants tend to slide down. Not that I wear the high thong, but in winter, I cover up.

Thanks to its quickly adjustable straps with Velcro straps, the bering Dusty pants keeps the lower back warm in all circumstances.

The waist tightening is adjusted with two Velcro fasteners and the closure is secured with a hook and press stud.

Sock complex

A sock is intimate, you don't reveal its finery to anyone who comes along. What's more annoying, once at your destination, than having to take off your boots to take off your pants? Bering thought about our privacy. THE bering Dusty pants is equipped with long zippers that go down from the thigh to the end. Once the zips are open, you remove the pants in 4 seconds.

The opposite is also valid, obviously. Already fitted, you put it on with disconcerting ease.

THE bering Dusty pants comes with removable elastics to pass under the heel to keep it in place. I never used them, the bottom of the pants never defied gravity by riding up. Useless for me but they have the merit of existing for those who are interested.

Who says large, says big

If like me you are a little too athletic, it must happen to you from time to time that fairly wide pants are a little too long. Bering spoils us by allowing us to adjust the length of its bering Dusty pants without going through the sewing machine box.

Undo two Velcro strips, fold the end of the pants, and roll youth.

Almost very good protection against water and cold

Paradoxically, while I systematically remove the lining of my jackets, I keep the one on my pants.

THE bering Dusty pants protects from wind and rain, and the removable lining fulfills its role well by keeping the legs warm. I rode with it in near-freezing temperatures without feeling any discomfort.

One downside however. When driving a roadster in heavy rain, water tends to accumulate between the bottom of the tank and the driver's crotch. And this is always where it ends up breaking through on a long aquatic journey and where the waterproofness of the pants should be reinforced. THE bering Dusty pants is no exception, but from experience, all materials eventually fail in exceptional circumstances. 

Winter all-purpose

As for its appearance, nothing alarming. Black with some reflective stripes and logos. Two good pockets closed by zip, enough to store your keys, a few cards or a hand.

A pocket more accessible when in the saddle, like on the thigh, would have been welcome.

THE Fibertech 600D seems very resistant to abrasion but I didn't push the test that far. THE bering pants comes with knee and hip protectors. However, these seem a little thin to me to protect properly from an impact.

Practical aspect4.8

My opinion: functional

The Bering Dusty pants are great pants for everyday use. It allows you to stay dry and warm, can be taken off, put on and adjusted in a few seconds without having to go to the striptease box, and avoids having to keep your motorcycle pants on all day! In town, on the highway and in the mid-season rains, it will serve you well.

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