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Women's motorcycle events: The 2017 agenda for women bikers

Women's motorcycle events 2017

Women's motorcycle events are increasing, as are dedicated categories in different events. Here are some dates not to be missed. It's (again) time to take out your license, leather or crampon boots, and get ready.

Right now (March 20 and 21), around thirty female drivers are gathered at Le Mans for a driving session. Their objective ? Preparing for the Women's Cup which has three dates in 2017 and will, as in 2016, open the 24 Hours of Le Mans next April. Things are changing in motorcycling and women are increasingly considered as riders in their own right. If female bikers have always been present in motorcycle sport, whatever the discipline, they were most often classified with men due to their low number. Then the women's categories appeared, in cross , trial, enduro, rally, speed...

Every year more women's motorcycle events!

With the increase in the number of practitioners, in recent years, we have seen the emergence of 100% female races, which allow women pilots of all levels to compete against each other. To support this development, the French Motorcycling Federation created a women's committee, intended to develop the practice of women: “Motorcycling for women”. The idea is not to prevent women from riding with men (mixing remains in all events), but to allow the less seasoned to make their first steps in a category designed especially for them, and for the most experienced to decide, as is the case in the vast majority of sports (apart from a few exceptions such as sailing or horse riding).

Here are some women's motorcycle events not to miss this year : for some, it is too late to register, for others, it is still possible. In any case, those who are tempted by the competition without daring to take the plunge will surely find a source of motivation. We have also identified two non-competition events, but where demonstrations are reserved for women.

Women's Cup: The women's speed championship

FFM Women’s Committee

The FFM has created a committee to develop women’s motorcycle sport

Spearhead of the “feminist” policy of the FFM, this beautiful project initiated by the women’s committee led by Emma Clair, Karine Sliz, Livia Lancelot, Ludivine Puy and Barbara Collet, has met with great success. Three circuit events are scheduled this year forming the Women's Cup, women's speed championship. Last year, the women's series organized to open the 24 Hours of Le Mans was taken by storm! Rebelote this year with nearly 80 entries at Le Mans and more than 40 at Ledenon and Magny-Cours, which are sold out! Married, tester on #EnjoyTheRide, will also start all three races. An adventure that will provide him with food his blog !

Dates and locations:

  1. Le Mans (72), April 14 and 15, 2017 (24 Hours of Le Mans): (88 drivers maximum, still a few places)
  2. Lédenon (30, May 13-14, 2017 (WERC) (42 drivers maximum FULL)
  3. Magny-Cours (58), June 2 and 3, 2017 (12 hours from Magny-cours) (44 drivers maximum FULL)

For who : Any licensed driver who can demonstrate training or track driving
Info on : Women's motorcycling facebook page or

Endurose: The only 100% female enduro race

Start Endurose 2016

Start of the Superfinal at Endurose 2016. @ photo Vincent Neron/Endurose

In 2001, the Endurose was probably the first and only motorcycle race in the world entirely dedicated to women. Even today, it is undoubtedly the only 100% female enduro race... The principle is simple: the Enduro is an enduro suitable for women who want to experience the feeling of competition, from beginner to expert.

The paths are rolling but exotic, the connecting stages pleasant (in the superb setting of Beaujolais), no impossible climbs, no quagmires, some difficulties all the same for the memories. And above all, real special stages, which allow the competitors to compete against the clock. Those who have first experience of off-road, on a motorbike or quad, from 50cc, must absolutely test. For once it’s the men who are struggling with the audience…

Dates and location
July 15, 2017 in Beaujeu (69)
For who : any licensed pilot, course suitable for all levels
Info on: or the Endurose Facebook page

Cross , road rally, trial, endurance…

In addition to these dedicated races, there are of course categories and championships. Off-road, the girls are very present, especially in motocross where the French women's championship is hosted by around thirty riders. In trial, two categories are dedicated to girls, and in enduro, the French championship also has its women's classification. In supermoto and sand racing, rankings are made based on the results of certain categories (mixed). On the road rally side, the girls are also answering the call. Note in this regard the Moto Tour initiative, which offers engagement to girls until June 30 ! On the track side, the Honda 500 CBR Cup, accessible from the age of 13, establishes a women's ranking.

Kiss'n Vroom Café Racer Festival

Cafe racer festival 2016

Cam & Clara, from the Kiss'n Vroom blog, surrounded by some participants at the Café Racer Festival in 2016. @ photo Kiss'n Vroom

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Café Racer Festival is opening a Kiss'n Vroom category, named from Cam and Clara's blog, two sassy and sassy bikers, reserved for girls. “ In 2015, the first year of the Kiss'n Vroom category, there were 10 of us girls riding together on the ring. In 2016, there were 19 of us registered in the category, which is double the number. In 2017, there must be at least 40 of us! » cam and Clara hope. The Café Racer Festival is a unique opportunity to ride in Montlhéry, in a great atmosphere, whatever your track experience. Just for the pleasure of riding, without the pressure of the clock.

Dates and location: June 10 and 11, 2017 – Linas-Montlhéry Autodrome (91)
Info on facebook (see directly the event)

Ride 100% ladies – royal oil

Royal Cambouis 3

Among the women's motorcycle events, Royal Cambouis gives pride of place to women for 2017

The Royal Cambouis event which will take place on September 9 along the Corniche, facing the sea, in Sausset les Pins (13) this year gives pride of place to women by organizing a small village of specialized stands as well asa “100% ladies ride”. Here, another opportunity to get together with girls, with no other objective than to have fun! Note the beautiful visual of the event created by the illustrator and biker Noémie Baracco-Scherer.

Dates and location: September 9, 2017 in Sausset-les-Pins (13)
Info on: Royal-Cambouis on Facebook

Do not hesitate to let us know about women's motorcycle events that would not appear in this riders' agenda. by sending us a message.

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    Very good initiative to share these vents! They all aim to bring us together to have a good time and create meetings between enthusiasts. Bravo and thank you Bénédicte for this diary which was greatly missed by all the riders!

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