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Bering Steel R gloves, tested and validated by Gaëlle, Motoblouz customer

bering steel R gloves test

The weather is fine but uncertain this morning, with a slight 18°C ​​and a few clouds... However, I can't wait to test these new bering Steel R gloves just received at home, which catch my eye with their rather advantageous aesthetic. I take them out of their packaging: how beautiful they are all dressed in leather. With the multiple protections, there's no denying that they slam! But that’s not all… Are they as effective as they are beautiful? Let's not waste time, let's try them.

Easy adaptation

Perfect ease in putting on these bering gloves (the size fits my hands well). I adjust them very easily thanks to two Velcro tightening tabs (tightening at the wrists and forearm). Once in place, i clench my fists to test their flexibility. There, I feel a little resistance at the top of my hands. Perhaps it is the carbon protection that generates this resistance? I must admit that they are a little stiff the first five runs... After this point, the bering Steel R gloves have become completely done to my hands. No doubt the time needed for the goat leather and the Spandex inserts to relax and reveal their suppleness. 

velcro fastening tabs on Bering Steel R gloves

Two Velcro tightening tabs allow optimal adjustment of the gloves whatever the body shape.

leather attachment bridge on Bering Steel R gloves

A leather attachment bridge connects the ring finger and little finger to prevent the little finger from rolling over in the event of a fall.

Regarding driving, no worries: you can feel the controls of the bike well. The “anti-rollover” bridge system between the little and ring fingers surprises me at first but does not disturb the piloting at any time. The soft feeling inside these motorcycle gloves, thanks to the polyester lining, feels like a second skin.

use of Bering Steel R gloves

Good handling of the controls.

I also like the length of the cuffs, they actually go up to the start of the forearms. You can also put your jacket sleeves in the gloves. 

Maximum protection with Bering Steel R gloves

THE bering Steel R gloves are well equipped for protection. In fact, pieces of leather and spandex (synthetic fiber appreciated for its elasticity and resistance) line the inside of the hand and thumb. A pretty CE approved carbon shell protects the metacarpals and small, very robust pads sit on the first phalanges. We immediately feel safe with all these little things; which does not prevent these gloves from being very light. Fortunately, I was not able to measure the good resistance to abrasion but the manufacturing quality makes me think that they will not open in two on the first fall. They are, of course, CE PPE EN13594 Level 1KP certified (I advise you this article to find out more).

Aesthetics and protection with BERING Steel R gloves

Beautiful aesthetics and good protective parts on the palm of the hand. The two tightening tabs are very useful for a perfect fit!

Lack of blower

Small downside: the absence of air intakes. In fact, no ventilation is provided in these yet summer gloves. During a good track session or a long ride in hot weather, it is always very pleasant to feel a little refreshing trickle of air on the hands. So plan to dry your gloves after your ride because perspiration is definitely present...

Save the rain!

The big clouds have appeared, here I am in a good downpour! Great, I'll be able to test the waterproofness now. Uh… what waterproofing? After ten minutes, my hands start to feel the water slowly entering through the seams. I hate this feeling, quickly, back home because I'm also starting to feel cold.

Leather is great for safety but in terms of thermal resistance, it should not be too hot or too cold.

aesthetics and safety with Bering Steel R gloves

Gloves that combine perfect aesthetics with safety.

bering Steel R gloves test

Let's equip ourselves for a great walk!

See the product sheet

Thermal comfort2.5
Easy to put on5

My opinion: racing gloves that won't leave you indifferent

After five weeks of road testing, I fell in love with the Bering Steel R gloves thanks to their design, protection and comfort. They do their job well. These gloves are ideal for the season from May to September. Small downside concerning the waterproofing and ventilation which are not present.

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