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Furygan Jet D3O Gloves Review

furygan Jet D3O gloves test

Offered at a very reasonable price, the furygan Jet D3O gloves. These follow the “classic” Jet, one of the brand’s best-sellers for many years. You will have understood, thanks to their name, these new motorcycle gloves carry D3O protections. So let's see what this material brings and above all, what has made the Furygan Jet successful for so many years. Let's take stock after 1 and a half months of daily use, on the road and on the motorcycle license training course!

Quality design at a very competitive price

Offered at less than €39.33 (and even around €29.50 depending on current promotions), the gloves Furygan jet D3O do not deviate from the brand's reputation in terms of quality. We find a palm entirely covered in leather, while the top of the hand opts for an ultra-light and ventilated textile. This mix of materials makes it possible to obtain soft and light gloves, very pleasant to wear from the first time they are put on. THE feeling of the controls is absolutely perfect which makes them, moreover, gloves that I recommend with their eyes closed for those who are looking for their premier equipment, with a view to their training for the motorcycle license.

Furygan Jet D3O gloves test

The flexibility is absolute, as is the touch of the controls

Despite the very low price, the finish is impeccable. THE furygan gloves Jet D3O are in no way “discount” equipment. The seams are neat and the clamping tabs robust. Aesthetically, with 9 colors available, there is something for everyone.

Reinforcements for comfort… And protection

THE furygan Jet D3O gloves adopt numerous leather reinforcements on the palm. There is a large piece of leather between the thumb and index finger, exactly where the most pressure occurs between the hand and the handlebars. Particularly on motorcycles with straight handlebars, such as roadsters. In use, no problem riding for many hours in a row. No discomfort is felt.

Under the little finger, the ring finger and the middle finger, a reinforcement with a foam insert helps to avoid the feeling of friction when rotating the hand around the handle. In addition, this insert increases the lifespan of these furygan gloves.

leather and foam reinforcements on the Furygan Jet D3O gloves

On the palm side, we find leather and reinforcements with foam inserts

At the base of the hand, there is an additional leather reinforcement, also equipped with several foam inserts. It ensures comfort on long journeys on expressways, where we tend to rely more on the bottom of the hand at steady speed. This also adds protection in the event of a fall as this is an area particularly exposed to abrasion.

Finally, on the top of the hand, we find comfort gussets: a large one at the junction with the wrist and three others for the fingers, with the exception of the index finger. These are not very wide but play their role perfectly.

D3O technology for greater security

THE furygan Jet D3O gloves are approved for motorcycle PPE, according to the EN13594 standard, and meet the 1KP protection level. This is the main difference with the previous version: here, the french manufacturer opts for English D3O technology to ensure the safety of the pasterns.

D3O has been a common material in many motorcycle protective equipment for several years, for example for knee protection on motorcycle jeans. It is a polymer whose mechanical properties change depending on the impact speed. At rest and during slow deformations, D3O has the consistency of a thick, very flexible foam. But during an impact and therefore during rapid deformation, the molecules that compose it “lock” to each other in less than 10 milliseconds. It then becomes capable of absorbing and distributing the kinetic energy of a shock.

d3O technology on Furygan Jet D3O gloves

Furygan Jet gloves use D3O technology, a polymer whose mechanical properties change in the event of an impact.

We therefore understand Furygan 's choice for this evolution of its Jet gloves: the D3O was the choice par excellence for these gloves known for their flexibility and lightness. This material makes it possible to significantly increase the protection of the knuckles without having to resort to rigid protection. And it is clear that the goal has been achieved, the furygan Jet D3O gloves remain ultra comfortable in all circumstances.

Touch screen compatibility and wrist tab closure

At the end of the index finger, there is an insert allowing you to use a touch screen. This is effective, even if it is sometimes necessary to increase the pressure of the finger for the smartphone to take the pressure into account. Especially if it is equipped with screen protection. The precision is insufficient to enter an address efficiently but it will be more than enough to use most navigation applications without the slightest problem.

touch screen insert at the tip of the index finger of Furygan gloves

The tip of the index finger has an insert allowing you to use a touch screen

At the base of the gloves, there is a wide strip of neoprene fabric, very pleasant to the touch. This also contributes to the comfort of the gloves. Its thinness allows the gloves to be inserted without constraint into the sleeves of any jacket.

The wrist closure is done with a Velcro tab. This one is wide and solid, however I would have appreciated more latitude in tightening. “Big arms” will find what they’re looking for, but those with thinner wrists may have a little difficulty tightening effectively.

furygan Jet D3O glove tightening tabs

The tightening tab may pose a problem for those with small wrists

For women, there is a “Lady” variant, more adapted to their morphology. This notably adopts a more suitable wrist tightening.

What range of use for Furygan Jet D3O gloves?

I had the opportunity to wear the furygan Jets D3O gloves during half of the summer and the beginning of this fall. They are completely satisfactory, whether in an urban environment or on highways, from around 16°C to 28°C. Below, the material is far too ventilated to maintain a satisfactory temperature when taking extra-urban journeys. Remember that these are gloves with the “summer” logo. Likewise, they are absolutely not waterproof.

But good news, Furygan Jet D3O also exists in an “all-season” version. ! You will then find all the qualities mentioned, the D3O protections as well as a waterproof and breathable membrane.

See the product sheet

Quality / Finish4.8
Easy to put on5
Clamping tabs3

My opinion: extremely comfortable gloves with an unbeatable quality/price ratio

Whether you are a beginner preparing for your license or an experienced motorcyclist looking for ultra-comfortable gloves for daily use, the Furygan Jet D3O gloves are made for you! The flexibility and lightness are remarkable, and the comfort is absolutely not reduced by the presence of D3O knuckle protections. Gloves that deserve their best-seller status.

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