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FURYGAN James EVO D3O Gloves Review

furygan James Evo D3O gloves test

Ah the gloves… When it comes to finding the model that will suit my small, soft and fragile hands, the question quickly becomes tricky. To put it simply, I rarely found motorcycle gloves which stuck to the shape of my hands. However, when Motoblouz suggested I try the new furygan James Evo D3O gloves, I didn't hesitate for long. The reasons are simple: I had never tested gloves from the French brand and my test of their Nitros jacket is the nice surprise of my year 2021! You want to know if I found “shoe for my foot”… Um… “glove for my hand”? So, follow me through the next lines of this long-term test.

The glove, the true DNA of Furygan

I am not going to tell you the complete story of the panther brand, already mentioned in my test of the Nitros jacket. But, just to set the scene, you should know that the French equipment manufacturer began its activity by making gloves. Suffice to say that I was waiting for the panther around the corner during this test.

glove making, part of Furygan 's DNA

The panther masters glove making... It's in his DNA!

As I start unpacking, a smile already crosses my face. The goatskin leather is superb and its grain gives a real feeling of quality and robustness to the gloves. In terms of finishing, the verdict is clear: it’s superb! The inserts are perfectly assembled, the stitching is neat and even the D3O shells go unnoticed thanks to their successful integration. As is often the case, the zippers come from the YKK catalog, the world reference in this field. As we conclude this owner's tour, there is no doubt: Furygan has mastered his subject!

Engine and… Action!

Whether you are more James Dean or James Bond, I think we will agree that it is when taking action that these two icons shine. To find out if the Furygan -style James deserves his glorious surname, head to the Normandy roads and their… uncertain weather.

goat leather on Furygan James Evo D3O gloves

Goat leather combines robustness and flexibility. Perfect for riding for long hours knowing you are well protected

The good thing about the Normandie vintage 2021 is that, when it comes to testing, the conditions are optimal. It's simple, in 2 hours and 80 kilometers, you review the four seasons while checking the waterproofness of the products. In the present case, the furygan James Evo D3O gloves were convincing. Accommodating temperatures between 10 and 30°C quite well, they are not overwhelmed by rain. Be careful, we are talking about common rain here... Of course, they will admit their limits if you come across a torrential storm on your way. On a daily basis, these furygan gloves offer a certain versatility, allowing you to plan short and long journeys without worrying.

The Furygan James Evo D3O gloves: sporty like James Dean…

If the furygan James Evo D3O gloves display a delicious look vintage, which will be all the rage among Café Racer drivers, they add a semblance of sportiness to their range. The short cuff is certainly no stranger to this impression.

test of the Furygan James Evo D3O gloves: everything is there!

Leather tightening tab, quality closure and comfort gussets: everything is there.

Pleasant, the cut offers good ergonomics and does not hinder movement once on the road. Despite the straps on my Continental GT, I never felt restricted. The comfort gussets located at the wrist and fingers contribute to both comfort and style. If the glove closes with a zipper, it locks thanks to a beautiful leather tightening tab whose end “scratches”.

… Techno like James Bond!

If, like the famous British spy, your life is hectic and your schedule is tight, no need to panic. Furygan thought of you and equipped its furygan James Evo D3O gloves of the latest technologies. From now on, you no longer need to take off your glove to use your smartphone. In fact, the brand has integrated an insert called Furygan sensitive science at the index finger, allowing interaction with touch screens. Practical, especially when you need to schedule a trip on your favorite app!

technology-oriented retro gloves, Furygan gloves

D3O shells, tactile inserts on the index finger: these retro gloves are rather techno!

However, technology is not limited to practical uses. No, Furygan also and above all places security at the center of its concerns. Thus, it is thanks to the famous D3O that your hands will remain protected from the most severe injuries in the event of an impact. This modern and innovative material combines comfort and robustness. In “traditional” use, the shells offer flexibility and ergonomics. In the event of an impact, the material stiffens, distributing forces intelligently, while protecting you from injury.

See the product sheet

Quality / Finish5
Easy to put on4.5

My opinion: retro look, and techno design!

Despite a deliberately “retro” look, the Furygan James D3O gloves are “techno”. Protection seems to have been the center of attention for the French manufacturer. While the D3O inserts ensure optimal safety in the event of an impact, the goat leather offers excellent abrasion resistance. For its part, the insert on the tip of the index finger will allow the most connected among us to use their smartphone without having to take off their gloves. You will have understood: for my part, I was seduced!

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