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DXR Townhall Gloves Review

Xavier tested the DXR Townhall gloves

For my premier test, with the large family of EnjoyTheRide testers, I started with a pair of dXR Townhall gloves.

Discover the DXR Townhall gloves

DXR is a creation by Motoblouz which is developing an increasingly large range. What is immediately noticeable is the price, which is relatively low for this type of product. Accustomed to wearing racing gloves high-end, despite my daily trail use, I was very intrigued by the product. I ride in all weathers, all year round, in the Cévennes. So, of course, the climate is not excessively cold but the differences can be large over the same day, with sometimes severe rainy episodes.

As soon as you open the box, what immediately strikes you is the smell of new leather. We find this pleasant feeling that textiles will never replace. The whole thing is made of goat leather. It is a reassuring choice in the event of a slip, for increased resistance to abrasion.

There are two colors, black and brown. It is the latter that I chose. It gives a bit of a vintage look, which is very nice. My whole outfit is more sporty but it doesn't look offensive at all. To have unity, the choice of black may be more relevant for some.

Exploring the seams is also positive. The whole thing is really well made and the positioning of the seams is excellent so as not to irritate the fingers and facilitate handling of the controls.

focus on the seams of the DXR Townhall gloves

We notice a small squeegee at the level of the thumb which will allow water to be evacuated from the visor. Very good idea.

Donning: gentle diving

Put on the dXR Townhall gloves turns out to be child's play. Accustomed to Alpinestars and Dainese products, I found this same simplicity. By putting on the glove, we have the confirmation of absolute comfort. Velcro fastenings at the wrist and at the top of the cuff provide a good fit. The glove fits well and the bib is very protective.

dXR Townhall glove tightening

The lining of dXR Townhall gloves is soft and pleasant. Finger movements are very natural. It will remain to test their agility while driving and also the insulation in relation to the climate.

dXR Townhall glove lining

There are numerous protections on these dXR gloves. The protective shell on the pasterns is approved and does not feel uncomfortable when wearing the gloves, even after a day of riding of 300 km. Reinforcements at the knuckles and palm confirm the designers' concern for safety.

protective shell of DXR Townhall gloves

cE approval of DXR Townhall gloves

Driving: first impressions confirmed

When taking the bike, one detail bothers me a little... It's the size. I usually take a 2XL, the one I chose here. When tested, it seemed to fit but when riding, a size smaller would seem more suitable. The index is in fact larger than on competing products, and this is a little disturbing in the precision of the orders. No doubt a size down would be perfect.

The rolling period lasted three months. Or around 2000 km during the winter period. Temperatures varied from 3° to 12°C. The Thinsulate thermal liner showed very good insulation. I didn't feel the need to turn on the heated grips. It is true that I have not experienced negative temperatures but at 3°C, it is more than acceptable, even on a journey of more than 150 km. At 12°C, it remains bearable. I think that above 18°C, you will have to consider switching to a summer version. But these are winter gloves and they do the job.

But who says driving in the Cévennes also means sudden and significant bad weather. Nothing worse, in these situations, than seeing the rain soak into your outfit. Visibility is already extremely reduced and adding a waterproofing problem would be unwelcome. But there, no worries: the Hipora membrane, announced as waterproof, lives up to expectations. Despite more than 100 terminals swallowed in the deluge, my hands remained very dry.

My conclusion on the DXR Townhall gloves

After 3 months of driving, the dXR Townhall gloves did not move. The leather is very supple and confirmed that a size down would have increased handling. Afterwards, it certainly also depends on each person’s body shape.

In conclusion, the dXR Townhall gloves rather satisfied me. We have a product of excellent quality, with beautiful finishes: they are effective and protective. The only downside is that they run rather large but once you know that, it's very easy to fix. A great discovery!


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Thermal insulation4.5
Value for money5

My opinion: a great discovery at a low price!

A product of excellent quality with beautiful finishes: the DXR Townhall gloves are effective and protective. The only downside is that they run rather large. But when you know it, it is very easy to remedy. In terms of look, a more vintage side than sporty. A great discovery!

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