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Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex ® Gloves Review

test of Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex gloves

A good off-road trip, on the tracks of the Spanish Trans Euro Trail, is a perfect opportunity to test the equipment from top to bottom. After a pair of saddlebags, it's a pair of motorcycle gloves that I come to speak to you, gloves Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex ®.

Great profile but be careful with the size

Richa here we offer a pair of mid-season adventure/trail leather gloves that fit the hand really well. This is the feeling I had when I premier put it on. They have a profile that fits perfectly to the hands, at least to mine! However, be careful with the size you choose. Following the size guide, I rounded up to make sure I didn't end up with gloves that were too small and ultimately, I should have taken the size above the rounded size. My fingertips touch the bottom of the gloves perfectly, perfect for commands. On the other hand, I use a little force to put them on and I can't open my thumb completely without using a lot of force. I think it differs depending on hand type. In any case, if you are the type with large paws, plan to go bigger!

I'm not a fan of long cuffs but for once, they help me put on the gloves. And although they are long, they remain close to the wrist and therefore fit naturally into the sleeve of the jacket. If you want a long cuff to go over your sleeve, with the gloves Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex ®, it missed !

Besides that, the look is quite successful. Off-road style without being too aggressive. They also exist in black/red as well as grey/yellow, which are quite pretty.

Focus on Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex® gloves

Ergonomics with pluses and minuses

Whenever possible, I prefer leather gloves, I feel more protected there. the Richa brand has not missed out on this subject with the gloves Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex ®. You will find SuperFabric anti-abrasion inserts which do the job well. Reinforcements on the knuckles, reinforcements on the palm, a good shell on the top that you don't feel inside.

In terms of tightening, you have two straps on the wrist which I don't really understand the usefulness of. It's actually very annoying when you put them on. By reflex, you open the first, you try to tuck in your big paw, and it's when you see that you're forcing like a fool that you remember that you had to open the second. In short, even after several days of use, I forgot.

The grip of these gloves Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex ® is really great. I've had all types of weather, and there hasn't been a single time where I felt my handlebars less. On the other hand, the Touchscreen to use the touchscreen of the phone, well…

straps on the wrists of the Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex gloves

Hands dry? Not really…

The point that bothers me about these mid-season gloves, this is what is announced in terms of waterproofing. I was expecting super waterproof gloves and well… No! I returned under the fleet for 6 hours, well you are going to tell me 6 hours is enormous, are many gloves waterproof after 6 hours of driving under ropes? Maybe not ! But… My hands started to get wet after 1.5 hours max. After 4 hours, it was a pool in my gloves. So okay, I don't know. Maybe the manufacturers could put “ waterproof for X time under the float » ? Announce a watertightness limit? Because hey, you put over 100 balls in a pair of mid-season gloves hoping to ride in the rain, well, you're happy when you get home.

To calm down when your hands are wet, you can use the mini wiper on your left index finger to remove the drops from your visor! Yes, we agree, it's not useful when you're driving over 50 km/h.

testing Richa gloves in all conditions

However, you should not ignore them!

Well, I admit that I was really disappointed with this swimming pool story but it's still a good pair of gloves all the same, eh! They are comfortable, they are protective, they are pretty, and I think they will last over time. They will be perfect for mild winters and spring. You just need to know that you shouldn't count on them for the March showers!

See the product sheet

Easy to put on3

My opinion: nothing can be good in everything!

A good pair of gloves despite their waterproofness for an hour's drive in the rain. If you don't like riding when it's lousy, you can go, they'll give you back what you asked for!

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