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Test of Patok DXR summer gloves

DXR Patok - pastern shell back

My old people summer gloves were still giving up the ghost after numerous house repairs. It was then that Motoblouz suggested that I test a new model of summer gloves, the curiously named “Patok”. A simple glove but correctly supplied with shells and reinforcements. Let's take a tour of the owner together, and see what are the areas of predilection, the qualities and the faults of the dXR Patok summer gloves.

Let's get the thing with the name out of the way right away... After a good 30 seconds of frantic research, Patok seems to be the name of villages in Albania and Poland. Don't hesitate to ask the designers why and how to satisfy your unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Very good features…

When reading the technical sheet of dXR summer gloves Patok, I was quite enthusiastic. A combination of goat leather for resistance and textile and mesh for ventilation. Reinforcements on the pasterns which give it that scoundrel look and beautiful palm sliders. A padding that falls right on the internal wrist bone completes the on-board protection. THE dXR Patok summer gloves are approved as level 1 safety equipment.

sliders on DXR Patok summer gloves

With sliders, you're almost tempted to put your wrists down... As late as possible!

THE dXR Patok summer gloves incorporate an insert on the pad of the indexes which will allow you to control your touch screens, essential these days. The Velcro closure on the cuffs, short as I like, is supported by an elastic band which allows the gloves to be put on reassuringly.

velcro closure cuff for DXR Patok gloves

Very effective velcro guaranteed – with the wide elastic – an impeccable hold

dXR logo placed on the Patok summer gloves

The finishes of these dXR gloves are impeccable. The seams are clean, with no protruding thread. The blends are precise and there are no errors in taste to report. The black color is a success of sobriety and biker spirit in what we expect from a glove that is not ashamed of its destination. Note that a curious hiding place is located under the protection of the metacarpals, accessible from outside. The more mischievous among you may use it.

What happens once they are put on?

THE dXR Patok summer gloves cut a little tight. As always, no worries about returns with Motoblouz . However, I preferred to keep my size 9/M by focusing on a slight relaxation of the fabric. Afraid of sizing up which would inevitably leave me with a few loose fingers. If the size of your fingers is between those of the right hand of Tony Iommi and those of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar you will find something to satisfy you.

DXR Patok - wrist reinforcement

The foamed wrist reinforcement which adjoins the tab which allows the glove to be put on

Putting these gloves on is made easier by their immediate flexibility combined with the presence of a tab integrated into the foamed wrist reinforcement. The comfort is there. Only the sliders can be confusing for those who have never had them on their previous gloves. The placement of your fingers on the handles will (or not) be the source of changes in marks. Think about that when throwing yourself headlong into a bloody mess.

DXR Patok summer gloves for everyday use…

Assuming that you are used to sliders, the comfort is very good. We feel well maintained and sufficiently protected for urban and extra-urban practice. Finally, the Velcro does its job admirably, holding the dXR Patok gloves is flawless.

slider on DXR Patok gloves

A beautiful slider increases on-board security

In terms of thermal comfort, I was left with two sides. I wasn't able to test the Patoks in the scorching heat (climate change doesn't yet allow us to go to work in underwear and a leather jacket from November to December, but be patient...). On the other hand, in urban and extra-urban use, there is no problem bringing them up to 12/13°C. For those, including me, who prefer a subtle touch of their controls, and delay the use of winter gloves, it's good. Under much higher temperatures, it remains to be seen how the mesh parts will diffuse the ambient air.

aesthetics of DXR Patok gloves

The mesh inserts are very well integrated, the aesthetic is perfect

The Patok and the test of time

The mixed textile/leather nature of these gloves results in less resistance to various frictions than a pair of full leather. After intensive use for more than two months, I am already seeing textile and mesh fibers frizzing on the tips of my right thumbs and middle fingers. This is probably due to the very efficient handling of the Velcro and the numerous signs that I send to other road users.

No protection against rain. No waterproof membrane, these are summer gloves partly equipped with mesh. However, don't worry about a little drizzle, drying will be done without problem.

So, the Patoks, top or not top?

Beyond the speech therapy exercise that this question entails, let's take a look at the qualities, the price and the context of use of these gloves. Let's start with the good points, which are numerous: wearing comfort, thermal comfort and on-board protection are undeniable. The look (the models tested are black, but they are available in two-tone brown/black) is very successful with just the right amount of aggressiveness.

pastern protection for DXR Patok gloves

Metacarpal protection which conceals an original hiding place

Only the wear of the fingertips indicates that these dXR Patok gloves will have a lifespan directly linked to the attention you give them. Now, considering the frankly ridiculous price for approved safety equipment essential to the practice of two-wheeling, the investment is greatly justified.

grip of DXR Patok summer gloves

Even without silicone lines, the grip is sufficient

My previous gloves from a major French brand suffered quickly from wear and degraded tightness for triple the price. And for the lucky ones who ride in areas with mild temperatures, you can wear them 10 months out of 12. I'm not even talking about bikers who don't go out in winter, because we all know that's an urban legend hatched by the metal cage lobby!

See the product sheet

Quality / Finish3.5
Clamping tabs4

My opinion: a pair of urban summer gloves with undeniable value for money

The DXR Patok summer gloves are very comfortable and can easily withstand temperatures of up to 12°C in the city. Their range of use is rather wide. The finishes are very good. Only the “frizzling” of the mesh at certain friction points must be monitored. The protective shells are very beautiful and well placed. The ability to control your touch screens is another good point. The Patoks are not Toc. Sorry.

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