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Test of the Ixon RS Rocker Lady gloves

testing the Ixon RS Rocket Lady gloves

Summer is already well behind us but let me bring you some fresh air hot through this article. I will give you some information about the ixon RS Rocker Lady gloves to prepare your next investment: motorcycle gloves special sunny days.

My encounter with the Ixon RS Rocker Lady gloves

Wide is the choice of gloves on the two-wheeler market. And it's so much the better when we know that this is part of the mandatory equipment to wear. No excuses, there is something for all hands and for all tastes.

This summer, to make an effort on my style, I wanted to match my pair of gloves to my segura Oskar jacket and my Falco Misty half-boots. Brown was in the spotlight. It's true that it's a change from black and pink for women.

While browsing the Motoblouz website, I had a flash for this model of ixon RS Rocker Lady gloves. It's not always easy to see the colors and finishes in a virtual format but I must say that reality is really not far away. Phew smile when opening the box.

The vintage look that I love

Brown goatskin leather perforated with the elegance of stitching here and there. The small bronze-colored closure at the wrist which adorns the ixon glove. These convoluted cuts of pieces of leather which, all assembled by visible seams, let me imagine the thoughtful reproduction of the lines of a hand. The logoed scratch which ends its course on the inside of the wrist. And finally, the emphasis on the Screen touch system which is raven black.

testing the Ixon RS Rocker Lady gloves

Comfort made simple

In terms of comfort, all leather clothing requires a little time before you become comfortable in it and gain comfort. However, this model won't need much time to take its shape around your hand. In three outings, flexibility and mobility were there. I admit I was afraid they were too small. Ultimately no, I took size S, and it was perfect.

These are light and breathable gloves, great for passengers. What bothers me when I use them on the handlebars is the short cuffs. I like to have the gloves over the jacket. But this is just a personal comment and a matter of habit in my opinion.

use of Ixon Rocker Lady gloves

Minimum security

Of course, CE standard approved, the ixon RS Rocker Lady gloves protect the pasterns thanks to an integrated soft shell and the edge of the hand with a flexible reinforcement. For me, that's the minimum.

What I like is that the metacarpal protection is in one piece. It’s more comfortable and “safer”. I haven't had the chance to do the abrasion test yet and luckily I'm dealing with goatskin. I am sure that it will be able to fulfill its function if ever…

See the product sheet

Comfort 4
Security 4

My opinion: I'm still looking for the flaws...

This model of Ixon RS Rocker Lady gloves exists in a more discreet black version with the same qualities. I'm still looking for the faults... I recommend for use in summer, passenger, city use, scooter.

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