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DXR Halian Men CE Gloves Test

Even in their Brown version, the DXR Halian CE remains dark

Today I'm going to talk about summer gloves in leather, offered by DXR , Motoblouz 's own brand: the gloves DXR Halian Men. Simple gloves, with a simple look, even a little vintage, at a good price!

DXR Halian Men gloves: two colors to choose from and an all-purpose look

THE gloves DXR Halian Men CE come in two dark colors: a 78% cocoa brown and a black as deep as petroleum. This is the version brown which was used for this test. If the look may seem to be riding the neo-retro wave, think again, they are rather discreet and match most machines.

The right size without a doubt

If with the advent of online purchasing, it is easy to order, try on, complain, return, get the right size... The premier time jackpot is frankly more pleasant. I took my usual size and, not surprisingly, I didn't need to change.

one size just right for the DXR Halian Man gloves

A correct finish

Designed in cowhide leather, the finish of the gloves DXR Halian Men is once again, without great surprise, rather correct. The numerous topstitchings are well done, as are the inserts. The numerous ventilation perforations are perfectly circular. Some small threads therefore exceed the most spious[1] are going to play with a pair of scissors.

If they are as resistant as their mid-season elders, the dXR TTR gloves, then the gloves DXR Halian Men are undoubtedly intended for an excellent lifespan.

dXR durable leather gloves

Thermal approval? Summery of course

We expect to summer gloves not to burn up inside (logical, you might say). To be honest, I haven't changed my summer gloves since my license (I can't do anything about it if I'm cold). And this is the first time that I use all leather summer gloves. In terms of ventilation, they didn't do it well at DXR. The sides of each phalanx are pierced, and we can clearly see the light passing through. Despite the major heatwaves of late, I have never felt hot (except at red lights) and the ventilation is devilishly effective. A little extra, the cuffs are still quite long and allow you to avoid the pair of sunburn bracelets.

ventilation of DXR summer gloves

Very appreciable flexibility

Who says glove means flexibility and lightness. In 50 km, the running-in of the gloves DXR Halian Men CE was done. The feeling on the controls is perfect, we have easy access to each button of the commodos. The DXR let themselves be carried naturally and are quickly forgotten. However, if I leave my bank card in my wallet rather than in my sleeve pocket, I prefer to remove them for greater ease. However, it remains easy to operate the various ventilation devices on the helmet and to open the zippers on the jacket. As explained above, the cuffs are rather long but remain flexible and in no way hamper comfort or wrist twisting (I'm sure we even gain 0.5 HP).

flexibility for DXR Halian Men CE gloves

Respectable security

If they are flexible, the gloves DXR Halian Men CE however, don't neglect your safety. Far from there ! Cowhide leather renowned for its finesse and resistance, knuckle protections, shells. Palm level, we find suede reinforcements or a double thickness in case of slipping. And yes, the 1KP protection level is reached without difficulty (CE standard EN 13594:2015).

protective gloves for summer

Improved comfort over long distances

We put on the dXR Halian CE gloves, we only feel the internal seams at the ends of the fingers. Despite this detail, once focused on the asphalt ribbon, we pay more attention to it. Tightening is done by a Velcro strap which respects the general flexibility of the gloves. I appreciate.

velcro strap for closing DXR gloves

If these dXR gloves are very comfortable in daily use or for short periods of time, once you put them to the test over long distances, it deteriorates (at least, in my own experience). During a two-day, 850 km ride, the end of each day resulted in a slight burning sensation on the crease areas of the gloves. When removing them, no blister however. So much the better, you might say.

In case of rain, what happens?

Mountain bikers know it better than anyone, the weather can change quickly and we can sometimes regret not having taken more waterproof gloves... Given the ventilation of the dXR Halian CE gloves, light rain is still bearable, no worries. On the other hand, in the event of prolonged rain or downpour, there is no choice. Hands are soaked. Fortunately, the internal lining does not rub off (or not yet).

GPS? Yes. smartphone? No.

Yes, I am one of those bikers who did not understand that a smartphone can be used as a GPS... It is very easy to use my Tomtom Rider 550 with the gloves DXR Halian Men CE. On the other hand, my Samsung smartphone does not. Not possible.

Good friends to get your license

When you pass your license, the platform can hold unpleasant surprises and leave an irreversible mark on your equipment. If you prefer new rather than used, then the gloves DXR Halian Men CE can avoid sacrificing an astronomical amount of money for a pair of gloves, and limit the risk of hand injuries.

[1] Belgicism meaning meticulous, maniacal


See the product sheet

Easy to put on5

My opinion: a nice look, proven effectiveness, respected safety and a well-placed price

The DXR Halian CE gloves convinced me. Their rather discreet look allows them to be used on machines with a modern or retro look, the level of safety is reassuring, their flexibility makes them comfortable and they do their job as summer gloves. Their aggressive price will put everyone in agreement.

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